1. fxkool

    What Are You??

    No signs of recovery yet....
  2. seo_alexa002

    Google's HCU update punished low-quality AI content

    Google's HCU update punished low-quality AI content Source -
  3. mainceaft

    Should I change my identity for Google product?

    In short, I had this feeling that G didn't treat webmaster accounts equal, Years ago I got MA on one of my money sites, and ever since I never ever get any of my new domain project to get any sort of ranking at all. I know G had this linked accounts policy, e.g. even if you have multiple Gmail...
  4. elvin19

    home page removed from index and replaced with other similar domain name!

    Hi I'm wondering how my domain that had 2nd position on google, suddenly removed from google index and it's replaced with another domain that does not belong to me but the name is similar just with one letter (I) added to its end of the name! I already checked everything on the search console...
  5. NexusMJ

    Any method to check if my website has been penalized?

    Greetings community, I hope you're doing great. My adult website was getting around 4.2k visits everyday with a constant grow but by Sept 15th traffic started to go down in a very progressive fashion. I'm getting around 1.6k daily by now, and Im not very sure if this could be the effect of a...
  6. sinner82

    Have some high authority and good quality posts, can anyone recommend Tier 2 backlinks technique for them so they could bigger balls ?

    Hello BHW. I did some guest posting and bought few and they pretty good, since budget pretty strict I want to feed them over with second tier links. I did that last time in 2014 with Senuke :) and it sounds funny already. What would be best option for this, I have only 4 posts right now and...
  7. M

    Will forum comment links equal a penalty

    Started a new site that i plan on earning referals on. Will answering forum questions on sites in same niche equal a penalty?
  8. C

    Bought an Aged Domain and Got a Penalty in a Week...

    Recently I bought a 10 old domain name with lots of good and relevant links. I published 30 or so posts on it and they all ranked very well. My posts were in the top 10-20 in Google. After a few days, all the posts dropped to the position 101+. It's not a manual penalty, but definitely some kind...
  9. Akinyande ayo

    Need free spam link checker site

    Hi mate, One of my sites has been penalized by G for spam links. I've been on this for months now, and despite several disavow files i have sent, they've not lifted the ban. Really need help, it seems the links i built at the early stage of my SEO is hurting now.
  10. BrandonAntony

    Can you get a penalty for forum links?

    Lets say I have a local site, with 50 forum links only using branded, naked, generic and LSI anchor texts. Is it likely to get a penalty? btw I mean links placed in forum threads using reputable forum accounts.
  11. gcilinskas

    5 Affiliate Websites For 1 Niche = Penalty ?

    I'm thinking about dominating one niche. In order to achieve it, I'm planning to start 5 websites for each specific sub-niche. Can I be penalized for it? More context: * I'm using same hosting (hostinger) for all of my money sites * I do not use VPN * I will use same PBNS for my money sites * I...
  12. Branx59

    Is this a penalty? Did the local update hit me?

    I didn't really know where to post this but I figured i'd just ask here. One of my clients main sites seem to have taken a massive hit overnight. A lot of keywords are down, a few are up. This is a brick and mortar business that provides services to a local area. Should I ride it it out...
  13. L

    An Advice To Newbies! Who Started, And thinking that they lost due to Google Update.

    Hello BHW. Nowadays, It's common that every newbie is talking about update and penalty and some of them even thinking to sell their sites as it got hit. Almost, all of them have same issue that their first site ranked after a lot of efforts and hard work and now it lost its majority of rankings...
  14. R

    Website got hit by Google's Manual Action Penalty for Spammy Structured Markup

    My website got hit by Google's manual action penalty which says there is a spammy structured markup present on the website. I have removed all the structured markup from the website which includes schema codes, hAtom and hCard. Now there isn't any markup on the website but still, the...
  15. Frankie Ville

    I have the most annoying adsense penalty

    Hello, since May 3 I have the "two click penalty" on my site. After a user clicks on the ad, he has to confirm it with a second click. This seems fair, but is accompanied by a drop in ad coverage to 20%. - I have to emphasize that I never had a high CTR. Since 2008, my CTR has not increased...
  16. kleinerwauwau

    What is going on with Google?

    Hey guys, in february we optimized the onpage text of a client's specific page we knew it needs optimization. Shortly after that, the page jumped from Rank ~50 to Google page 2 for the main keyword. Now, something really weird happened a few weeks after. My mobile ranktracker shows suddenly...
  17. Backlinked

    Double 301 - Lifts Manual Penalty?

    Hola Maricos, Came accross this post here, earlier today: Just wondering if the method for doing a double 301 still works for lifting manual penalties in 2019? Would be quite interested in knowing, don't have time...
  18. olo555

    Penguin penalty - what to do?

    Hi, i have website and it was hit by penguin, what is the best to do in that situation? I was think about this variants: -Make 301 to new domain -Linking website till google remove penalty -Stop linking and wait -Copy website and connect to new domain and start from scratch Thanks for the...
  19. Reeshua

    [Journey] Recovering My PENALIZED Amazon Affiliate Site to $1,000/month

    INTRO Hi! I've got A LOT of free time this month because I just parted away with a business I co-founded and generally have just been waiting for passive income + some projects to push through. So right now I'm wasting an awful amount of time just watching anime or Korean dramas lol. Quick...
  20. savobaby

    5 Things Google Wants You to Know About SEO

    Found these two guys on YouTube and they have the most authentic SEO tips and guides that I've ever come across. Hopefully this helps some of you newer guys on here. Not everything has to be complicated when it comes to SEO. Usually, the more simple you do things, the better the outcome!
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