hashtag analytics

  1. hexelbyte

    Weird observation? Hashtag in Caption vs Comment

    So I just observed something that was bizarre. When I pasted my hashtags in the captions, the post did NOT show up in the # Recent. However, when I posted the hashtags in the comments, it did show up. o_O I was looking across the internet (as well as this forum) and people have mixed thoughts...
  2. R

    Should you always switch up hashtags?

    Hey guys. So I have a set of 30 hashtags that I use everytime on my posts because these hashtags give me good engagement and I get ranked on the top posts of most of these hashtags. Now I have been reading about the hashtag shadowban thing and it’s said that Instagram could shadow ban you if you...
  3. hvp17

    [FREE] Taggatory.com - Instagram Hashtag Research Tool

    TAGGATORY.COM Hello. Well, I have put together a tool which might make your Instagram hashtag research a little bit easier. Concept: What it does it takes in a list of hashtags as input and searches database for similar hashtags and returns them. DEMO How to use: 1. Search for desired...
  4. fxmanaged

    Less Hashtags...More Followers?

    We were using 20-25 randomly selected hashtags from a group of 300+ in the post captions for a while until June 28th. We stopped using any tags on two of our accounts on that date (June 28th) and then added them back again on July 10th. Right when we stopped using the tags, the daily...
  5. Gwizzy

    Alt Text

    How can I obtain the alt text Instagram automatically generates for a picture? It sometimes pops up instead of a picture when I'm browsing on a slower internet connection but I'd like to be able to get/scrape the alt text to help me with some hashtag research.
  6. LightningKing

    [Instagram] List of Free Hashtag Research Tool to increase your exposure

    Hey! This is a list of free tools that I found and used for hashtag research on Instagram. Hope it will bring value to you :) If you are interested in a complete hashtag researching guide, let me know, I will write one when I have some free time. I'm not affiliated with any of the sites...
  7. G

    Analyzing Hashtag Information

    Hey y'all, So I've started to take advantage of the analytics information on Jarvee. For those that don't know, Jarvee will take 9 ranked posts (I guess you can edit this, I haven't yet) on a given hashtag and give you the following information; Hashtage Name & Post Count Min/Max/Average likes...