1. TheNextItGirl

    Mother Child slave Method Instagram

    Hi there, Looking for a service or provider who can run 400-500 child accounts for a fashion, beauty, and entertainment niche. My budget is roughly $2,000, I only have a little flexibility with that budget but I'm willing to negotiate. I hope since I am buying in bulk that my estimate is about...
  2. D

    How I recovered my disabled Instagram accounts!!

    Hello people, Instagram blocked 3 main business accounts. So, after creating an Instagram account I decided to plan the strategy and grow my page with some blackhat methods availble. After 24 hours my account was disabled for violating terms and co. After appealing 4 times sending the mugshot...
  3. besard_thaci

    Why can't I...

    Hello! You are often trying to do promotion targeting different countries in the world such as the United States or the United Kingdom. But Instagram doesn't target that country, despite the fact that I did everything right in terms of optimization. The ad becomes active and targets my country...
  4. F

    Any Instagram Account Recovery Specialists?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to network with anyone who has experience in Instagram account recoveries, as this is a particular service that really intrigues me. I've scoured all up-and-down the BHW forums, and reddit (not much success). BHW as really been the most beneficial with finding this...
  5. C

    Monetize my Instagram Theme Page?

    Hello BHW, I have an Instagram theme page in the cats niche and I am looking for advice on how to monetize this page. It is growing up to 3k a day and has very viral posts. How should I go about this besides selling promos? What are the best strategies to use to get the max potential out of it...
  6. ViP


    Amount of followers: No rank = 100 followers Premium = 1000 followers Jr. VIP = 1000 followers Marketplace Seller = 1000 followers Staff member = 10000 followers How to apply: Reply
  7. ViP


    Amount of likes: No rank = 100 likes Premium = 1000 likes Jr. VIP = 1000 likes Marketplace Seller = 1000 likes Staff member = 10000 likes How to apply: Reply
  8. R

    Why does IG show "add link" instead of "website" when editing my profile URL?

    Hey folks, Recently in a lot of my IG accounts there appeared "add link" when I wanted to add my URL to my profile. Is that a bad thing? I had some issues with accounts that had this "new feature" as the links weren't showing up here and there (when testing my funnel with mobile devices and...
  9. Y

    instagram target follow

    hello I scraped Instagram to get a list of target accounts. Just search and follow Wouldn't it be strange if it continued? How to directly search and follow the selected target account I don't think it's human. Would it be okay? I'm not good at English, please understand
  10. bagrov

    Instagram vs. unofficial API (+ what happened to IGblade?)

    I feel like I have an excellent idea for an Instagram service but I'm not sure if it would make sense to spend money on it because I am not sure what Instagram would think of it. I use this service myself and there are no alternatives that I know of, and this method has helped me to grow my...
  11. D

    My Instagram one million followers on babes niche + your models or clients 50/50

    I hope you are fine! I'm looking for a partner . I have more than one million followers on Instagram about curvy girls and onlyfans models. I would love to collaborate with you. You have clients + I have Instagram traffic , share 50/50 for every payment from your clients. Please let me know me...
  12. N

    EDM/Techno Niche?

    Looking for someone who has experience growing EDM/Techno DJ’s. Instagram specifically, and trying to keep an underground energy (ie not tryna verify and go viral, no fake followers, just to build actual interest) Message me!
  13. N

    Looking for white hat IG promotion for a Brooklyn techno dj?

    Looking for someone who can do white hat IG promotion for a Brooklyn/nyc techno dj Let me know what services you can provide and pricing! Not looking for follow/unfollow, mother/child, etc…looking for a way to promote this account naturally to a target audience for people who like underground djs.
  14. Jopl

    SMM promotion and advertising

    SMM and publication of reviews. I need to open the same site in different tabs, but on behalf of different users to speed up the work, There is an advertisement on the example of social networks Instagram, but this is a website with a product. One of the biggest stresses for me was the...
  15. Take Action

    Instagram Unban/Account Recovery Service + Username claim

    Offering Instagram/Facebook Unban and Hacked Account Recovery Service Did your Instagram/Facebook get banned or hacked, and you cannot retrieve it? I offer a service that helps with unbanning your account. Ban Types that can be retrieved: IP Violation/Copyright. Sexually Explicit. Locked out...
  16. javadth

    how to scrape caption of an specific hashtag # ????

    HI I'm looking for an online tool that I give it a hashtag and it scrapes captions of posts that contain this hashtag.
  17. G

    Anyone use growthbeast?

    Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anyone is using growth beast for their Instagram accounts? it's semi-automatic but I have been pretty impressed so far, or is there anything else similar anyone uses? cheers guys P.S not affiliated lol
  18. K

    Need help in instagram. Get paid

    I want to have a monetized instagram account. I know nothing about this kind of stuff. I need help, and I’m willing to pay.
  19. pratiocibalkan035

    Multiple accounts instagram

    How do i make 100 accounts on instagram? Can anyone tell me some tips and tricks?
  20. N

    Help me get an Instagram/IG Account name

    Looking for someone who will help me acquire an Instagram username. Pretty much just asking you to message about 10-20 account owners on my behalf to see if they'd be interested in selling their username/account. Most of these accounts are inactive or only have a small number of followers--I...