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    There are two basic ways of using hashtags. Attention! This is a know how, pals. One good russian dude told me how he uses HTs in their social network VK (they use HTs for 3 years, FB and G+ stole this feature just a few months ago)

    1. to attract traffic to your page use...
    a) frequently used HTs and use them as often as possible a few of them (1-3); try to promote your page via these sertain HTs
    b) rarely used HTs but A LOT of different ones: generate hundreds of kinds monthly and do not repeat them too often.

    2. to organize your own content
    if you have many thousands of publications it is easy to set them into sections or rubrics and mark every section with A UNIQUE HT; this tip will help you and your readers to find everything you generated one or two years ago much faster.

    Also there`s a third way to use HTs.
    Choose a short combination of two (not three!) letters associated with your brand.
    MAXIM magazine -- #mx

    Add them in the end of every your publication. Thus you mark your content. Also this will give you possibility to promote your brand`s HT and use it for marlketing purposes in future (in ads and so on) in several years. If your project will be popular. Also this HT mark your content and helps you or your visitors easily select it just in one click.
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