1. R

    Has Anyone Found a Way to Still Get Review Stars in Search Results (Without a Product)?

    I recently noticed that an SEO company is still getting organic result review stars, for their service -- not a product. Google: "", and look at their listing. Can anyone determine how they did it? I've looked at the source code, and haven't been able to figure...
  2. 102030

    Why is website still showing rating schema?

    Hey guys, so recently Google has removed the rating schema for the websites. But i can see that still some website have rating schema coming up for their websites. Can anyone tell me why is it showing for these websites? Example:- site:
  3. J

    LocalBusiness and star reviews (rich snippet)

    Hi, According to Google: "Pages using LocalBusiness or any other type of Organization structured data are ineligible for star review feature if the entity being reviewed controls the reviews about itself. For example, a review about entity A is placed on the website of entity A, either...
  4. vimal85

    Schema in Website

    Quick question to all my fellow black hatters. I hope most of the SEO guys have this doubt or question on their mind when they install schema into their website. Where does the Schema code needs to be put in the webpage. in the Head section? or body section?
  5. R

    Google updates rules for displaying star rating schema in search results I was using the kk star ratings plugin on almost all the posts on my site to show review schema in search results and now Google is no longer showing them for at least 95% of my pages. Not sure why some still...
  6. Kostya76

    Local Business Schema Markup for a Directory Website

    I have a WordPress site that include a business directory (one particular industry in one metropolitan region of the United States). I'm using Yoast SEO, but Semrush suggest i add Schema Local Business markup to improve SERP position. I'm a rookie in SEO. Can someone comment on whether Schema...
  7. NoSlack

    Help with Schema

    Schema is all messed up on one of my websites and I need some help. The rich snippets for every page of my site besides the products have star ratings. Only products should have star ratings. Also, all my products say that they are free in the snippets. Which I can't change. The website is...
  8. KJREDDY247@

    Benefits of copying famous site structure and code

    Does it give us any benefit if we are copying code from some famous sites related to our niche. I mean i am gonna copy home page structure from one site and contact us from different from another site and make a complete site and optimize it with prope schema and content. Would it be more...
  9. A

    How do I improve the SEO ranking of a website?

    As title suggests how to improve seo and google knowledge graph via markup. I think It’s the most powerful form of SEO but why less than half of all websites are using it?
  10. Starblazer

    How good is Yoast 11.0 schema implementation?

    Yoast 11.0 introduced defragmented schema which they claim to be best schema implementation. As of now, most of the wordpress users are relying on schema themes, manually written code or dedicated plugins. Many of the plugins offer very little customization and writing scheme ourselves is a...
  11. tommyboy34

    Event Tickets Listed On Google Local

    How are website owners able to have their event tickets show up on Google local? I attached a screen shot. Is this done with a Schema markup? Will event tickets show up on Google local with just the Schema markup, or is there another aspect of the local Google listing?
  12. alfz0r

    What are your thoughts on prjoect supremacy plug-in?

    Hello, Been looking around for a good schema plug-in and found this one, but it looks a bit scammy and its quite expensive. What do you guys think about it and did you use it?
  13. S

    Question - How to add rich snippets for SERVICES website made with WordPress?

    Hello comrades, As you all know CTR is king, so I decided to finally put rich snippets on my services website based on WordPress. I don't have a blog or any products for sale but I have services like AdWords and content marketing so the basic structure is...
  14. A

    How to implement Schema?

    Hi Folks, how to implement the schema for any kind of web page rather than just article, recipe, product or etc., Is there any other source to learn about that, tried few out through google and it shows errors on objects for the appropriate type :(
  15. S

    News Article schema is not working, What to do?

    Hello Friends, My website's news article schema is not working, I have checked it in structure data testing tool there is no error, everything is fine. Friends pls check and help me to get to know the error or any other issue which i am unable to detect. Website: NewsX .com
  16. D

    why schema don't work in my site

    i make site with drupal and use schema, but in webmaster don't show schema resualt an in search.
  17. kerolah1

    Schema google star rating advice needed.

    Hi guys, I want to implement schema markup so i can get star ratings on google for my services. I have a few questions before i do it. 1 - Are there any recommended plugins that can help manage the whole process of it? paid or free. 2 - is it ok to copy and paste my existing google reviews to...
  18. Ybba Semad

    Schema Errors: Affect SEO?

    Hello Everyone, I receive the following error when testing my schema: "Failed to normalize the rating value." Is it absolutely necessary to resolve the error? Do errors in the schema/structured data reduce page rank, affect SEO etc.? The workaround to fix the error is to change the "worst...
  19. thewelshman

    SCHEMA for Jobsite?

    Hi All, I've been running a job board for a little while and have been analysing the competition. I noticed that in SERPs that some of the sites have "109 jobs" or similar before their meta descriptions. Can anyone explain how I can do this for my site? I'm working with Wordpress and have...
  20. S

    Review Schema

    Hi All, Hope you all having a wonderful day and crunching some SEO. I am trying to get review schema appear for my client's website. The schema has been implemented correctly (tested using data structure tool) and as a result of this reviews/ratings (stars) are showing for every other pages but...