keyword density

  1. homeriscool

    How Many Keywords to Target Per Blog Post?

    Hi all, I'm just writing a blog post and my list of keywords is pretty big. I'm looking at about 8 keywords in a 2000 word blog post. Is that too many keywords to target in one blog post?
  2. Josh Saga

    Any Advice Regarding Keyword Density Ratio?

    Hello All, I've read on SEO sites that they recommend 1%-2% KW Density- but sometimes achieving such seems to be not natural and makes awkward phrases in my articles I tried following RankMath's advice as well - and I deemed it good when Rank Math signals the KW Density as good although it's...
  3. Ricardo R

    Keyword density question. Kind of theoretical since I don't believe in maintaining keyword density

    Suppose a keyword is 3 words long 'Best X Y' and it is has appeared once in 100 words. Will the density be considered as 1% (1 appearance per 100 words) or 3% (since it occupies 3 words out of 100).
  4. prey24

    keyword density still matters?

    hey When Google is now giving priority to more natural and high-quality content so should I still be worried about kW density? If yes what will be the ideal kW density?
  5. A

    Suggestion on Keyword density on Keyphrase required

    "So, i am writing an article that is about 3500 words , i am confuse about, KEYWORD DENSITY ON MAIN KEYWORD ( contain 4 words) example : "car parking in Vienna" what shoud be the appropriate kd for it". What should i do ? shall i try to make the keyphrase density around 2-3%, if i do that car...
  6. shaggy99

    A few questions about keyword density and keyword stuffing

    I know that keyword density is optimal between 0,5% - 2,5%. But where, in the article or on the entire page? Because on niche websites, you can have on the sidebar links to "most recent articles" or "best articles", and there you will have your main keyword present. Also Google will treat your...
  7. alice252293

    Keywords density question

    I'm writing a 5000 words article which keyword density is around 1%. I tried to increase more keywords but it sounds unnatural. Is 1% good? I dont know how the heck you guys can have 5% keyword density articles.
  8. El Magico

    3 keywords 4 times each too muc?

    I have 3 keywords im targeting, I have mentioned each 3-4 time each through out a 1000 page article + h2 tags (3) and title tag and permalink. Is this too much. How many times in the body should I inculde keywords.
  9. iterate777

    Do I need local listings to split test local seo dummy sites?

    What I want to try is to build two test sites with my city and a lower competition service keyword in them. I want to give them content and optimization based on the moz and the radical mustache blogs mentioned in this section. Then my plan is to test some linking services from t0mmy's serp...
  10. DarkDevil1

    Which is the best Keyword Density Percentage

    Some of you may think this is so useless question But it's not, Bear with me on this. I don't really focus much on keyword density but recently I noticed that some of my pages has 5%+ keyword dencity. When i wrote those pages I didn't even cared about this, but now i think it's important. So...
  11. Yuvalg2

    Can I Rank a wordless Web site with no Keywords?

    Hey everyone. i built a website which is a food comparing tool (you enter food names and see nutrition comparison) Link : Now regardless the Title and few word of explanation (and maybe the about page) i have no key-wording on my site. I could write i few article...
  12. hacko

    SEO Myth Busting 01 - Keyword Density

    It's that time of the month again, so I got me a six pack again and about to drop some knawledge on y'all. I'm going to talk about keyword density and why Google couldn't give less of a fuck about it these days. First of all, don't get me wrong. Keywords are important. Disregard them and you're...
  13. unknownmehed

    Google FRED update hit your website or Not? Both group answer this 10 Question please

    Recent, Google update might have good relation with On-Page Seo. So, I have setup a few question. Your website got hit or not by Google Update? Both group please answer below questions. 1) What is your main(3 words) keyword density? 2) What is your 2 words keyword density(if main keyword 3...
  14. unknownmehed

    Keyword density issues! How to solve this?

    When I was checking my website post keyword density..... I found a strange problem. I was checking here: I found one of my post 2 word keyword density 3.29%. (28 time out of 1700 words article). Then, when i go to that post and found only 15 times(using...
  15. bisdakSEO

    Does KEYWORD DENSITY still matter nowadays?

    Hi there! Hope anyone can answer it here because I've read some blogs that people still observe keyword density...and when I follow legit blogs like MOZ and the likes...practicing KEYWORD DENSITY doesn't matter anymore. Any thoughts about this?
  16. LockerWizPro

    Keyword Density.. apparently, it doesn't matter?

    According to hobo web, keyword density is not important. Or I guess it would be better to say that there is no specific keyword density that's been proven to work better than others. Article: I have seen quality SEO advice from the website before, and if...
  17. Panther28

    How To Learn Keyword Targeting Like A Scientist

    There are a few methods of keyword targeting. These include random target, hope and pray, general good feeling, or scientist approach. Personally, I like the scientist approach, so here is my method. Write or outsource your article. When it comes back there are 3 types of keyword/s you will...
  18. Zwielicht

    ¤¤¤Velocity Keywords Affordable Keyword Research Reports Starting At $19.99

  19. nnetwork

    What's a good anchor profile and kw density in 2015 ?

    Hello BHW, I have seen contradictory opinions on what a good anchor profile is and what sort of keyword density is good to use, and what is "overoptimized", in your opinion, in 2015 : - How should a good anchor profile look ? (%of exact kw in anchor, % of generic keywords..) - Is it safe to...
  20. Euphorix

    Keyword Density

    Hi there! I use an SEO plugin on Wordpress for my website and it is recommending a keyword density of 2%. I've also read here on BHW that a 2-4% Keyword Density is optimal. I'm wondering if throwing my keyword into a 2,000 word article 40+ times is an intelligent move or if it is going to...
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