1. Fahedawan

    Local SEO Keyword Search Volume

    As you can see in the attached screenshot now SEMRUSH is providing local keyword search volumes, it is in the Beta version but a huge update because we face so many issues/confusion regarding search volume. Though it is in Beta Version but it can still help you a lot with your research. Let's...
  2. SeoToGrow

    New here :)

    Hi all, I am coming from digital marketing and just started my first wordpress blog. Looking forward to learn a lot! :) Cheers
  3. thesemyaza

    Hi BHW!

    Hi everyone, thesemyaza is here. I'm really happy to be a part of the community here. I work as a SEO consultant in a tech company and I'm here to learn more about internet marketing. So as a newbie, I have a couple of questions. How can i use bhw forum effectively in order to improve my...
  4. D

    Adult CPA in Germany

    Hello, I would like to know is it legal to operate in Adult CPA field in Germany. Running an adult tube or an nsfw subreddit. If no, maybe you can help with some tips on how to run it anonymously or maybe I should use offshore hosting. Please help me with some information :) *Also I would be...
  5. Fahedawan

    Ecom SEO Keyword Research (Tip)

    When you do keyword research for products, always focus on the problem-solving keywords and Long tail keywords are best to generate more and more sales. Though long tail keywords have low search volume but they have higher conversion rates because of the extreme targetted intent. For Example...
  6. H


    Hi, I am looking for SEA / SEO Freelancers / Agencies to sell your products on the French Market. I am looking for people with case studies and testimonials + price , so i can check your work and create some commercials arguments to sell your products. Do no hesitate to reply, i will...
  7. alishakapoor

    What are Career Choices once SEO is dead?

    As we're all aware, the GSE will be a reality one day. What will be your career choices post that?
  8. jenniseo


    ORDER NOW SKYPE ID: jenni seoj EMAIL: [email protected] Telegram: @jenniseoj
  9. TechEinstien

    What are the must-have SEO Tools?

    What are the must-have tools that are important? Scrapebox is one. Please tell the rest of it.
  10. GrowerGuys

    Blogging Revolution: Introducing WriteEase, the Ultimate Growth Engine!

    Introducing WriteEase: Turning Your Blog into a Growth Engine! We haven't reinvented the wheel; we've focused on perfecting blogging. By harnessing the power of OpenAI's APIs, we've fine-tuned a blogging solution that will leave you never wanting to go back. Our co-founder and I were so...
  11. Mr.Bubbles

    Marketing strategy for digital store

    Hi there, In my country EU, there are popular stores with accounts like HBO Max, Netflix, Spotify etc. They are legal, just fully paid by seller and shared to people who buy it. I cant sell it on marketplaces, since they block this type of auctions. Google Ads with cloack is an idea, but maybe...
  12. GoogleNumbaOne

    SARMs Backlinks

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to hire a company and/or service to help promote a Canadian SARMs company. Backlinks can be in niche groups on sites like Reddit, or (preferably) on relevant forums, sites, etc. Low spam score, and I can write all of the content. Last person that had this account...
  13. Fahedawan

    Always Focus on Conversion - Shopify SEO

    The primary focus of any online business should be on conversions rather than just ranking high on search engines. While ranking is important for visibility, it does not necessarily guarantee conversions or sales. To achieve conversions, businesses should aim to create a user-friendly website...
  14. korosho

    SEO - Link building using google news

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching out to this knowledgeable community as I'm encountering a challenging situation. I run a website that serves as a traditional landing page for customers to purchase. My primary marketing strategy has been through Google News articles ( guest post i guess ). However...
  15. Topiano

    Remarkable Offer: 10x Elite 30DR+ Links for Just $75 - Be Ready to be Astonished!

    fig.A: conversation between BO vs DE Most business owners and digital entrepreneurs are tired of wasting money on outdated databases and crappy Link farm websites that's been resold zillions time, then need a reliable and affordable way to build quality links and cut on resellers and agencies...
  16. Delboy2424 and GSA/Scrapebox

    Question about. sites that come with a GMB… Obviously optimised the right way can provide some decent whitehat linking back to your business moneysite. What’s the situation regarding building back links to the Google site using tools such as GSA and Scrapebox? Links would be...
  17. sfonseka

    Website visible on Google search only with the trailing slash

    My website is only visible on Google when accessed with the trailing slash. How to fix this issue? Here are screen shots
  18. seo.mehtab

    seo.mehtab: Mahtab Ur Rahman - SEO Expert Extraordinaire

    Greetings, fellow digital enthusiasts! As an SEO expert with years of experience under my belt, I am thrilled to join the vibrant community here on Black Hat World. Allow me to introduce myself and share a glimpse of the knowledge and expertise I bring to the table. With an unwavering passion...
  19. Avishekroy

    Suddenly all the pages disappeared.

    It’s the third site I started this year and within 3 months suddenly all impressions disappeared. I am not finding any reason. So, I don’t know how to troubleshoot this issue. If you faced similar issues, kindly tell me, how did you solve this issue and rank your pages?
  20. MichelangeSEO

    Is there a link building service that does this...

    I have a list of URLs/domains that I want to get links from. Is there a service where I could give them this list and they would do all the outreach for me to acquire the links for me?