1. T

    Removing Tik Tok Account Shadow Ban

    I had an artist account on Tik Tok. My videos were getting say on average 3000 views per video. Good ones were getting around 20-30K views. I built up followers to get live stream access. Some followers I got from Tik Tok promotions, the others from third party who said the followers were...
  2. J

    Someone who is able to create, manage, and maintain several (as many as possible) live access accounts on TikTok

    Hi guys! Background; My girlfriend and I have an OnlyFans account. We were netting $1k a day at one point, sometimes $1,500. This was due to massive success while livestreaming on TikTok. We started in December of 23. Our initial progress was unbelievable. The days we were able to go live...
  3. O

    Shadowbans - Why's there no hysteria?

    I don't get it. My telegram is full of people complaining about shadowbans every day. Me included. We got 4k karma from one post, no upvotes, completely organic. And we got shadowed same-day. But when i go on the forums, no ones talking about it. Guys who do over 6 figures a month, getting...
  4. kikacodes

    180k followers, banned by mistake, then potentially shadowbanned. Need help

    I have an account with 180k followers, it's probably top 5 accounts for followers in it's niche. Around a year ago it was banned out of the blue. After 6 months or more of sending unban requests constantly, it was unbanned and I received an email saying "Woops, we made a mistake". So I lost like...
  5. G

    Possible ways into the Tiktok creativity program

    Hi there, i have decided to start grinding to join this program and post content so i can possible make money from this. And with that, i have a few questions i was hoping some tiktok veterans could answer. I'm not from the US. 1. I realize the best way to go about this is growing your tiktok...
  6. Luca Marketing Agency

    TikTok shadowban

    Hello! I'm a newbie of TikTok with 2 years experience. While building a TikTok account, I see the biggest problem is Shadowban and our traffic stop. So this is my sharing about Tiktok shadowban, hope it can help someone. I'm here to listen to contributions, if I'm wrong in some parts, feel free...
  7. LScro

    TikTok Video Repurposing Bot - Make 1000s videos from 1 & Reupload

    OVERVIEW: By repurposing a video the platform reads it as original content and the video performs like any other with no limitations. Avoid shadowbans and 0 views on reuploaded videos not reaching the FYP. It bypasses all algorithm detections for TikTok, Instagram and any other platform...
  8. tubeboost

    Youtube shorts getting 0 views [Tips to Remove YouTube Shorts Shadowban]

    Guys, seems I figured out how to remove YouTube shorts shadowban. I run into this problem several months ago on my channel. We all know that shorts are a good source of traffic and subscribers. So, if you shorts getting no views don’t panic. 1. Just stop uploading shorts for a while (several...
  9. F

    How do I create HQ tiktok UK Accounts!

    I use the same device many times, the accounts have a 50/50 chance of not being shadow banned and getting a decent amount of views but nothing higher (300-1000 max!) Is there any way I can make new accounts and avoid shadow bans and reach a large audience?? Thanks!
  10. T

    reddit account generator shadowbans

    Hello, I have been working with Reddit for a while now and made multiple tools. My bot for actions seems to work fine, but the request-based account generator I created most recently is experiencing issues. 99% of the accounts I create get shadowbanned after approx 24hrs. Can anyone help me...
  11. makeonlyfansgreatagain

    Reddit Spam Filter

    Hey Guys! I've been doing Reddit OF Marketing quite a while and all the time I've encountered the "Spam Filter" I've posted something and after a while I've got the notification that my post was removed from the "Spam Filter". Suprisingly this only happens in some Sub-Reddits and not in all...
  12. S

    Feeling discouraged

    End of 2022 was going well for my instagram brands until I got hit with a wave of shadowbans right around new years now what used to be 1000+ like reels will get 15 if I’m lucky and the sales that came in every other day are actually non existent. Profits are getting eaten into and my strategy...
  13. venom777

    Shadow and tags NSFW

    Hey! Who knows: why if i use these tags -> i get an account or tweet shadowban. But other people's accounts (even not very popular ones) post these tweets and don't get shadow I can't find my tweets through search. But their tweets are easy to find :confused: I tried toggling "Mark media you...
  14. U

    Tinder verification method without shadowban that's what everyone you needed :)

    Check the video: My Telegram: @tinderverify
  15. L

    Tik tok shadow ban

    Hi, i have problem with tik tok. I use browser anti dolphin and internet from phone i have dynamic IP My problems started when i got a few bans on my account. Now when i open a new account, my videos have 0 views. videos and ip are different. when i used a new sim card another operator and...
  16. justmeus

    Quora - how to comment with links in it

    Hey Guys! So basically I found a smart way to target high volume questions on Quora. This would be bulk inserting questions with a 'keyword'. Quora then tells you how much volume there is on that question. But i now noticed one problem: everytime I post my website in the comment, it will get...
  17. lip4cito

    Is there any way to avoid tiktok shadowban when creating a new account?

    Hello community. I have experience in tiktok since a few years ago managing an account, some videos with more or less views, etc. The thing is that now I want to try new tactics in new tiktok accounts, and the last ones I have created seem to be shadowbanned because they are stuck in zero...
  18. N

    111k followers and getting less than 100 likes on a posts.

    I think my account is shadowbanned. I used a random hash tag and my post does not show. Its an old account (from like 2012) I stopped using it for long periods of time but ive never seen engagment this poor. At its peak the account was at 170k My neglect brought that number down to 111k...
  19. dBerkeTurkmen

    Is shadowban possible on new account creation?

    Hi friends, I live in Turkey and the target audience of the account I will create will be the US. I think if TikTok realizes that I live in Turkey, it will only show my contents to Turks. For this reason, I think it makes sense to open an account with a VPN. If TikTok detects this (probably...
  20. T

    I am shadowban all the time, I pay for the solution (0 view etc)

    Hello everyone. I want to manage multiple TikTok accounts and upload 5 videos a day to each account, without being shadowban. On my first two accounts, my videos were running between 20 000 and 500 000 views very easily. I think the ultimate solution is : New phone SIM card with 4G...
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