1. Anders3

    Do blackhat SEO work 2016?

    Hi I have checked my competition on Google and found out that 99% of their links come from linkfarms. However, obviously it works since they are on the first page. This makes me think that Google and all the SEO-gurus are exaggerating when it comes to Google and penalties. What is your...
  2. codeman1234

    What is the correct way to do Linkwheel and not be penalized?

    Hey guys, I been doing some research about linkwheel and there some sites like this website that they are doing link wheel technique all with sites all around the world using the same domain name just changing the country and there is also this website that is doing the same but using different...
  3. P

    Newbie Needing Linkwheel Help

    Hi blackhatters, I need some help regarding linkwheels.. Is it still effective? And using different web 2.0 properties, should I place at least 5 posts? Or can I use only 1 post for each property? And how do you index your web 2.0 properties and how how many properties should we make...
  4. S

    I am giving away 3 FREE link blasts! Web 2.0 blogs and other goodies

    Hi Guys and Gals, I am going to launch a link blast service soon. But I going to need some people to give feedback to the process and results first. For that reason, I am giving away 3 free link blasts - equivalent to my "small" starter package. Take a look at this diagram to see what's...
  5. nanotechno

    Was there a PR update today or last night?

    I've never experienced such a big jump in PR in my life, I literally jumped from PR 0 to a PR 5 overnight. I've built a pretty extensive linkwheel around my money site, and have been using SB blasting my ezine articles, and web 2.0 sites for about two months now so maybe everything just fell...
  6. T

    How do websites get their pagerank to start with?

    I know that websites provide pagerank juice from backlinks and those backlinks get their PR from their backlinks, my questions is where does all this pagerank originally come from??? it has to come from somewhere originally... if i had one website with a pagerank of 0 and had a thousand...
  7. BassTrackerBoats

    Automated LinkPushing Service! Next Generation SEO! Coupons Available!

    Linkpushing - Your Best Opportunity to Get Ranked on Page 1 on Google! And Stay There! Linkpushing is a process whereby you build an infrastructure to bring your site to the top of the search engines without leaving the footprint that a contrived process like a linkwheel would leave. In...
  8. A

    Where is that product which offered a great Linkwheel free ebook?

    I remember downloading it from somewhere else.I'd like to know where it is right now?I lost it when I formatted my hard drive.Can someone share that thread or dig it up for me.
  9. C

    How many backlinks should you use per linkwheel?

    I?ve not seen this discussed here so here goes ? When you build your linkwheel or blogfarm sites to back link to your main money site how many backlinks do you put on a site? I?m confused about this. I do get that you only link one way, from your linkwheel to your main target site and then to...
  10. J

    Which is More Effective Profile Links or Linkwheels?

    I have been outsourcing some work lately because I get tired of doing it myself. So I'm curious which one are you guys finding more effective? I've personally had mixed results with both. If you were going to pay for one or the other to build links to your site which would you choose and why?
  11. C

    using kw rich domains with link-wheels

    Hi, lets says I want rank for "blue water" and I bought: would be my money site. Is it wise to use the other 3 domains ( each one hosted on a different IP) + web 2.0 sites to create the link-wheel? Or...
  12. lostgringos

    Linkwheels linkwheels fact or fiction?

    There is so much hype over the idea of linkwheels lately that everyone and anyone can be seen as an authority regarding their value in the true sense of SEO. I have been using Web 2.0 properties to promote websites for a number of years now. I am sure it is the same with most BBW members here...
  13. M

    Linkwheels or Angela backlinks?

    I have a question about which is technique is better for backlinks. I know that both are good, but I just need one of them to go with in the start. I am newbie no-native english speaker so please excuse my newbie question and english.
  14. ppcmaster

    Pofecker reviewed Link wheel service - Dominate Google for just $99 (BHW offer)

    LINK WHEELS 1. What is a 'Link wheel' and what does it do? One of the most talked about modern SEO concepts are Link Wheels and there is a lot of scope and future that they hold. Experts are unanimous in agreeing that various facets of link wheels are going to be explored in the next few...
  15. g111k

    Take Over the World One Day at a Time - Ultimate Strategy?

    INTRO First, thank you BHW - while many noobs that join this site try to start out in IM, I was actually able to get a kickass job at quite a large software development company doing SEO for their new sites!!!! All it took me was about 2 months of reading and learning. I got quite good with...
  16. R

    Linkwheel Update

    Hey Everyone, Today I rceived this email from Linus (Lemonarian) regarding the use of the Linkwheel strategy: Hi everyone... Since I discovered the LinkWheel methodology back in February 2009, a lot has changed. It's not nearly as effective. When I released the report, it quickly...
  17. kkhill34

    Adsense or No Adsense?

    I'm implementing linkwheels to promote Clickbank products with Web 2.0 properties and I'm also throwing in a few blogger blogs and wordpress blogs. Since blogger and wordpress will let you monetize your sites, would it be a good idea to throw in some adsense on those pages just to get the extra...
  18. A

    Using Xrumer to Promote Linkwheels

    Anyone have any success using Xrumer to blast your linkwheels? If so what effect did this have on your money site? As I am typing this now I am currently blasting away links to all 10 pages of my linkwheel right now. Wondering how this will play out. The money site is not something I...
  19. T

    4 domains as landing sites

    I have 4 domains and I would like to put something on them so they age. My domains are relevan to my main site so should buy a couple more and use them as a link wheel? They would only be one page sites so would I be better using blogger etc for my wheel? I apppreciate new sites will have no pr...
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