wordpress hosting

  1. jeanfrank

    Which platform is the cheapest for setting up a blog website?

    Hi guys, I know it's a cliche topic, but I wanted to hear more from you guys. CUZ you guys are professional in SEO. Here is the thing, I dont have much more experience for creating a blog website with wordpress from some hosting providers. I'm used to using Shopfiy platform for selling some...
  2. bestspinner

    Wordpress hosting

    I'm looking for some advice on finding a hosting service that's specialized for WordPress only, like Bluehost but cheaper. Can anyone help me?
  3. jeanfrank

    Which wordpress hosting would you recommend?

    Hi guys, The siteground charges us a few dollars for one website the first year, but why do they charge us more than 100 dollars the second year? which wordpress hosting is the best choice for us? P.S. I'm not a hosting seller, I'm curious about your choice.
  4. CyberHour

    CYBERHOUR.COM ✅Premium WP Hosting you can TRUST!✅ Anonymous ✅Crypto Accepted✅ AMD EPYC CPUs ✅ ALL SSD✅ Best SLA on BHW!✅ Made in EU[BG] ...

  5. BossBaby

    My Experience with Hostinger after 2 years

    I had purchased their premium web hosting package for 4 years in 2019
  6. AmeliaLily

    Which is better web hosting or WordPress hosting?

    Which is better web hosting or WordPress hosting?
  7. Donawoite


    Digithosts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THE SERVICE TO BE ACTIVATED ? A: Shared Hosting, VPS (LINUX & WINDOWS ) are activated instantly after order is placed and payment is completed, But in some cases it may...
  8. BulltenWeb

    ► Bullten - Linux VPS ★ Shared Hosting ★ SSD ★ 10% OFF ◄

    FAQ Are Adult Websites Allowed? Yes we allow Adult Websites. What Payment Methods do you Accept? We Accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Western Union and More. What OS do you Provide? We Provide only Linux Operating System Can i upgrade my service anytime without losing my current data? Yes...
  9. Intexam

    Namecheap vs. IONOS?

    My SiteGround hosting expired and I don't want renew their costly service. Saw two good BlackFriday offers from Namecheap and IONOS. On paper both look fantastic. So here I'm asking you if anyone have experience with either of services and which one would you recommend. My requirements are for...
  10. MehtaM

    Is Google Cloud Platform good hosting for small websites?

    I'm getting $300 in free credit for a year. Is it good enough to host 3-4 small wordpress websites? Will I need cloudflare or not?
  11. davids355

    Guide to setting up your first website - step by step for extreme nobbies

    Who is this guide for? This guide is for anyone that is planning on setting up a website for the first time. This could be a website to promote your business, an amazon affiliate website or an adsense website; the same guide applies regardless. The aim of this guide is to help anyone that...
  12. Impressor

    [HELP] Hosting WordPress site on Digital Ocean

    I'm a non-tech guy and my go-to WP developer isn't available. My WP-based site is ready but it needs testing, and I want to host it on a DO droplet (accessed by its IP address) and make it live so that we could work on it further. I have the site files. How difficult is it for me to host it and...
  13. imonboss

    My SSL is Expired. Site is back to http mode. How would Google Treat?

    So, one of my sites is back to its primitive http mode due to the expiration of the ssl cert. I am wondering if google will treat my site differently from now on. When I say that, I mean would i get less ranking? There will a mixtures of http and https version of my sites in google index? If i...
  14. FriedrichWN

    Looking for cheap and reliable Wordpress hosting

    I want to open a niche blog so I need cheap and reliable Wordpress hosting. Which hosting providers would you recommend ?
  15. HenryObi

    What Website Host Do You Know Offer Auto Scaling And Can Handle 1k Visitors Interacting With The Sit

    I'm looking for a reliable hosting that offers auto scaling and can handle over 1k users Interacting with the site at once. When I say Interacting, I don't mean merely reading articles on the site. I mean something like playing a quiz which makes requests every... Very few hosting providers...
  16. seojen

    Restoring a Wordpress Site

    Hi guys, I got my hosting suspended for one of my sites and have no backups for it. Is there any method for restoring the site without backup ?
  17. SiteTide

    ⭐️⭐️ EXCLUSIVE 50% Discount ** SiteTide.com | Website & Dedicated Hosting

    Text Thread: WELCOME Welcome to SiteTide, we offer many web and management services from a dedicated team here to offer you the best chance at improving your business online. We know navigating the high-seas of web hosting can seem daunting, but we’re here to make that process plain sailing...
  18. lockheadsr71b

    Has anyone tried the Hostinger Premium wordpress hosting?

    Hey guys I plan on starting an affiliate blog and after doing some research I think I want to get the hosting from Hostinger. I really don't have the time to manage a bare bones VPS server so I think this will be a good option. Has anyone tried this option? Do you have anything to else to...
  19. Exa-Kent

    Affordable Managed WordPress Hosting | 100% SSD Drive | Exclusive 20% OFF

    WPWebHost began in 2007, the wholly owned subsidiary of Exabytes Group of Companies, a leading website hosting and E-Commerce hosting provider in Southeast Asia. As a group, we provide essential communications tools, information technology (IT) solutions to meet the growing needs of businesses...
  20. blazedo

    Merits and Demerits of Hosting WP site on Web Hosting Instead of Wordpress Hosting

    Hi Webmasters & Bloggers! I want to have a blog site hosted on Wordpress Hosting since it's wordpress am dealing with. Then, I crossed into other part of the Web Hosting, looking and considering the how cheap it(plan) is I was carried away. I want to know if there is any disadvantage in...
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