1. ynot

    [FREE] Get an On-Page advice for your site

    Hey y'all! I do not know why, but On-Page SEO is underestimated by most of the users and SEO's (we do not even have a separate board for this here), which is a huge mistake. In fact, my SEO strategy consists of approx. 80% On-Page and only 20% Off-Page work. Since I am new here, I want to give...
  2. DGhubSEO

    onpage seo

    hi what is the recommended keyword density for 2000 words.
  3. USA282

    SEO question - Will this be considered Plagiarism?

    Hey guys, I'm working on a Q/A platform which is scheduled to launch by the end of this April. I'm kinda stuck at something and I need some advice. The image above shows what the typical category page on my platform looks like. For example, each question has a minimum of 3 tags and once the...
  4. Hustlim

    Can I add alt to photos that are already published?

    Can I add alt to photos that are already published? I have wordpress magazine and dont have programme skills. so some wp plugin if its possible :) Than you for tips :)
  5. T

    The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript SEO (2020 Edition)

    JavaScript is extremely popular. As much as 80% of the popular eCommerce stores in the USA use JavaScript for generating main content or links to similar products. Source: https://www.onely.com/blog/ultimate-guide-javascript-seo/
  6. T

    On-Page SEO for eCommerce Product Pages

    The eCommerce industry is becoming exponentially more competitive, with ambitions currently running at an all-time high. At the same time, there are more than 200 million U.S. online shoppers for digital retailers to cater to, let alone those from foreign destinations. While the competition...
  7. J

    Any free to seo on page audit

    Hello is there any free tool to audit my website page not home page sub page I want to seo on page audit my website some pages please help because my website ranking droping from 8 jan from 55k user to 8k user now
  8. marrrko

    The ULTIMATE Checklist For Perfectly Optimized ONpage in 2020

    Hey guys, I using exactly the same checklist we improving our client websites and our own websites. I covered all, from title tag to conclusion so you can make your website and your articles just perfect for 2020 and coming Google algorithms. If Google changes something in 2020 I will make...
  9. L

    webmaster tool

    i have added my new website to analytics , webmaster tool what else i need to add please can some one mention me all its a wordpress website Thank You
  10. vimal85

    Schema in Website

    Quick question to all my fellow black hatters. I hope most of the SEO guys have this doubt or question on their mind when they install schema into their website. Where does the Schema code needs to be put in the webpage. in the Head section? or body section?
  11. Ashway

    Need Advice from Local SEO Experts

    I have a site who sells his product to local city people of mumbai. Now he wants to sell in banglore. When you visit the site it asks if you from Mumbai or Banglore. Can someone help me by have a look and just see if the site structure is proper or not. I mean optimized for multiple city or...
  12. marrrko

    AMA About Real SEO + Short But Sweet Weekly Tutorials

    Hey guys, It's time for me to give something back to this amazing community. So, what's the deal? In the past 3 years, I finished, "SEO that works (Brian Dean)", "PR that converts (Dmitry Dragilev)" and a few other online courses in the same rank. You probably heard about them because...
  13. D

    what is my strategy? if I get a new website

    what is my strategy? if I get a new website related to healthcare topic for SEO?
  14. L

    how to index them quickly

    Hello experts 17 days before i have made guest posts on high pr top lists websites and social bookmarks also but it did not index yet and 3 days before i did blog comments today it indexed on google how much time will that guest posts and social bookmarks take to index
  15. Jenny Highlander

    Now, Where should I go from here?

    I have been working on this website for a couple of months or less. All this time What I have done only is publishing contents. 2 Money Contents (8k and 5k) 5 informational articles (1k each) A few foundation links have been made. You know, basic profile links and stuff. That will be like 20...
  16. pradep89

    Need Suggestion Regarding Ranking Trick

    hi, I have website with multiple pages few of them ranking very well. Many of them not in top but ranking anywhere. I want a suggestion, One of my page ranking with 0 keyword within google i checked in aherf tool and many trank tracker its not ranking. History of page is it was developed 3...
  17. Anna Gray

    On-page activities

    What are the basic things that I should do to do on-page for my website?
  18. R

    Can someone answer this question about seo?

    I am sorry as I am going ask a question which may not suits here This is my website can anyone tell me is my site is doing good seo in terms of on page off page. I am doing seo for long time but still not getting any results that is why I asked you this question. Please if someone have about 5...
  19. A

    Can you recommend a on page tool or site?

    Hi I would like to ask if what are onpage tools are best to optimize my website? I just tried to use the sitechecker.pro but everytime I tried to scan the whole page the result is getting worst and I tried to fix the issue recommended from their site but it doesn't work as the robot "google...
  20. ninja21

    Quick Question about on page

    Hi, I have a event blog. Based on one particular niche. One keyword repeating every post. Variable + "repeating keyword" So in the posts, titles, urls, and the content, the "repeating keyword" needs to be used. So does it affect in terms of keyword density? I used to rank 1st page for every...