Feb 9, 2018
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I unfollowed alot of people in a short space of time and I received a 24 hour following ban. Also, the next day none of my posts were showing up in hashtags and my engagement got lower. I presumed I was shadowbanned so I then went and searched on google the shadowban tester, and it said I was shadowbanned. This was 6 days ago.

Forward to today, on my latest post when I check if I appear in any hashtags I don't appear. But on the shadowban tester it says my posts do appear and I'm not shadowbanned. I'm confused as to whether my shadowban has been lifted because on one hand when I look up my hashtags I don't appear but I appear in hashtags when the shadowban tester searches them.

This is my first time receiving a shadowban and I think at the 7 day mark it could be lifted, but is there anyway I can definitely check if I'm shadowbanned?

I'd appreciate it if someone could give me their insight.

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