What some sites do, to prevent G treachery and stay in business.


Senior Member
Apr 10, 2013
Hi everyone, this is something I thought about for long while since I got big slam from G years ago, and I never recover,
In short, if you had popular ranking well websites, instead burn it out with Ads/AFF etc. and thinking this cash flow will continue forever.
Why not use your website popularity/ranking it to build your own brand and prompt it social media present first,
And if it was penalties, use that social media accounts to grow your new/alternative website instead of starting from scratch.
One of the most useful social media I notice bringing a lot of traffic (specially if ppl really interested in your contents) is Twitter,
I got around 40% CTR from follower on TW which is stunning, and to some extent YT too,
I know ppl doing this e.g. tell their fans we are having new websites please google it name to access it (which does something increase website authority little bit)
Honesty I regret to not doing this when I had chance, since G can penalize your website and wipe it out of the SERP, but they can't penalize your social accounts
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