1. AccManager2009

    I provide each user with 5 gmail account for free, which were created in 2015-2018. Country USA

    Hello, I was lucky enough to have a successful sales column here, and I want to repay the community in the same way. I provide each user with 5 gmail accounts for free, which were created in 2015-2018. The country where the gmail account was created is the USA. The first welcome letter from...
  2. P

    how supposed run google ads ?

    how to run google ads for gambling campaign correctly ? how about the keyword ? if we use keyword contain gambling is it OK ?
  3. BH.Creative

    How to get your CRYPTO creatives approved on Google Display Ads?

    1- Many sizes: Images are the most crucial element of Responsive Display ads. To achieve the best possible results for Responsive Display ads, we recommend using as many variations as possible. Top-performing ad sizes according to Google: Landscape image (1.91:1) Recommended size: 1200 x...
  4. goultes

    GSC doing ok, but some posts going DOWN. What is that, Google??

    My website has experimented a drop followed by a stabilization in traffic, which is normal: BUUUT... some posts (some of them very importants) have dropped to ZERO and not recovered: Why, Google?? What should I do?? Is there someone fighting with the same problem?
  5. ciphercipher1

    Using web 2.0 as tier 1 links?

    Hey there I am getting started with GSA SER and I was wondering if i can use web 2.0 as tier 1 links and blast them? Also should the web 2.0 be always do-follow? Will it pass link juice if it is no-follow? Because i feel like google bots will crawl the links regardless of what rel they have...
  6. TOR SEO

    when google comment in Ahrefs YT video

  7. ciphercipher1

    GSC issue with redirect pages

    Hello, I hope this thread doesnt annoy any of the members. Basically I have an issue in gsc that says "page with redirect" and doesnt want to get the pages indexed. Funny enough those pages are my main domains with variations like http , https , www. , and such. I will provide screenshots below...
  8. GrowerGuys

    Facebook/Google ads service

  9. spin1

    Issue verifying Google/Gmail accounts within in last 2 days

    Has anyone else come across an issue with the SMS verification of all Google/Gmail accounts? Even with paid residential proxies and a paid subscription to an anti-detect browser, I'm unable to receive any SMS verification texts delivered to sign in to or to verify new Google accounts. This...
  10. nirajsharma

    Google Reviews Services $$$$$

    Google Reviews Can Help You Increase Conversions. Customers require social confirmation that they are making the right purchases. Customers may have a few sales objections at this point since they don't want to feel like they're passing up a fantastic opportunity. Because of this, 85% of...
  11. ATuringtest

    Three-week warning for anyone with a Gmail account

    Google will delete millions of inactive Gmail accounts next month as part of a major security update. Users who haven’t used their account for at least two years face losing access to their inbox and everything stored within it – including photos and videos. Announcing the new policy in May...
  12. nirajsharma

    High Quality Google Reviews for $$$ Excellent ⭐ Review For Your GMB ⭐ Personalized Review Accessible

    Packages & Price PACKAGE # 1 Price: $ 95.00 (5 Google Reviews) GET STARTED PACKAGE # 2 Price: $ 185.00 (10 Google Reviews) GET STARTED PACKAGE # 3 Price: $ 355.00 (20 Google Reviews) GET STARTED ENHANCE YOUR BUSINESS RANKINGS, OUTSHINE YOUR COMPETITORS Buy Google Reviews People solidly...
  13. K

    Gmb video verification

    Hello there I recently opened a listing in Los Angeles I’m in Dallas Texas the listing wants a video verification anyway around this? Or if I do make the video verification what should be in it? Please help me willing to pay for someone to bypass the video verification. Will only pay after...
  14. K

    By pass gmb video verification $300

    I recently created a Google my business listing in California I am in Texas the listing was fine for a few days but today they want a video verification of my business to make the listing fully verified I want to know is there anyone that has a tool to bypass the video verification I am willing...
  15. Weare1seo

    ⚡ SEO Evolution⚡ : Best Practices for 2023 and Google's Latest Tweaks ☠

    Hello, fellow SEO enthusiasts from around the world! How are you doing after the latest Google update? I hope we can engage in a thoughtful discussion on the best strategies for achieving high rankings in Google's search results. I've noticed some intriguing changes following the recent Google...
  16. S


    why the core update so fast, is there any point why it happens often lately??? i know the core update for spammy things, but is there any bigger change this time ? Losing 1 or 2 sites wont effect, how about the next update wipes all my site?? i've just adapt from last update, and now i have to...
  17. Suntiang

    overcoming omitted results by google

    hello BHW members, greetings and I am currently confused about the site that I built, some article content even partially experiencing omitted results in search engines, especially in Google. like the picture below please help me, are there any of the experts here who experience the same...
  18. Panther28

    New domains coming to a register near you soon!

    Yep, this is better than many of the previous ltds, this is the kind of thing I've been wanting for years! :cool: The new tld is .ing so lots of ideas, time to get the dictionary out.
  19. F

    I have $500+ to invest. How to earn more from it?

    Hello everyone. I earned most of money from creating and selling google ads accounts threshold in past but since I have no new way of creating new google ads accounts I want to move on from Google Ads Threshold and want to invest some money to another niche. Would you be kind enough to tell...
  20. ciphercipher1

    Google Knowledge Panel on AI persona?

    Hello guys , do you think it is possible to get a knowledge panel on a fake AI persona. I am not talking about creating a linkedin today and hope for knowledge panel - but instead a slow steady process of building quality social media, forum posts and faked pictures here and there. Has anyone...
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