1. pradep89

    Need Help regarding Onpage SEO 2017

    Hi as we all know on page is king these days. I have few question can we use multiple h1 tag on one page? And same with other tags? Can you please share some tips for onpage SEO as per current google update.
  2. Z

    What is the best way for on page SEO nowadays?

    I have a website what is technology related. When i post any keyword targeted article on my site, it will be ranked instant. but after few times/ days, all those keywords are going down on google rank. Seriously i cant understand whats are wrong with me. Can anyone help me?
  3. SweetMike

    Article question

    Hello, I have a multiniche website, just started it, aged domain etc. My problem is I'm to lazy to write the articles myself, so I scrape them, put them through a spinner, I edit them, put them through a plagiarism checker and I edit it again so that it is 100% unique. My question is, will...
  4. S

    How to analyse the pages ranking for keywords in SERP

    Hi Recently, one of our sites ranking for certain keyword went down from 1st position to 7th position. I want to know how to do analyze the pages that are ranking in top six position. Some pages that are ranking are home page, while others are inner pages. My query is : 1. Need to analyze the...
  5. kily7

    Ranking with SILOs - Onpage question

    Hello, I'm making a broad amazon reviews site and I'm not sure if my onpage strategy is correct for the KWs I want to rank. I'm trying to rank "best KW" "cheap KW" and "model review" The idea is to optimize for "best kw" in the pillar pages. Let's call the keyword "bluetooth speaker". Should...
  6. charbel

    What makes for a great Google friendly website?

    Would like to know the best things one could do to rank just off on page SEO, (of course alongside high quality links) for example rank higher than site X because you use this great plugin on Wordpress: Please list all plugins and amount of content for each page, and appropriate page loading...
  7. ItsBlinkHere

    Competing with sites that have no on-page optimization?

    So I've been botting twitter for awhile but it gets kind of boring sometimes, so I decided to try some SEO. Since I'm a programmer I decided to focus on building my sites manually so I can get top site loading speeds and the best on-page optimization. So then I start doing keyword research and I...
  8. S

    Using Jetpack sharing buttons ruins your onpage/KW optimization.

    Hi All, I don't post here much, but I thought I'd share this little tidbit I found today. I was auditing the onpage of a site I just started a few weeks ago when I noticed that ALL of the pages had a bunch of words injected into them that had nothing to do with the topic! The terms were...
  9. X

    Onpage & website development

    Hello, Im searching for German website a professional developer. Best way someone who can speak english and german. Complete professional quality onpage development fixing : 302 redirects should be 301 redirects broken links (Priority) 888 Duplicate titles (Should be fixed) 46 Titles that...
  10. markcooper006

    Free Website Audit! Reviews Needed :)

    Hey Guys! I will do a free OnPage Audit for First five Jr. VIP and above from the replies below Just want to test how good I am in Onpage :) P.S. An honest review would be appreciated :) P.P.S. Your Website will never be disclosed to anyone else other than me.
  11. charbel

    Converting HTML to Wordpress - How effective is it? (In SEO terms)

    I've heard that having a Wordpress powered website rather than an HTML platform is greater for your SERP, but is it really? (I'm thinking of converting but i'm low on money, is it a smart investment?) Share your thoughts.
  12. webhostingproviders

    SEO for Dummies - In 30 Seconds

    I am sure everyone talks so much about SEO - lot of people get confused with so many things. However I have done this post specifically for noobs and even for anyone who is sick of so much fuss about SEO can learn it in simplest form. Just remember SEO is all about the following. If you do all...
  13. webhostingproviders

    Rank Number One on Google with Simple Formula - 100% FREE - Never Shared before

    Well its everyone's dream to come number one on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But lot of people fails due to multiple reasons by thinking a) Its a touch task b) Its a time consuming task c) It needs lot of investment Not any-more today I am going to teach you a simple technique which is...
  14. janist

    [Guide] Perfecting Site Setup & On-Page Optimization

    Hey, how's it going? I hope your sites are doing well and you are enjoying the fruits of your hard labor? Great! Well, we just wanted to let you know that we are starting a new web-series called 'SEOlutions Guides' that will cover the most important topics and factors that need to be...