1. Celestial711

    Scheme markup for wordpress

    Are there any FREE schema markup wordpress plugins that are recommended?
  2. mithun chakravarti

    How can I update in Blogger Blog ... If I want Result Like That . . .

    I would Like to Share our problem . . Actually i want to Update Schema in blogger Blog and i am Expecting Result Like that . . . I have tried many Times different - different term but i have not Get better result so please suggest what can I do ? How Can I Do ? Schema I want to apply of this...
  3. collegeguys4

    what is a good wordpress plugin for opengraph tags?

    Could someone recommend a good wordpress plugin that lets you add and customize opengraph tags on your posts?
  4. collegeguys4

    schema and rankbrain

    I have have read many posts about how using microdata with schemas do not improve your ranking. Most of the articles were published a few years back, but now with Google using machine learning via RankBrain, it seems this could possibly change things? What is your current opinion on using...
  5. M

    Best tips for a TAXI website (Schema, meta tags, geocoding, keywords, AMP, etc.)

    What is the best way to get Google Now 'taxi near me' and Siri to take notice? I use the #taxi tag on Glympse and want to share my GPS in real-time. If you can be so kind as to help I will be eternally grateful and I am not beyond sending thanks to anyone who steps forward to help with the code...
  6. A

    Wordpress and Schema Markup

    Hi guys. I'm pretty new to the SEO field. I mean I was social media for the longest time. Now I made my own site on WordPress and I'm trying to add schema markup.. its not working on the "text" side of the tabs on the page editor. I see that I need to go into the .php files etc... how do you do...
  7. randybishop

    Anyone use Schema?

    Have you found it helpful for your ranking? Where is the best place to put it in a blog post or page?
  8. R

    Local SEO microdata schema - Does it help?

    I use schema on several of my pages to insert reviews.. the review rating will show up on the SERPs and results in more clicks. The real question I have is using the local business schema. I have the schema inserted on my homepage for our headquarters location. It should be helping Google...
  9. englandrm

    Increasing Click Through In Google With Schema.Org

    Have you noticed the stars beneath some results in the SERPS? Here's a quick image if you haven't. The Obvious Benefits include taking up more space on the page, drawing the attention of the eye, and providing additional information to the searcher before they end up on your site...