instagram shadowban

  1. blockhetwarld

    Botting shadowbans your account?

    Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone knows this info I have an acc that I was botting up until 2019. I stopped botting because I realized that ,even though the follower count was going up, the engagement was kinda low. I suspected I got shadowbanned Now my acc has 3k followers, the same folllowers I...
  2. fxmanaged

    Never seen this before! Blanket Shadowban ⚡

    This is a first time for me! Let me know if you guys have seen this before. We run a physical retail store in Miami and have 4 Instagram pages (the main corporate page where we post original products and 3 other pages where we curate viral content and give credit to the original pages behind...
  3. R

    Should you always switch up hashtags?

    Hey guys. So I have a set of 30 hashtags that I use everytime on my posts because these hashtags give me good engagement and I get ranked on the top posts of most of these hashtags. Now I have been reading about the hashtag shadowban thing and it’s said that Instagram could shadow ban you if you...
  4. I

    Is my account dead?

    Hello BHW members I'm running a Instagram Streetwear page since 2016. The page has 4600 posts and around 230k followers. But recently my Engagement has dropped to 0.19%. I don't know whats going on with my account. I've done F/U in the beginning of the account 2016-2017 but not recently. I've...
  5. fxmanaged

    Onlypult & IFTTT = The IG Hammer?

    We've used Onlypult to schedule IG posts to different pages (each with a unique proxy) and IFTTT to distribute IG content to other social networks for years now. A few people have said that Instagram blocks have been triggered by IFTTT and I'm not sure how IG is internally reacting at the...
  6. samron77

    Longest shadowban on IG

    Hi, What was your longest shadowban on IG? I am shadowbanned for more than 2 month. (Exactly 64 days today). Previously I use to get banned for 15 days max but this is the longest. Should I expect getting my shadowban lifted up or it will be permanent.
  7. U

    Instagram top post ban. I am a little confused

    So a while ago I opened my first account and I had a few posts that got to the top posts, I was using telegram engagement groups with all niches. After few days I got shadowbanned on one post and other posts disappeared from top post section. After that I continued posting but this time didnt...
  8. Pawllie

    Does that SHADOW BAN CHECKER work for you?

    Hello! I've just found this shadow ban checker and get little bit surprised! :D Almost every second post on my page is Shadow Banned. Wow.. And many famous pages on IG has also this status here on Do you think it's working good ?
  9. I

    Banned From Top Posts

    I was shadow-banned over a month ago, after 2 weeks it was lifted but ever since, none of my pics appear in the "Top Posts" section regardless of the obscurity of the hashtag. My pics appear in the most recent but doesn't ever appear in the top posts. None of my hashtags are written in the...
  10. I

    Am I Shadowbanned?

    Hi, I unfollowed alot of people in a short space of time and I received a 24 hour following ban. Also, the next day none of my posts were showing up in hashtags and my engagement got lower. I presumed I was shadowbanned so I then went and searched on google the shadowban tester, and it said I...
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