1. AllOutAnime

    Are hashtags still worth anything these days?

    Recently there was a guy here that claimed he could boost your post to good positions in the top tags. That sparked the question: Is it even work it? Instagram has constantly decreased the relevance of hashtags. The "Tags" tab is hidden to the far right on the search. Only places comes after...
  2. louklonima

    Tiktok Trending Hashtags?

    Could any of you wonderful individuals assist me in developing an effective strategy for identifying popular hashtags that can greatly enhance my chances of achieving viral success on TikTok?
  3. M

    Does Anyone Have A Program Similar to RiseDecoded?

    RiseDecoded was a hashtag compiler that organized the amount of posts, average likes, engagement, etc... It was discontinued in 2020 but it was such a useful technology for hashtag generation, and saved lots of time. Does anyone have anything remotely similar???
  4. Affiliate3750

    Keywords vs Hashtags

    Hey guys, today i was looking for new AI's , just to look around and then , i got an idea , i know there is difference between hashtags and keywords , but from another view they are very similar , does anybody used hashtags , and put them as keywords or just only me seeing that ?
  5. H

    How to find best Twitter hashtags FREE?

    I am promoting travel offer on twitter. So, how should I research the best working hashtags (travel related) on Twitter?
  6. T

    10 or 30 hashtags vs new algorithm

    Hi, I have been using 30 hashtags on the basis that I want to maximise reach and grow my followers, but as with many people my number of likes have halved in the last month or so. I have heard that you should now be using 10 or under. Is this true? And if so, how long should it take for the...
  7. eaglehunter

    Instagram Hashtags Generator

    Hey Guys, So I have been reading a lot about hashtags and read several threads and all I just dont seem to find the best free website to do my research on I ended up finding that I need 10 small hashtags - 10 medium and 10 big But what is the best website to research that? Thanks!
  8. Nicknames

    ➡️ TINY HASHTAGS STRATEGY ⬅️ How to choose the best hashtags for your Instagram account (2020) ⚪⚪⚪

    Hi everyone! I'm Nicknames. You may remember me for my 2019 thread about How to create infinite Instagram accounts, as it's the second most replied topic (836 replies) and the sixth most viewed (126k views) of all time in this Instagram section. After many months of studying, testing...
  9. vigyavan

    [FREE TOOL] Found a website to discover related hashtags with useful metrics to choose the right ones

    After noticing that all other available tools for generating hashtags give quite poor results, this free tool (metahashtags.com) gives good results. Find the most relevant and best Instagram hashtags to gain likes and followers Simply enter a hashtag and it will give you hundreds of closely...
  10. Sonish

    How to get 80% follow back in f//uf method?

    Hi all, I have acc with 4k+ followers. I have been doing f/uf from the beginning. I started my acc after reading a thread about reaching 3k in 12 days. I did reach 3k in 20 days. Later I saw a guy selling a course where he would teach how to do f/uf the right way and how to get 80% follow back...
  11. Linkbutler

    Posts not showing on any hashtags

    Hi friends, So my posts used to get 70-100 likes. One day to another they get 1-3 likes, only from followers. I can see that my posts or not showing up on any hashtags, it started in May 2019. So at first, I thought I'd just wait and see if it would fix itself, but apparently, it hasn't. I...
  12. ombrocapelo

    [FREE] Instagram Hashtag Research Tool

    Hello I put together a tool à la Taggatory, that helps you research Instagram Hashtags. You can use it to research a single hashtag (e.g. "fashion") or multiple hashtags (e.g. "fashion,photooftheday,beautiful") The site is still really simple and won't suggest you new hashtags or allow you...
  13. Myst3ry

    [CASE STUDY] Hashtags Power for Huge Instagram Reach ✅

    Hey guys. I have one Instagram profile which I use it just for fun. I do everything manually(follow/unfollow/post/repost). I came across to this thread and I have implemented it immediately...
  14. M

    Twitter hashtag rules

    So to save time with building up my social accounts i have linked my tumblr and instagram to my twitter account. When i post an image to tumblr and instagram it auto posts to twitter. Now tumblr supports upto 50 hashtags and i generally use about 30. When tumblr auto posts to twitter im worried...
  15. cosmo89

    [GET] List of Popular Instagram Hashtags To Use Everyday

    Hashtags are very important to reach more audience in social. And here's the list of popular Instagram Hashtags that you can use for every day of the week (#1 from each list is the most popular one). Monday Hashtags 1. #mondaymotivation 2. #mondaymood 3. #mondaymorning 4...
  16. X

    Why do some hashtags have top posts from months, even years ago

    Why does that happen when there are many new posts with these hashtags? for example: #memeposts (5 top posts are from 2019, and others are a couple months old)
  17. JamesBondBro

    Amount of subscribers into hashtag?

    Hi friends! Is there a way to find out how many IG-users are subscribed to the IG-hashtag? Knowing this info, we can increase an audience engagement. What do you think?
  18. P

    How could i grow faster with a new account?

    Hello everyone, i m starting with an ig account, it has at this moment 250 followers and i m having a nice engagement, (30-70 likes each post) but I just get like 10-20 followers daily, also i post three times a day. And following 200 accounts every day (50 per hour). My account is about...
  19. socialmediamarketing0

    Hashtag Tool

    Hi BHW, A while back on the forum I saw someone mention a tool that finds well performing hashtags in general or for specific niches. However the website shut down/does not work anymore. I was wondering if such a tool existed. Any suggestions? Thanks
  20. H

    Hashtag research tool suggestions

    What features would you expect from a hashtag research tool? In what ways should the data be displayed? How should you be able to use the data for your own use?
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