1. DunderMannen

    My Hashtag Research Strategy *(98% aren't following you)

    Okay, this might have been posted but with various strategies. Mine is simpler than having to actually registering to a site and so on. Also, I use this for my smaller accounts and get great results. As I grow all my accounts manually, this saves me a lot of time and grants me steady followers...
  2. drin101

    Instagram Hashtags

    Is it better to use hashtags on the post status or in the comments, and how many hashtags are too much ?
  3. K

    Can't create any Hashtags in Instagram Stories

    Hello all, I am a new member on BHW. Maybe you can help me out with my problem: Since a while I can't add any Hashtags in my Instagram Stories. (Hashtags can be added to normal posts, only in Stories it doesn't work) I already tried following: Deleted the app and reinstalled it, reseted my...
  4. G

    How do you know your instagram account is banned?

    what are the symptoms of a banned instagram account? Is that you can log in anymore, the account is gone? Or is it that your hashtags are blocked, your post almost don't get seen by your followers, new followers can't follow you or you don't appear in search engines? I was using masslooking and...
  5. arnie123

    Hashtags don´t rank

    Hey guys I´m having some issues with hashtags. I just bought a grown account with 11K followers. When I post the likes and comments start coming fast, the engagement is quite good. In my last post for example I got 2k likes and 70 comments in 24 hours so this should rank in small hashtags easy...
  6. P

    Instagram Hashtags

    Hi, what tool or software can I use to see the latest or trending hashtags in instagram? with a specific niche.
  7. Heisenberg's Hat

    Hashtags not working

    I had up to "28% not following you" in my analytics - those hashtags worked. I got results on average around 12 to 15%. But I tended to use the same basic 20 over and over again plus 10 that were more detailed about the photo. Now I did hashtag research to better target the audience. I...
  8. Heisenberg's Hat

    Hashtags in Bio - Best Practices?

    Hashtags in the bio - how many is best? And also: if you use a hashtag in the bio (e.g. your personally branded one), will this be automatically applied to all posts, or would you have to put it into each post? Do the hashtags in the bio count towards the 30 per post? So if you have 3 hashtags...
  9. letuvis

    Hashtag Page Profile Picture

    Hey! That's the only place I feel like to get some information. So maybe I will find someone who could answer my question. Once you go specific hashtag on instagram, it shows TOP and RECENT pictures but it has profile picture, as well. Now.. I have few posts in those hashtags as TOP posts...
  10. harold johnson

    instagram comment bot

    i need a bot that will comment multiple comments on several different posts on a instagram page, the reason i need this is for hashtag growth, i want to grow certain hashtags so i need a bot that will allow me to use unlimited accounts to comment hashtags. if there is already a software that...
  11. fxmanaged

    Less Hashtags...More Followers?

    We were using 20-25 randomly selected hashtags from a group of 300+ in the post captions for a while until June 28th. We stopped using any tags on two of our accounts on that date (June 28th) and then added them back again on July 10th. Right when we stopped using the tags, the daily...
  12. C

    Need answers I’m shadowbanned other accounts not many hashtags

    Ok every info I have read does not line up. I have followed most blueprints to get out of shadowban online. I am not sure what caused it. I rarely posted on instagram for a couple of years. I started getting active again, posts getting tons of likes, right in the hashtags again. Not sure...
  13. poetk

    Posts not reaching non-followers

    So I bought this account from BHW recently. My first post I made received 600 likes, great. Second post I made 1300 likes, amazing! Now my recent posts, only receive 200~ likes, and I checked the reach, and it has a significant drop in non-followers reach. Essentially, my latests posts aren't...
  14. henkslot

    Instagram insights "Other"?

    Hey guys! Can anyone explain what the 'Other' means from the insights of a post? The other things like hashtags and stuff are very straight forward. Greetings
  15. henkslot

    Big IG accounts and not using hashtags

    Hey guys! So something came to my notice, i saw that tons of big instagram accounts (mostly meme niche and some other niches) don't use hashtags at all or only like two or three. My question is why? Wouldn't these accounts grow 5x as fast if they use 30 hashtags? Crazy example, but like the ig...
  16. P

    IS THERE ANY FREE HASHTAG TOOL which shows all the analytics as well?

    Please let me know if there is one....!
  17. H

    Need help for Hashtags (and maybe accounts to target followers)

    I recently made this new Instagram account where I post pictures of Hip hop legends birthdays or album anniversaries but I really struggle to find the right hashtags and the right accounts to follow the people interested in the topic. I know I ask a lot and too specific but maybe I'll get some...
  18. T

    Getting only a few visits from hashtags

    I have a page with 14k followers and engagement around 8%, yet I only get very few views from hashtags and there is no way to grow without breaking the rules. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I don't think I'm shadow banned since my latest post showed up in hashtags.
  19. soulless1

    [INSTAGRAM] - #Hashtag Research?

    I see there's a few freelancers here that provide hashtag research services for Instagram. I wanted to see if anybody has any recommendations on which service provider they have had the best results from. If you can refer anyone, please let me know thank you for your time much appreciated.
  20. akshayp83


    is there any way to know from which hashtag the traffic is coming?