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Aug 19, 2016
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Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone knows this info
I have an acc that I was botting up until 2019. I stopped botting because I realized that ,even though the follower count was going up, the engagement was kinda low. I suspected I got shadowbanned
Now my acc has 3k followers, the same folllowers I got through f/u in 2019.
But I'm very shadowbanned. I average 40 likes/post.. And they're mostly the people I exchange DMs with.

How do I get out of this shadowban??
I have also noticed on a "newer" (mid 2021) account that after botting, the engagement decreases..

Now i'm sad...
Obviously the tool you use for "botting" leaves footprints. Either try to remove them or switch the bot.
It's not about shadowban, you've done F/U wrong, interacting with an audience not inherent to your profile that's why they don't see nor interact with your posts now.
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