Take Over the World One Day at a Time - Ultimate Strategy?

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    First, thank you BHW - while many noobs that join this site try to start out in IM, I was actually able to get a kickass job at quite a large software development company doing SEO for their new sites!!!! All it took me was about 2 months of reading and learning. I got quite good with ranking well for weak to moderate competition... but now I'm in charge of developing 10 new sites to rank for keywords similar in competition to "poker, casino, viagra, porn, etc" - basically niches where even long tail (2-3) keywords still bring up X XXX XXX results in g00gle!So in general, most of our IM tactics and execution goes into finding unexploited niches and dominating not so competitive keywords as well as new rising ones. But what about really competitive keywords?


    The websites are whitehat, so blackhat seo techniques can only be applied to promote linking sites and not the main sites directly! The sites are all more than 3 months old and onpage SEO optimized, looks like none of them hit the sandbox as many pages are ranking on 1st/2nd page for keywords with XXX XXX to X XXX XXX matches.


    So this is it - "how to take over the world one day at a time?" as in what can we do to enter a very competitive niche in the long run?

    The sites are all in relatively the same niche (so they're like subniches for a niche) built in this format:
    Main Page -> Categories -> Info/Reviews on "niche programs/products" under that category

    So here's my plan of action so far:
    First I'm planning to promote category pages and try to get a decent PR within 2 months.

    1) Get unique article + 5 spun versions to be uploaded on 6 top high PR article directories.

    2) Get 6 unique articles to be uploaded on ******** web 2.0 blogs to create a linkwheel where they will link to the category page, articles from #1, interlinked each other with no reciprocals or closing the loop

    3) Ping, Rss feed, and create backlink building campaigns on linkjuicer for EACH article and web 2.0 property

    Repeat the above steps every 2 weeks with new content. Do this for each category (roughly 3-5 categories per site) on 10 sites. Within 2 months, with constant new articles, new ******** links from relevant blogs, and consistent backlinking / social bookmarking through linkjuicer I think the sites should be able to gain some PR and start to move in SERPs / getting a decent amount of consistent traffic. After this point, scale up the whole process to double the articles and 24 spoke linkwheels instead of 6.


    Well, now I'm really looking forward to others suggesting methods that would work or had worked in the past. I'll keep updating the thread with what impact the above steps are having, as well as any other techniques I implement that you guys suggest.