instagram botting

  1. blockhetwarld

    Botting shadowbans your account?

    Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone knows this info I have an acc that I was botting up until 2019. I stopped botting because I realized that ,even though the follower count was going up, the engagement was kinda low. I suspected I got shadowbanned Now my acc has 3k followers, the same folllowers I...
  2. xDonDraper

    Instagram botting 2021

    Hello everyone, It's been a long time since I left the Instagram niche but now I'm back to it and I see everything changed. I've started a brand new account and I would like to have a little help to grow so I'm thinking to buy several accounts and start botting but nowadays I see everybody...
  3. I

    Best Chrome Extensions for Instagram

    I'm looking for some extensions to have running in the background to do some leg work while I'm working on other things. What are some of the best Chrome extensions you can suggest?
  4. saadoff

    Stories and child accounts In Jarvee

    Hi again, I'm doing the child accout method and I'm trying to do a call for action using IG stories but the thing is that when I set up an IG story campaign in Jarvee only the photo is displayed and not the text "follow my main account @xxx " for example
  5. S

    Instagram Botting - Ipv6 (please help)

    I'm wanting to do a instagram botting journey; however, I only have a $200/mo budget and I want around 200 accounts and eventually 500ish. Is this possible? I have a windows computer, so I won't need a vps. I have GMT2 - I will warm up accounts the first month, then use medium settings. I'm...
  6. Pawllie

    Did I waste the best opportunity? Botted Vs. Organic growing problems

    Hi, let me introduce my opinion and warning. :) After 3 years I got only ruined IG acc - 8K followers on priority profile, daily lost the same number of followers as I reach... And the reason? I was focused only on follower number (in Czech Republic - maybe different behavior on IG) and not...
  7. MidnightRambo

    Jarvee Quality Sources (my) best practices

    Hey there, i hope you're all having a great day. I've read a lot in this forum in the past and i think it's time to give some advice back. I know that a lot of you use Jarvee and what's the most important when using Jarvee? Good (Follow-) Sources! So today i'm going to show you how you can...
  8. saadoff

    Incoming Instagram Journey

    Hello guys, so I'm about to start an IG journey but I have some questions in mind : I'm gonna start botting 6 accounts using Jarvee, what are the best services that provides quality aged/semi-aged accounts ? Should I use 1 ipv6 for each account or 1 residential proxy for 2/3 accounts and where...
  9. Danny Crypto

    Instagram with (vpn+with sim) or (vpn+without sim) which one to select?

    Hey guys, I'm using vpn to reflect my destination(reflecting my city,area) But I'm using 3g/4g/volte too with my device (with sim)and I guess that is creating problem for me like if I use location service area it shows the correct info and i want it show the vpn location. Should I use (wifi +...
  10. NirvanaWolf

    Instagram : Authority accounts vs Mass botting

    Hey Blackhatters. Quick introduction as this is my first thread. I've been into IM since 2010 and Facebook has always been my playground. I've made tons of money using Facebook. The golden period was 2010-2012. So much so that I did my MBA using my earnings from IM and graduated debt free. (MBA...
  11. Gupta Prathesh

    Instagram Child Account (Fanpage) Automation to grow Influencer page

    Hi, I want to grow an influencer(male artist) page using the child account/fanpage method on IG. If someone can set up 100 accounts, automate them, maintain them (replace blocked/disabled accs), and have them post pictures as well as normal automation (F/UF, Likes, maybe DM's/Comments, Like...
  12. chrsplmr

    Are their any reliable USA IG followers anywhere?

    Hi everyone, Any one have this issue??? I have a small agency with 89 clients . Now , I'm sure some of you have dealt with a common problem . You have a client & their page is just under performing absolutely horribly & you want to give them a little boost BUT , do not want them to realize...
  13. R

    Starting Botting on Instagram and Problems...

    Hi everyone, I'm needing your help. I started using bots in my instagram accounts and I'm having a lot of problems. I'll describe everything I'm doing, if I'm doing something wrong please tell me. All the accounts that I create have put the same profile image, the same description and the same...
  14. joaogfuma

    [Help] Multiple Logins, Different Locations

    Hello, I've experience on IG so I'll try to be very detailed about it, so I can give you guys all the information I had on it. :alien: Directly to the important thing: I'm trying to promote IG Accs, but my clients are logged on them, for now I have just a few clients and I can work with them...
  15. Alex D.

    Enjoy Instagram botting while it lasts

    After reading to much nonsense in this thread I decided to explain some things. Instagram botting will be easy until the end of 2019 when API v1 will be switched off. With API v2 you won't be able to perform most of the actions including following/unfollowing. Most of the requests will be...
  16. Heiko

    INSTAGRAM CHANGE WILL KILL FAKE INFLUENCERS Thoughts? Get in here @INCC & @proxified
  17. Uzii

    Weird Instagram Blankscreen Block?

    Hey all, So I've been using a bot for a while botting heavily on the account @slowtokes . Recently, I tried to view its posts from one of my other accounts on my phone and I just get a blank screen. I just tried disabling the account for a couple hours and I've turned off my bot for the past 12...
  18. A

    Questions about running Follow Liker for multiple clients

    Hi, I have followliker running for multiple customers and that number is growing, I've hosted the software on a VPS now so that I have 24hr uptime but since I'm still new to this I have a few questions about the whole business side: 1) Customers always ask what they can and cannot do once their...
  19. M

    Ask me anything.

    I'm experienced with instagram - botting, growing naturally, monetizing and much more. I'm happy to help anyone in need, just ask below.
  20. RoundedPixels

    My Instagram Stats

    I decided a few days ago to make a spreadsheet about my progress with Instagram botting (which will be updated after every botting session). Using G Drive I started logging my information about how many people a day I am following and liking, my gain/lost and other useful variables. I am doing...
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