1. WhiteHatWorlds

    Advanced tricks to boost your google impressions fast!

    1. Switch your campaign from one bidding strategy to another and then back to the original strategy. Why this works: Google puts your campaign back in learning mode, which resets the learning algorithm and gets you that initial fresh ad impression push. This is good for newer campaigns who got...
  2. neoanderson

    SEO Expert/Team from Bangladesh

    Hello Everyone I am looking for an SEO expert or team based in Bangladesh to do SEO of Blogs, Landing Pages, etc. Help to rank keywords in Google, Need real results Reply here or in pm with full service and prices. Very appreciated
  3. R

    Best Nutra networks with fast payments.

    What's the biggest Nutra network specifically for Keto products you've worked with? That offers fast payment (twice a week, weekly) ? Or auto payments is even better? Networks like, Deluxe etc.
  4. F

    Google Ads Redirection With Brand Url

    Yesterday i have facing some problems on my paypal so i go to google and type paypal help i was see website on google that person run ads original and when i click that url will be redirected to another free website howz is that possible does cloacker have these options or google ads
  5. sovietmute

    Looking for Google Ad Runners

    Hi, I'm looking to hire a google ads runner for my client. They operate in a black niche and they have used ad runners in the past. You will be expected to accept payment in cryptocurrency and use your fiat payment methods to operate the google ads account. My client is willing to cover the...
  6. ads studio

    Unlock the Power of Google Ads/ Facebook Ads Today! Get accounts with billing Added

    Elevate your digital marketing strategy with our top-notch Google Ads and Facebook Ads services. Our team of experts will help you connect with your ideal audience, drive conversions, and maximize ROI. we offer billing accounts, exclusively for our clients, for seamless campaign management...
  7. devinda

    I have 282,130 User Visit entertainment web site?

    I have 256,834 User Visit entertainment web site site Created on 2015 Search engine summary view Google 276,130 906 Yahoo and bing 250 So i m using ads monetag .com but dally earn $13 - $ 20 so I am thinking of selling site OR is there any other way to make more money from it?
  8. R

    Quick question about Ad Networks.

    Hello, I have a quick question. Let's say I've an offer from an affiliate network, can i promote it on ad networks? Like adsterra, adcombo or lospollos? I've heard good things about promoting dating offers on lospollos, is that true? And one more question is that how much budget would it...
  9. B

    Gmail & GMB accounts

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who could point me in the right direction for what I'm looking to do. I'd like to get a few google accounts for cold email & leaving 5 star reviews. Does anyone have experience with this..? Or at least any advice for what to do?
  10. Dark Hat 007

    Affected by the September Helpful Content Update? What have you noticed? This is mine;

    The update was rolled out on 14th September; for me, I took a 20% hit. There was a spike two days ago, but it dropped again. My site doesn't use AI; of course, I often use ChatGPT for ideas, but I write my content myself. A theory, a big emphasis on "theory," that I have noticed (I'm assuming)...
  11. T2xor

    [HIRING] Need Someone to Drive 110k Weekly Cheap Traffic to My Website - Paid in Crypto

    About the Job I'm in search of someone skilled in digital marketing to drive at least 110,000 cheap visitors to my website each week. The traffic can be a mix, but real traffic is preferred. Traffic must show up in Google Analytics. Requirements Proven experience in digital marketing or...
  12. M

    Change in rankings in different USA states

    So My site keywords are ranking in 1-2 postions in some states and i some they're ranking in 8-9 positions. I'm using vpn to check my keyword positions and search querries using vpn's from android and iphone show different positions. The traffic has been consistent over the last 2-3 weeks and...
  13. Z

    google my business reviews

    any updated guide to create multiple profiles and make several reviews without them being removed or immediately filtered?
  14. MAF Publishing

    Gemini coming down the pipe. Looking forward to it. Although: "He also mentioned Gemini may utilize memory, fact-checking against sources like Google Search..." If Google search is their fact source, it's in trouble already :p We know the...
  15. Jaordas

    September 2023 helpful content update (less strict on AI, what does this mean for you?) First of all, didnt see a thread for this exact update, forgive me if their was one. However im creating this because I want to ask BHW members how they are doing and how they feel about the updated Guidance on Machine...
  16. B88betinfo

    index backlink google my maps

    Please give me some tools or tips to index google my maps backlink. thanks
  17. C

    Rough year for sales ( Local ad Results ) and targeting question.

    Hello everyone! For the past 5 years my local business ( electric bikes ) has been doubling business every year. I've only ever paid for facebook Ads and targeted my area and interests. However this year we have been half as busy as last year. And it's somewhat concerning. My question is...
  18. ophereprovidereviews

    how to do a perfect niche research for blogging?

    anyone help me with niche research advice, tool , tips and tricks ! how can i select a perfect niche ?
  19. tattooedbuddha

    Happy 25th Birthday to Google

    4th September of September 1998, a day that in some way has changed all of our lives. Love it or hate it, happy 25th birthday Google :)
  20. T

    Advice with using third party mediators like CEDR

    Recently google play wrongly suspended one of my apps. The main reason they gave was the app does not function and it has a critical policy violation this is complete bullshit because when i first uploaded the app it was approved by human check first time without any issues at all then after...
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