1. seosuccessor

    Need Onpage Optimization

    Hello, Our website is looking for major on-page optimization, we need to implement each fundamental practice used for a perfect structured website as we are in a competitive niche. We need to achieve a perfect score shown on any "on-page checker" tool on the web. Our website lacks...
  2. MediaConsult

    no index, no follow, no archive

    Hi everybody I am building on an International directory listing did some research and got my silo structure set. now I am moving towards the onpage SEO structure regarding main categories, locations, tags, blog post categories how would you do it??? main categories: index or no index ...
  3. G

    Need help for my websites.

    Hello All, I have two websites for SEO purpose. Both the website targeted location in India. One of my website niches is real estate and another is tea site. I am looking for ideas and strategy and suggestions for both websites. I want Guest Post, PBN's, Press Releases, Good niche and high...
  4. akr007

    Hiring a Schema Markup/ Rich Snippet/ Featured Snippet Expert

    Hello experts, I want to hire an expert, who can optimize my onpage, so that my keyword can appear on the "0" result on SERP. [Multiple keywords of my site are in the top 10, even top 3 positions] I need to optimize with the schema or whatever needed to be appeared in the featured snippet. Your...
  5. alishakapoor

    Insurance Niche Question

    Let me explain you the scenario. We’re an insurance startup based in India. My first product to be launched is “third party insurance” which is also my primary keyword. Since, its extremely competitive keyword & lot of insurance aggregator websites are ranking for the keyword. Almost, every...

    How do big sites rank for a keyword without that keyword in their backlinks?

    So I have read all about on page, keyword density, I have between 1 and 2% keyword density etc, and I get to position 7 at the very most. I have a total of 2500 links built to my site, have a DA of approx 30 and PA of 41, but cannot climb any higher. I also have backlinks with the keyword in at...
  7. MehdiBmm

    Anyone Knows About SEO In Arabic Websites?

    Hello pals, I want to know about SEO when it comes to Arabic websites. I know that it's advised to have url's in Arabic but I what about categories URL? I saw most websites doing urls categories with English urls and have blog posts with Arabic urls. Would doing both blog post and category URL...
  8. 1

    [HELP] SEO Questions

    Hi to everyone! I have two questions for every SEO expert outhere. 1) How do i actually target more than one keyword? I mean, when I use Yoast SEO(Free) it let's me choose a single keyword, but I read that I can target multiple keywords, do I just write articles where I write the keywords that I...
  9. MatthewGraham

    [Noob/Beginner Guide] Spoonfed Four-Step Guide to Onpage SEO | Write 50 Words and Rank

    [Noob/Beginner Guide] Spoonfed Four-Step Guide to Onpage SEO | Write 50 Words and Rank Introduction If you enjoy throwing tens of thousands of dollars into the trash, don’t read this guide. Building links to a page with garbage onpage optimization is a waste of time. Good onpage optimization...
  10. Ghost_Hunter

    Automated Data Extraction for various SEO Activities

    Hello guys, I need some help regarding automated SEO data extraction. I am looking for tools which will automate the data extraction work. Following are activities which we perform manually or are semi-automated: Extracting on-page data (Title, description, Headers, Alt tags, content) - Need...
  11. El Magico

    Delete or add new content to same post

    I am completely rewriting a old post because its not very good, is it better if I delete it and just create a new post on same subject. (it will have same title and h1 tag) Or should I just delete all the content on it and just add new content and maybe use google fetch to index. The old...
  12. MatthewGraham

    [Noob/Beginner Guide] How to Improve Your Rankings with Basic Internal Linking Practices

    Most SEO beginners have heard of backlinks - links from someone else's website. Backlinks to your site will (in general) help boost your position in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Your pages need authority to rank, but getting links from other websites takes time and effort; in many...
  13. hardik9099

    help please... home page ranking instead of landing pages.

    i created service page in my company's website that i want to rank for 3 word long keyword. onpage content is around 500 words with proper on-page as i included some LSI and other related words with content. but after i published that page, it was not appearing in first 400 results so i...
  14. A legend

    Important Information Checklist for On-page Optimization

    Today I am sharing important information, who don't know about onpage optimization this is for them I don't know i should post this information in this section or not if it is a wrong section so i am sorry. I hope this information will help to people who are making new website onpage Thank...
  15. B

    How to do Onpage SEO ?

    I am from IT background. I learned Ofpage SEO . Now I want to learn Onpage SEO. So I need some guidance
  16. Ghost_Hunter

    How to resolve Concrete5 SEO issues?

    Hey, I have one website which is using Concrete5 CMS. I am not able to change the Title tag. I am also facing issues in internal linking. Need help! (Concrete5 5.7.5. 13) Thanks
  17. Amal Rafeeq

    What's Your Favorite Part OF SEO?

    Assuming that you love doing SEO (I do), I believe that there's this one particular part for everyone they like. What's yours? Mine is "Keyword Researching". Because I think it's really challenging and a great way to learn more about the topic meanwhile. Also, when you're done with the...
  18. seosuccessor

    Must have plugins for onpage SEO?

    Hey there forum! Besides YOAST, what are the must have WP Plugins one must have that help for better a convenient ranking campaign? Feedback is very much appreciated!
  19. A

    Wordpress On page SEO expert

    Hello - I'm looking for someone who can fix my on page SEO. Respond if interested? Freelancers preferred! Thank you!
  20. kuztorium

    Internal Linking - How many is too many?

    Hi all, Super quick short intro: I've been managing some insurance/financial websites in different EU countries. Hard market, quite competitive niche. OnPage/LinkBulding/PR/Social Media, we do all of these in order to help our SEO efforts and visibility. Question regarding OnPage signs. We...