Need help for my website - Google Filter or Sandbox


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Feb 9, 2009
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I think my website is penalized by big g. I really need your advice and help. Here are some info.

1. My website is still indexed and I can find my website by searching or

2. There is no changes in webmaster tool.

3. All rankings of keywords associated with my home page dropped in google search big time. Some of major keywords can't be found in first 25 pages.

4. Rankings of keywords associated with my inner pages dropped a lot as well and some of keywords used to rank on first page now can't be found in first 30 pages.

5. I didn't do any major SEO or link building work recently. I made about 500 forum profiles at the end of Oct, 2010 and my ranking went up until 2 days ago. Ranking disappeared in a sudden.

6. I also made a small change on each of page and changed some links but I don't this kind of minner change will trigger google to de-evaluate my website. What I feel right now is google on purposely filter my website for some search terms but I don't knw why.

BTW, my website is a for retail purpose and only have 7 pages, very simple. I totally have 800 backlinks and I am at a niche which there is no that much of competition. My website lists all the products we sell in the retail store and list the store address. That's it.

Can someone help me?
website was created on April, 2010 and links were pointed to homepage and inner pages as well. In 6 months, I built around 600 links from social bookmarking sites, other retail related sites and reveiw sites. I don't know what i did wrong but it just happend 2 days ago. I really want to know how to fix it.
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Most of the time things will fix themselves but you have to be patient and wait.
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