1. R

    Where can I buy IG usernames?

    Hi. Looking to buy IG accounts with good or semi good usernames, 4-8 letter names, no numbers etc I've seen playerup but does anyone know anywhere else?
  2. J

    Help to increase Instagram followers

    Hi, I have an Instagram account made 3 years ago. It have only few followers but sometimes it is dropping. Suggest me how can I get blue badge on Instagram by achieving real followers.
  3. A

    Instagram Profile Email Finder

    I will give you a list of Instagram profiles. You need to find the public emails of those Instagram accounts. You will get $10 for 5K profiles. Pls answer this question: 1 - How would you get those emails? 2 - How many profiles can you scrape per day?
  4. Pawix

    ✅ ✅ Generate real-looking AI models, 25% OFF on the first model for BHW members Generate Real-Looking Models with Consistency! Model creation: The model can be described by sex, photo category/niche, ethnicity, body type, and reference photos. Underage models are forbidden. Pricing: - 1 model subscription with 15 niche/category photos monthly =...
  5. cmasker

    Urgently need help with instagram organic!!! Help!

    A big company hired me as a algorithm specalist. While I have made thousends of dollars on youtube and know the algo there, i dont know shit about instagram. They said that they got 100k followers ogranicly in 2017 but after they started running ads, the organic pusing died off. They want me to...
  6. theseuz


    Some days ago, I left an inappropriate comment and Instagram decided to remove it. After the decision was made, instagram started showing "Can't refresh feed". Usually, when this happens, I have to agree with the decision and move on. This time, my account is glitched and doesn't load by any...
  7. Cleanhustle

    Facebook marketplace posting tips?

    Hello, If anyone can help me with some facebook marketplace tips, I would like to know: What kind of proxies are needed, how to post 50-100 posts per account, how it is better to post on nox/real mobile/windows I get banned even with old account after a couple of posting and i cannot...
  8. paulpaul25

    See suspended account’s followers?

    Hello, One of my business-related accounts got suspended by Instagram due to copyright issues (brand names) and I lost access to it and I’ve been wondering if there’s a way to see my followers? Reson behind is because I also lost my DMs and few of them were my clients. I’ve already appealed...
  9. L

    Instagram Growth Expert Needed

    Hello! I'm looking for an Instagram specialist who understands how to properly grow an account's audience. How to buy followers and create activity to attract a real audience. Also, how to monetize the account. Account theme: Babes/models.
  10. Joy Ju

    About Instagram Private Message

    I have an automated program for Instagram comments + private messages. Does anyone know how long the interval should be set and what is the upper limit of comments per day so that they will not be banned?
  11. B

    How to scrape tiktok / instagram creators?

    Hi, I am looking for a way to mass scrape influencers on both tiktok and instagram so I can message them to work with my brand. Is there an easy way to do this, either based on parameters (such as hashtags), or similarity to other creators? Any help is appreciated. B2P
  12. Uncle Stinky

    Unique IG growth situation

    Hello beautiful people of BHW, I'm hoping someone here can shed light on this, and possibly offer a solution. I have had my IG since 2012, and it seems like it just hates me. I have been stuck at 14k for years, despite having tons of promo from accounts with 700k+ and having Hollywood actors and...
  13. cutetryguy

    Ambitious Noob Questions

    Hey guys, I've been lurking for a while and cant seem to find the answers to questions If I run a proxy server, connect my fresh phone and start creating IG/Tiktok accounts do I need to reconnect to the same proxy to not get flagged each time I want to post on the accounts? Do I need to run a...
  14. B


    what programs can we use to create effects in your instagram photos?
  15. L


    My baby sister's business account just got taken down. It's been operational since 2017 and she made a mistake of posting a knockoff perfume at a whey cheaper price than the original. The page was at 14k followers, never had such incidents before. Is it possible to recover it?
  16. rickaloben

    Instagram followers [Indian]

    Hi, Was inactive for a while! Any good panels where i can buy instagram followers [indian] with less drop/refill and good support Looking to buy 50k over drip feed
  17. I

    Manual IG Mother/Slave technical difficulties

    Hey guys, I have some technical questions I'd love to ask you all. Really quickly, I'm doing OFM, If anyone would like to connect, hit me up on TG: @midaswilliam Firstly, here's my setup: - Aged accounts (2017 and older) - 3 accounts per phone - 4g internet (Sim + Data) - All iPhone's - I've...
  18. socialmanipulator

    Story Repost Method | Go Viral on Reels in 2023 Using Mother/Child

    Hey guys! Here is the new method that is working for us using mother/child in 2023. Here is how the method works: - We have a bank of thousands of child accounts that are setup as attractive models (not specific to client). - The child accounts repost the mother's recent reel to their story...
  19. jnz | Test Balance | Instagram | Threads | Twitter | X | Youtube | Tiktok | Facebook | Telegram | MORE... |✅7/24 Support✅|

    TEST BALANCE ● 10% bonus on first deposit exclusive to bhw payments. (only valid for crypto payments) ● Or our 1$ gift to our members who upload 1$. ●You must have more than 100 messages for a $1 trial Do not forget to write the username here after payment. Telegram...
  20. I

    Instagram Follower Scraper Needed

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone to build me a simple Instagram scraper that scrapes an entire follower list of a user. I need the username of the account and the url link associated with that account. Let me know
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