1. mainceaft

    I got new SEO offer and I kinda like it should use it on my idle old domains or buy new ones?

    Hi everyone, I have this habit for years buying couple domains write some articles on them and leave them like they are for a year or so, Today while I send couple request to SEO provider and two of them give me kind good offer, but I'm kinda confusing what website should I buy BL for firs? My...
  2. mainceaft

    What some sites do, to prevent G treachery and stay in business.

    Hi everyone, this is something I thought about for long while since I got big slam from G years ago, and I never recover, In short, if you had popular ranking well websites, instead burn it out with Ads/AFF etc. and thinking this cash flow will continue forever. Why not use your website...
  3. Niteshr

    can we use penalize sites content again in new sites

    can we use penalize sites content again in new sites
  4. BlackhatseoLux

    How build backlinks after manual penalty?

    How build backlinks after manual penalty. Google accepted our plan and we are again back to index but how is better to recover to not get again Penalty ??
  5. R

    How can I get penalized from google?

    I write blog post and keyword density is high but not as much I build forums,web 2.0,profile links to web pages as backlinks Is there any chances of getting penalty from google.
  6. S

    Do I Have A Penalty?

    Hey guys Merry Christmas to all! Anyhow I had a site that was on page 3-4 of G^^^ for the longest time, the site is in the adult niche . About 5 days ago it moved to page 1 for 2 days and I got a lot more traffic, after being at page 1 for 2 days it went back down to page 6-7. I went from 400...
  7. Sam Green

    Do 301s penalies effect every site or just the final site?

    [Spammy Link] -> [Intermediate Domain] -> [301] -> [Final Domain] in the above chain would `Intermediate Domain` get penalized for the spammy link or just `Final Domain`?
  8. shamsher41

    Is my site Penalize?

    As you can see below my site is not appearing for the domain name in the Google. In second screen shot you can see the last time Google visit my website was Nov 29, 2011 Is my website penalize? How can I recover it?
  9. rejoin14

    Pagination and Google/Adsense and Thin Content

    Hello, you all know these sites that are doing some pictures and almost no text (only headlines) and use pagination to increase impressions for Adsense (ads). I have a few question to this pages: 1. How does google see this pagination? Lets say we have 5 pictures and each pic contain a 100...
  10. codeman1234

    Banned Domain or IP on Majestic

    Hello, I'm looking to pick up an aged domain but when I check the domain through MajesticSEO it says it is a Banned Domain or IP as you can see bellow. Does that mean it is banned by Majestic or banned by Google? or this is because majestic bot was blocked from previous domain owner? Because I...
  11. A

    Why google is not penalizing big sites?

    Hello Guys, I have one question regarding imdb. I know this is world's best movie information site and millions of user has submitted links of this site in millions of other websites. Half of those sites should be good pr, page authority. But i am sure lot of websites are low quality and may...
  12. K

    "How To Blow His Mind: Give him the Best BJ" Google Flag

    I want to be clear on something, let's say I'm running a dating site around "baking to strengthen a relationship". Then I run a post called "Is your gooey cookie not enough? Try a BJ" and run through bj tips and tricks, using "naughty words" like monkey and kitty. Then I follow up with a...
  13. M

    Can i get Many Facebook Shares and Google +1 Without Penalize?

    hello i have a website with good ranking and high qaulity backlinks according to last google update. now, i feel for better ranking with many other keywords(and current ranked keywords) i need some google plus one and facebook share/like/comment. i see last google ranking factors and then i...
  14. M

    Why many people say Dont Buy Links?

    i am not agree with avoiding buying links.i bought links(after penguin updates in 2013) for my website and for my customers and i get good result!(i buy links many natural) but i am surprised that many people say dont buy links.even they say dont BUILD links! i ask a question about link...
  15. M

    Some of my Backlinks not affected !Why?

    hi all. i have about 660$ paid backlink (per month) my web site is in first google page result with some phrases.but about 260$ (per month)of my links ,Did not affect my rating (Positive or negative impact). and my money lost.(300$ of my paid links(per month) had very positive impact) i tried...

    Is this google dance? Do help me :)

    Ok so a couple of days ago I have updated my site. I have tweak my post so that it will convert better (Using Content Lockers) so the problem is that all of my keywords has vanished from the SERPs now this can easily be read as google dance but as I just added some new codes and also I have...
  17. P

    Does Google Penalizes Alt-code in Website Title ?

    I want to use this alt-code in my website title: â–· Will google penalize my website because of that ?
  18. T

    Need help for my website - Google Filter or Sandbox

    I think my website is penalized by big g. I really need your advice and help. Here are some info. 1. My website is still indexed and I can find my website by searching or 2. There is no changes in webmaster tool. 3. All rankings of keywords associated with my...
  19. I

    can the same wordpress template penalize me?

    i am thinking to ask my coder for a custom superwelldone wordpress template made to focus on simplicity and keyword density. so i will use this same template on all of my blogs just changing the background and the logo. may google penalize me for this? if i use the same template and interlink...
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