Is this google dance? Do help me :)


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Apr 11, 2010
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Ok so a couple of days ago I have updated my site. I have tweak my post so that it will convert better (Using Content Lockers) so the problem is that all of my keywords has vanished from the SERPs now this can easily be read as google dance but as I just added some new codes and also I have link google webmaster tool to analytics. Can this affect my final rankings?

I have not really building links since they are very longtail KW and also not much competition.

Is it normal to have dances with various KWs? Thanks for all the info sharing as I'm learning more and more everyday :D
Sounds like it probably is just dance. Make sure you keep and eye on your page rankings and they should settle down within a week or two.
It is most probably google dance but do keep your content unique and in case any content is duplicate just edit it asap.
Most probably it is google dance, did you checked if your site is still indexed, did you see if the google bot is crawling your site (you could check it using google webmaster tool)if everything is fine then it is definitely a google dance try to build some back links to your site. it will surely help your site . I had similar problem and for about 1 week there was no visitors in my site and i was also frustrated and i know how you feel. Don't worry your site will definitely come up.
My guess is dance too. I had great rankings until a few weeks ago on my main money site until it started dancing... hoping it will settle down soon.
A couple of questions arose when I read this post. You said that you had recently updated your site and added content lockers. How old is this domain and the pre-existing content on it? Were you seeing good rankings in the SERPs as well as good traffic to your site for your keywords?

What you may be experiencing is not a dance at all...especially if the content of your domain/pages has been around. Instead, you want to be sure that Big G is not penalizing your site in the rankings as a result of something it found. Thoroughly check through and make sure you don't have any errors after the updating and it may be beneficial to revert back to your prior configuration and see if the problem is fixed (testing).

Good Luck! Hopefully it will manage to work itself out in a short time!
I would also try to re-submit a new sitemap in webmaster tools if you have made any changes to the structure. You might be getting some 404's from google due to the changes.
I would also try to re-submit a new sitemap in webmaster tools if you have made any changes to the structure. You might be getting some 404's from google due to the changes.

It is better not to resubmit to webmaster unless there is an error or the site got de-index , If the webmaster tool still shows that the page is indexed why bother to do a resubmission
OK, I have resubmit my site map. but all my pages are still indexed. I have found 2 errors and fixing them right now.

My domain is about 4 months old. But I have an older domain about 8 months old that is being redirected to that domain.

I still get some organic searches but it plummeted from almost 2k everyday to 200+ everyday it is very frustrating.

If this not resolve in 2 more days I will have to "quote" my update on the posts. Also I have been using content lockers even before the dance, I know this happens if you update the site BUT it is just to irregular that I still rank for 2-3 sub keywords and g00gle removed the rest.

It use to be all of them are dancing but now certain keywords are still intact, so I maybe looking for a penalty if it is not resolve in days.

Thanks for all the input guys :)
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