1. P

    Hashtags for my Picture

    is there any tools which suggests relevant hashtags for my picture?! ***********It should be free***************:D
  2. tbdrogue

    Post does not appear under Tagged Location

    I can find the photo on Hashtags, but not on the location it was tagged. This is not an active location by any means it gets maybe 10 photos per day but my photo does not show up there at all. I just noticed this happening for the first time. It's an account that always uses correct location...
  3. ThePlugMichael

    [HELP] Posts Not Appearing On Instagram Hashtags

    Recently i have just been unshadowbanned after the 14 days, before the shadowban i used to be in all 'top posts', however now none of my posts show up in 'top posts' not even the hashtags with a few hundred posts my posts only show up in 'most recent', i used to get 5,000+ likes now im not even...
  4. Gwizzy

    Alt Text

    How can I obtain the alt text Instagram automatically generates for a picture? It sometimes pops up instead of a picture when I'm browsing on a slower internet connection but I'd like to be able to get/scrape the alt text to help me with some hashtag research.
  5. FindDIY

    Instagram Now Demotes Vaguely "Inappropriate" Content

    Anyone with a drop in reach may want to read this. https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/10/instagram-borderline/ Specifically, Instagram says, “this type of content may not appear for the broader community in Explore or hashtag pages,” which could severely hurt the ability of creators to gain new...
  6. Heisenberg's Hat

    Hashtag Strategy on Instagram

    1. How many hashtags do you use? I used to do 30 every time, but am now at about 27. Should I use less? 2. I have a standard set of 19 hashtags that I use on every post, and then I add post specific hashtags. If 2/3 of your hashtags are always the same, does it hurt your post? I have a...
  7. saadoff

    Videos posted without caption

    Hey guys, I just started using the standard campaign in Jarvee option but when a video is published there's no caption or hashtags, any solution ?
  8. saadoff

    Instagram hashtags exposure

    Hello guys, so I'm testing some stuff in instagram that I will try to share later, I got some amazing results tbh but I'm trying to get the best out of it, my question is : Is there any way to know which hashtag (i'm using) is getting the most exposure or is ranking good ?
  9. A

    Not shadownbanned but posts dont rank in Hashtags/explore. Help!

    I have a page with 14.4k followers. im Usually getting 2.5-3k likes and 100-120 comments on my posts from my followers alone. It should be enough to reach top in at least weak hashtags. My posts dont show even in top of hashtags with 100 posts. I stopped all Automation for now. Will this issue...
  10. arnie123

    How to set powerlikes to rank hashtags?

    I'm using 300 "powerlikes" + views on each post in my 7k page. The thing is that I can set up to get them between the first 15 min to 2 hours after post. The same with some comments. I've been trying different ways in the last days but I still can't see any pattern that approach me to the most...
  11. fxmanaged

    Weird Hashtag Observation

    Today I decided to go through all our hashtags on a PC to see if any generated Instagram's "community guidelines" message. You know, the one you see sometimes when you search for a hashtag on IG: "Top posts from #hashtag are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that...
  12. cacats

    [GUIDE & CASE STUDY] Increase your REACH with the right HASHTAGS

    1. Who I am? Good afternoon everyone!! Many of you do not know me, so let me introduce myself: My name is Cacats, a law student who started in the Instagram world 4 years ago. It all started with a failed Commercial Law exam, which made me see that I was not the best student. I could never...
  13. whatsvaga


    Yes! theres a huge reach drop for many accounts, but this has also created opportunity to capitalize on other things. The accounts suffering the most are Meme pages. Some of the other niche pages may not be experiencing too much of a drop. The only way to combat this drop is hashtags and...
  14. systemad

    Your preferred method of finding popular #'s for IG?

    Read here that iqta dot gs is one recommended site to go to when it comes to finding popular instagram hashtags for specific niche, however, that website isnt working anymore. Any other sites or methods you would recommend? thanks
  15. A

    [Q] Instagram Hashtags

    Hi! I've been using a script to follow/unfollow on Instagram for a while now. Used to post regularly as well, got pretty bored of posting daily, so I started posting once every week, then every 2 weeks, etc. Used the same hashtags for all my posts. Posted the tags in comments with the couple of...
  16. Danny Crypto

    Which Tool To Use For Hashtag Research?

    Should I use any particular tool or Instagram insights are way more enough for good engagements?
  17. thelmick

    Instagram hastags on desktop

    I need to copy and paste hashtags, is there a way to do this when I am on the desktop... without using a paid service? Thanks!
  18. arnie123

    Any twitter automation posting tool including hashtags?

    Does someone know about any twitter automation tool (totally free) that has the option to add hashtags in the posts? I've been using for years dlvrit, but everytime has been taking off more options for free accounts. Currently I can post only 3 times a day and without included hashtags. I'm...
  19. fxmanaged

    Weird "Shadowban" - Anyone else noticed this?

    Based on what we've seen in the past, both with our pages and those of other Instagram marketers we know, a shadowban is when your posts stop ranking for all hashtags, both on the TOP and RECENT tabs of the platform. Normally, the lower engagement period that accompanies this "ban" or...
  20. Danny Crypto

    How to get the best out of instagram hashtags?

    Should I post hashtags regarding my post(picture/video) or just popular one or the mix of both? Less reach is there of my posts on Instagram and that is eating me up literally!