1. abhi raj

    working on a new site, any tips?

    domain age: 3 months ago total post: 13 (last 11 article wriitten in these 10 days, first 2 weere written 3 months ago ) currently only those first 2 are indexed problem: all my articles should be indexed now it's been 10 days, should i do something or let google naturally index my post? and...
  2. Fahedawan

    Power of Topical Authority - Ranked without Backlinks

    These results are just with topical authority and Basic Clean On-page SEO. Let's see how you can do this. You have to cover the main topic thoroughly throughout the website. How do you find powerful topics that create topical authority? Step #1: Competitor Yes, you read it right. The one who...
  3. Agency Seo4you

    Page speed and experience in SEO: 9 ways to eliminate issues

    According to Google's statement on page experience, visibility in the search results may increase if all other factors are equal. Page experience is thus another factor under your control to increase your site's visibility on the SERPs, albeit it is undoubtedly not the only thing you should pay...
  4. mrzad

    SEO Experts, Need your Suggestion

    Hi guys, I am thinking to move my site from shared hosting to the Vultr server. Apart from this, I'll also changing the current theme either to Kedance or Generatepress. The main thing I want is to redesign/restructure the current layout to the new one. Old layout: Homepage --> 3-5 supporting...
  5. P

    amazon SEO

    how to do amazon SEO, please anybody guide me.
  6. P

    SEO for amazon

    how to do SEO for amazon
  7. P

    on-page SEO

    how to do on-page seo with website
  8. V

    Should i index labels pages on my blog?

    hello everyone, i want to ask "do i need to index my labels page?" (I use blogspot) Is if I index the page label will be good for seo or even worse? Will if I index my label page will there be duplicate content? I need your help
  9. L

    Increase Keyword Count

    How to increase keyword count in aherfs quickly
  10. L

    moving from shopify to wordpress

    I have a website in shopify i want to be saved from the cost of shopify and its apps and want to move to wordpress so is it a good idea or not ?
  11. P

    How to manage Expired Job Removal

    Hi All, I have one job board where I am posting jobs regularly which defiantly has some expiry and I would like to know some practical example to manage the removal of the jobs upon expiry. I have read Google Job Posting Guideline but still confused about returning 404 to the user when the job...
  12. T

    On-Page SEO: Complete Beginner’s Guide

    This is more if you’re a beginner with SEO, but Ahrefs put together a solid guide for On-Page SEO. Source: https://ahrefs.com/blog/on-page-seo/
  13. zed sharma

    Looking for SEO Audit templates

    Hi BHW Members, I've been looking for Seo On page and technical audit templates as I have seen so many templates but they are missing some thing or they are Way old. If some one could share me a template that would be highly appreciable.
  14. S4Sunny

    Is the following syntax is correct for google Meta Description tag?

    Is the following syntax is correct for google Meta Description tag? <meta property="description" content=""/> VS <meta name="description" content=""> Which one is right? or both are OK?
  15. SEO Grand Room

    My Experience - How to generate Traffic in a short span of time

    Hello all, Now, I am going to share my hard and cool experience in the SEO industry. I was joined as an SEO analyst in a million-dollar company, that was 3-4 years back (2016 - 17 something). Now I am resigned from the company. I had experienced a sad & self-prove activity in the company...
  16. T

    The Ultimate Log File Analysis Checklist

    Web log files provide SEOs with invaluable data! Here's a 21 point checklist of configurations to check for. This checklist is designed for all kinds of SEOs who aspire to improve the website’s visibility, increase site’s indexation, and boost organic traffic at the end of the day. This...
  17. M

    Any SEO guru out here?

    Hello, greetings BHW Family, I want to learn advance SEO method on-page and off-page both. The result must be guaranteed. Does anyone want to accept the challenge?
  18. mymaster

    [REVIEW] Best Content Editor: Cora, Surferseo, Pop, Semrush? Onpage SEO Tools!

    Hello, i search for the best content editor. I have tested some and today i work with surferseo, because it is for writers easy to use. I have tested: Surferseo Pro: - Very easy for writers - I can choose my Top competitors Con: - Catch the complete content from the competitors with...
  19. Y

    Question About Keyword on page

    Hi.. If im making a page / post Can i put many anchor text KW headed for the same page / post? Like 3 or 4 anchor text
  20. ynot

    [GUIDE] Basic WP OnSite advice or how to increase my Organic traffic easily

    Hey guys! As some of you might know, I am running a thread where I am providing FREE SEO OnPage advices - click. Since most of the websites I am reviewing are based on Wordpress, I decided to post and explain here the most common WP OnSite mistakes most of you are not aware about. Those are...
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