1. Pradeep Madgaonkar

    Does schema help rank?

    Does schema help rank?
  2. Valas

    What plugin does this site use for FAQ schema?

    Does anyone know what plugin this site uses for FAQ schema? Page address:
  3. F

    I am planning to make a New Blog. But... Confused about this Questions

    Q 1. If this is a POST, then how the same post coming to the recent post every day. The content remains 95% the same, just the date and lottery name modified every day. Q 1 Competitor site: ( and...
  4. crystygye

    Convert schema review to article

    I use rank math free version. I have 14k posts and i use post review schema on almost all of it. Recent google update hit my rank and i want to convert all the schema on my website to ARTICLE type. The review schema never had any impact anyways. Offcourse, rank-math delete the convert option to...
  5. Ricardo R

    Schema problem. I tried using Schema for a book review on my blogspot site but it is not showing the description. Please help.

    Only the name of the book, edition, year of publication is being shown. The short description isn't. Please help mates.
  6. Elisa77

    Schema and Structed Data Help!

    I'm using AMP so I disable RankMath Schema and enable Schema & Structed Data for AMP & WP plugin, everything is ok but in Schema Testing tool Article body is also showing that means full article. is it ok?
  7. A

    Google is showing deleted GTM review schema in the search results

    For many weeks, we have deleted the wrong schema reviews in our GTM but they are still showing in the search results. We have tried to reindex it in the GSC but some pages are still showing the wrong review ratings. Some of them keep reappearing. We would kindly like to request some assistance...
  8. ThatMarketingGuy

    Titles Not Showing on SERP!!!

    Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing fine? I urgently need some help in regards to SERP. We have noticed that one of our websites the title isn't showing on the SERP. Only the brand name comes in the schema results but not the entire title. Note that the website has been there for quite a bit of...
  9. kurosaki4d

    HELP!! Schema FAQ doesn't show in SERP

    Hi There, I have a couple of articles ranking in the first page of Google. A couple of weeks ago i installed "Schema Pro", added the questions/answers inside the content and in the plugin's parameters. However, Google doesn't show my questions in the search results, as opposed to the...
  10. Mymusic

    Is it a schema or something else and how to implement it on my website?

    Simple question, please see the attached image below and please let me know what is it? Is it a schema or something else and how to implement it on my website? I am trying to find this for a long time but no one is able to tell me exactly what it is? If you see in the above search you will...
  11. kurosaki4d

    How to add Schema for Comments?

    Hi Guys, I noticed today while inspecting some of my competitor's articles, in the code source i noticed that they were using Schema for comments. They are websites in WordPress. Within the schema, there was all the messages with the author's names. I assume that this helps positively on SEO...
  12. yuvrajsinh89

    I need your help

    We have recently created author pages for our blogs. Do I need to add Author schema for these pages?
  13. Domlucre

    Looking for google structured data,rich snippet,schema mark up

    hello, I need google snippet, to increase my website rank.
  14. boomboomb

    Anyone using SpecialAnnouncement markup?

    Google recently announced support for the SpecialAnnouncement markup schema. It's mostly for Covid-19 related announcements but this is BHW ;) Anyone experimented with this yet?
  15. TheArtMound

    What Is SchemA Markup

    Today's Discuss Point Of The Art Mound While Searching About Some New Way Of seo in digital marketing. I learn and find about schema markup can anyone guide me by explain schema markup how to use or how to install in my page please Share link of complete guide
  16. alexseo12

    Articles Indexed in the Google Scholar Search Engine

    Hello fellas, I've notice that some of my articles (health niche) are indexed in the Google Scholar Search Engine. However, the tile shown in "Scholar-SERPS" is just the name of my website rather than "meta title" tag that you normally see in serps. This for sure reduces the CTR of my...
  17. jahorse

    Same Person Schema on Multiple Sites

    Hey guys, I have a question about the Person and LocalBusiness schemas, or more generally any Thing schema that uses the name, url, and sameAs fields. and I haven't been able to find any examples online of other people using it in this way. Here's a simple example of the situation I'm wondering...
  18. thebeingoptimist

    What type of schema markup should i go for travel itinerary?

    Does anyone know how to markup for travel itinery. Should i go for event or service category in rankmath?
  19. Misan

    Xml site map and Schema Doubt?

    how to create XML site map for images and schema for images to boost the ranking of an image website?? please guide?? (for WordPress site)
  20. kurosaki4d

    Can i set my own rich snipet values ?

    Hello, I have some reviews pages to which i would like to create some rich snipets (schema). And i wanted to know if i set myself manually the values to the following parameters will Google approve of that in terms of SEO? or is it mandatory for these ratings to be dynamically generated by the...