1. B

    Website traffic goes down

    Dear All, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention an issue regarding my website, Over the past two weeks, I have noticed a significant decrease in the traffic and impressions on my website. Screenshot is also attached. I would...
  2. L

    google ads and facebook ads suggestions

    I need some suggestions guidance about google ads and facebook ads which are the best tools to find keywords for both or tell me some other way from which i can find good keywords for both ads Thank You
  3. CreativeDaddy

    Youtube Impressions Question

    So I made this side hustle on Youtube, its a lo-fi channel I make all the music production myself. I was getting 30-90 views a day, not much but its honest growth right :) Note: I was using vidiq ext. to help me understand what SEO I needed to make for that niche and evaluate daily growth...
  4. BasketWeaver

    Google Ads Stopped Converting on Cannabis Accounts

    Hi Everyone. As the title mentions I’m having an issue with my ads no longer showing impressions. Currently we have 3 ad accounts running (with 2 payment methods). The only ads they approved were the first smart campaigns that is set up when you first start your account which is why we set up 3...
  5. Nana Dada

    Fiverr does not show my gigs' statistics - What do I do?

    Hi guys, for as long as I remember (more than a year now, unless I am mistaken) Fiverr shows no stats for my gigs whatsoever, and there's a huge message on the top of the page which reads "We’re working on getting your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views back online." :( Do someone of you...
  6. JayMay

    Gotta Love It Man

    Went from 200 impressions to 2.4k in 2 days lol. Gotta love Fiverr :mad: P.S. Hopefully the Lounge is the right place to post this, if not please do move to the appropriate section. :)
  7. T

    Why is my 2k account beating my 18k one?

    my 18k account gets on average 6000 impressions per post, vast majority from my followers. My small 2k account gets on average 12000 impressions with some posts going over 50k primarily from the "other" section in analytics. Both accounts are in the same niche and have very similiar content.
  8. henkslot

    viral/good content gives less followers than before?

    Hey guys! So basically i started posting on my old meme page like two weeks ago (4k followers) all of my posts get an average of 2500-3000 likes. Also over these two weeks i have grown an average of 47 followers each day. Now what comes to my notice is that for example a very good meme with...
  9. cash tribe

    How much impressions were you getting in GSC after 3 Months?

    Hey, fam it's been 3 months now since i created my blog and it has gotten a total of 517 impression so far. I just want to know if that is ok or is it bad Thank You, Cash Tribe.
  10. I

    Help With New Bing Ads Account

    Hello, so over time I built up a blackhat bing ad that generate good revenue for myself. At one point the daily budget was 500USD and it would spend anywhere from 250-350USD a day with accelerated spending on and high bids on keywords, generating thousands of impressions daily. Now, I've had to...
  11. ThePlugMichael

    [HELP] Posts Not Appearing On Instagram Hashtags

    Recently i have just been unshadowbanned after the 14 days, before the shadowban i used to be in all 'top posts', however now none of my posts show up in 'top posts' not even the hashtags with a few hundred posts my posts only show up in 'most recent', i used to get 5,000+ likes now im not even...
  12. Th3_MAD_HATTER

    Bus Advertisement Impressions Calculations

    So, I'm trying to sell advertising space(Tour Buses that Run Along the US East Coast). I have already done market research, got quotes from competitors(even bargained prices down to see their lowest). But I can't find a solid impressions calculations because all bus impressions are different...
  13. R

    Massive Drop In Cost Per Conversion On Adwords

    Hi It has been over 9 months since adwords stopped forcing users to increase their ad group daily budgets: This change allows you to keep the initial daily spend and maintain a similar number of Impressions, Clicks...
  14. Mcshizzle1016

    [PAID] Looking to artificially increase my CTR & retention

    Hi all, I'm looking for services that will help me increase my CTR percentages on my YouTube channel, happy to pay daily to get the rates to increase etc. Point of Reference: Anyone know of any services?
  15. Shpee123

    Getting the top Twitter reply

    So here's the situation, There's several famous individuals on twitter with hundred thousand followers whose accounts I impersonate, using accounts seemingly identical in every way except for a slightly changed twitter handle. When one of these famous individuals tweets, I reply to it with my...
  16. sniper-elite

    Buying Impressions and Story View

    Hi Guys, as you can read in the tile, do you think that buying Impression&Reach or/and Story views may hurt the account? Never tried before! Thank you very much!
  17. S

    I need some advice for this website adsense traffic, anyone can help?

    Hi guys, i planning to buy one website from a guy. And he showed me his latest adsense earning screenshot for May 1, 2017 - May 31, 2017.. - With just 49,211 page views and 161,290 Impressions, he earned $1809.35 from adsense alone at one month May 2017 alone... - The click amount is total...
  18. Celestial711

    Lost traffic after google fetch and render

    I added and updated a lot of my content and decided to use googles fetch and render tool, after doing this my impressions drops by more than 80%. Can anyone tell me why this? If google recrawls a site does it have to build up rankings again?
  19. Mouton Roth

    Battle: PPE, Conversion, vs Impressions

    Hey Guys, i'm launching a Facebook campaign for a product video that can gain traction via attention, i.e. a trending product. I want to test out my target audience with three different optimizations: PPE, Impressions, and conversions (be it website views, ad to cart, purchase, etc). PPE ads...
  20. S

    Hello BHW

    Wonderful to be a part of the community here on BHW. I am a digital marketer looking to expand my platforms with impressions and followers, especially on linked in and twitter.
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