1. U

    Tinder verification method without shadowban that's what everyone you needed :)

    Check the video: My Telegram: @tinderverify
  2. L

    Tik tok shadow ban

    Hi, i have problem with tik tok. I use browser anti dolphin and internet from phone i have dynamic IP My problems started when i got a few bans on my account. Now when i open a new account, my videos have 0 views. videos and ip are different. when i used a new sim card another operator and...
  3. justmeus

    Quora - how to comment with links in it

    Hey Guys! So basically I found a smart way to target high volume questions on Quora. This would be bulk inserting questions with a 'keyword'. Quora then tells you how much volume there is on that question. But i now noticed one problem: everytime I post my website in the comment, it will get...
  4. lip4cito

    Is there any way to avoid tiktok shadowban when creating a new account?

    Hello community. I have experience in tiktok since a few years ago managing an account, some videos with more or less views, etc. The thing is that now I want to try new tactics in new tiktok accounts, and the last ones I have created seem to be shadowbanned because they are stuck in zero...
  5. N

    111k followers and getting less than 100 likes on a posts.

    I think my account is shadowbanned. I used a random hash tag and my post does not show. Its an old account (from like 2012) I stopped using it for long periods of time but ive never seen engagment this poor. At its peak the account was at 170k My neglect brought that number down to 111k...
  6. dBerkeTurkmen

    Is shadowban possible on new account creation?

    Hi friends, I live in Turkey and the target audience of the account I will create will be the US. I think if TikTok realizes that I live in Turkey, it will only show my contents to Turks. For this reason, I think it makes sense to open an account with a VPN. If TikTok detects this (probably...
  7. T

    I am shadowban all the time, I pay for the solution (0 view etc)

    Hello everyone. I want to manage multiple TikTok accounts and upload 5 videos a day to each account, without being shadowban. On my first two accounts, my videos were running between 20 000 and 500 000 views very easily. I think the ultimate solution is : New phone SIM card with 4G...
  8. Y

    My Youtube Shadowban Story..... Please tell i'm not going crazy. I Need Advice

    Okay so originally i had a tech and music tutorial youtube channel i started back in 2013. I didn't really get serious about it until maybe a year later. So i start posting my music. music making videos. a few tech reviews vids. my tutorials are the only videos that actually would do good over...
  9. R

    Instagram Shadowban on All Accounts... any help please?

    I got all my IG Accounts shadow banned... didnt bot or anything.. even the new ones I have registered on a new device, different name but similar pictures dont get any new followers or reach. What can I do there? Does anyone know an Instagram Consultant or shares a contact with? I really need help!
  10. blockhetwarld

    Botting shadowbans your account?

    Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone knows this info I have an acc that I was botting up until 2019. I stopped botting because I realized that ,even though the follower count was going up, the engagement was kinda low. I suspected I got shadowbanned Now my acc has 3k followers, the same folllowers I...
  11. S

    Tinder Shadowban

    Hello guys. Tinder is a real pain in the ass right now. right now Im creating account and it doesnt get me any matches which means it got shadow ban. HELP. 3 months ago I was using an LDplayer emulator and it works fine, using vpn on the emulator and Im going to create via gmail, and then...
  12. V

    Tinder help? (Creating account, always shadowbanned)

    People here have lots more experience in this field. I'm unable to get a fully working tinder account. Everytime I create it, I get no matches. despite virtual machines, proxy, etc. If anyone has a solution or would want to work together, please let me know, tinder's really messing with me!
  13. Flameo

    Shadownban on Facebook Marketplace

    Hello, I am experiencing a shadowban upon my marketplace dropshipping account. I used to get 1000's of views and after a few nonsense bans, reinstating the account, ban, reinstate, the whole cycle; none of my listings are receiving views. I'm very lucky to pull 40 views on a listing. All of my...
  14. fal

    How Do I get Rid of a Youtube Shadowban? What Can I do with a shadowbanned channel?

    Hello BlackHatWorld, I have multiple shadowbanned channels on youtube, and whenever I upload on them, the videos don't rank on searches and in general, the videos don't do well. - What can I do against that, if my channel has already been shadowbanned? - What can I do with a shadowbanned...
  15. M

    [CPA] How Do You Promote On Tinder?

    Anyone mind sharing how you promote on Tinder now to avoid shadowban?
  16. F

    Small Instagram account - how to monetize? + How to get rid of shadowban?

    I have a small IG account in the memes niche, with just over 1.2k followers. How do I monetize this? I've also been shadowbanned for almost a week now, and it's affecting my engagement - how do I get rid of it? My current engagement is around 10-13%
  17. Linkbutler

    Posts not showing on any hashtags

    Hi friends, So my posts used to get 70-100 likes. One day to another they get 1-3 likes, only from followers. I can see that my posts or not showing up on any hashtags, it started in May 2019. So at first, I thought I'd just wait and see if it would fix itself, but apparently, it hasn't. I...
  18. Chiku Arsen

    How to know if an Instagram Account is Shadow banned or not?

    As in the Title.
  19. fxmanaged

    Never seen this before! Blanket Shadowban ⚡

    This is a first time for me! Let me know if you guys have seen this before. We run a physical retail store in Miami and have 4 Instagram pages (the main corporate page where we post original products and 3 other pages where we curate viral content and give credit to the original pages behind...
  20. V

    Ig shadowban

    I check my account and last 4 post has no visit from hashtags. I do not post since 3 months and i started now. Is there any advice what i can do ?