1. J

    Hashtag does not show up in Google search

    Hi there, I am trying to collate postings from a number of different social media platforms by using a hashtag. I tested the hashtag and it is unique. As a trail, I have uploaded a number of images to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag. When I however do a google search not results are...
  2. J

    Do hashtags really matter on Pinterest? Should businesses use them?

    I see that many bloggers and companies involved in Pinterest encourage to use hashtags giving a lot of tips on how to do it properly. Of course, I don?t mind, but I?m just curious what is the real purpose or what are advantages of doing that. I want to answer this question from the point of...
  3. K

    Any software for twitter's hastags scrpping or just regular keyword's scrapping?

    is there out any decent tool where to get a list of trend hashtags for twitter which is free? (I guess the answer would be "like shit there is now") Even a simple sotware who generates keywords for speficic niche would be ok. I found many but almost asking for tons of money or being crap.
  4. EdgarW

    How to use hashtags: tips

    There are two basic ways of using hashtags. Attention! This is a know how, pals. One good russian dude told me how he uses HTs in their social network VK (they use HTs for 3 years, FB and G+ stole this feature just a few months ago) 1. to attract traffic to your page use... a) frequently used...
  5. zoomsixx

    All in one SEO and marketing hash tag list

    Lets do some brainstorming here and come up with some good SEO and marketing hash tags. Here is what we can do. I will post a few, then the next poster copies those, adds some of their own, then we have a go to spot to copy and paste tags for Facebook, Google, Instagram etc.. #seo #marketing...
  6. Driezzie

    Facebook now using hashtags : great potential ?

    Hi, maybe old news but Facebook is now allowing hashtags in statusupdates and post shares. Anyone had some succes already ? Feel free to share your experiences. cheers
  7. Roshaen

    Facebook Introduced Hashtag

    Seems Like facebook is pretty much inspired by twitter or they want to give user everything that they likes about most of the social networking websites.Firstly They introduced the verified sign next to the name just like twitter and now hash tag.Maybe in future we could see pinning of websites...
  8. A

    Instagram TAGS?

    What Instagram Hashtags are you using for your IG BOT? HIT ME!!
  9. S

    Need #hashtag list

    OK, this is more about Tweeting than blogging, but tweeting my blog posts is what's important to me about Twitter. That and searching. Which brings me to #hashtags. Where can I get a free list of #hashtags or how can I extract them from Twitter? Even better would be hashtag and frequency of...