Nov 5, 2019
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Hey guys. So I have a set of 30 hashtags that I use everytime on my posts because these hashtags give me good engagement and I get ranked on the top posts of most of these hashtags. Now I have been reading about the hashtag shadowban thing and it’s said that Instagram could shadow ban you if you keep using the same hashtags.
I tried changing my hashtags four times but the new sets of hashtags gave me terrible engagement and my posts didn’t perform well at all so I am back to using the set of hashtags that gives me the best result but I change just one or two of these hashtags, out of 30, I change 2 or three sometimes per post. Is this safe or I still have a possibility of being hashtag shadow banned
NB: I have seen a lot of big accounts use the same hashtags over and over again and they are doing just fine.
Absolutely, not only because of the shadowban probability, but the amount of new audience you can reach.
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