1. P

    YouTube hashtags

    Are YouTube hashtags useful? I post video with mass hashtags each time, but when I search for my video with keywords but I don't find my video :(
  2. offwork

    What’s the Top hashtags !

    What’s top hashtags can I post it with picture for I can receive hug reaction ?
  3. mrsmilyy

    Delete video and repost it without affecting my acocunt ?

    hy, sometimes when i post my video still 10 view for all the day, and 2nd day, so i want to delete it and repost in another our i does this already and it work pretty, when i repost, i get more view on the video but i see some people tell to other never delete video in tiktok because your...
  4. M

    Does Anyone Have A Program Similar to RiseDecoded?

    RiseDecoded was a hashtag compiler that organized the amount of posts, average likes, engagement, etc... It was discontinued in 2020 but it was such a useful technology for hashtag generation, and saved lots of time. Does anyone have anything remotely similar???
  5. M

    Are hashtags at the end of URLs considered as a different page by Google?

    Hi all, You know these URLs: https://mydomain.com/#abc I've been told that the two same URLs with and without a hashtag at the end are considered different by Google. The SEO benefit being that more "link juice" is passed if there's twice the same URL on the same page with and without #...
  6. javadth

    how to scrape caption of an specific hashtag # ????

    HI I'm looking for an online tool that I give it a hashtag and it scrapes captions of posts that contain this hashtag.
  7. U

    Hashtag Strategy on Reels - Finding good Hashtags, Rotating Hashtags?

    For reels, is it best to use smaller hashtags, or a combination of big and small hashtags if you are a small account? What are the best tools for finding hashtags? Do you have to switch up your hashtags every post, so that IG doesn't block you? Can you rotate them, so you use the same set of...
  8. D

    How to find the best hashtags for Instagram growth?

    Hello, hope you all are well. Can someone post the best hashtag strategy to use for Instagram growth and how do you find the hashtags. Do you know the best hashtag tool finder and also how much is the ideal hashtag size for the best growth?
  9. BlackHatPhoenix

    How to compile a massive list of hashtags from Instagram/Twitter with Scrapebox (or other tool)?

    Hello, like the title says I'm trying to create a huge list of hashtags from Instagram/Twitter to later analyze and find out which ones are the most popular. I need a lot of volume so ideally I'd like to have tens or even hundreds of thousands if possible so I can then find out which ones...
  10. C

    How do I know if a hashtag is banned?

    Does anyone know???
  11. C

    How do I find the best hashtags for my page?

    My hashtags are not doing so well on my pages, so that's the reason for posting this thread.If anyone can share their strategy on getting the winning hashtags that get followers and get the account going on the explore page I would gladly appreciate it.
  12. akki1212

    Experimenting with hashtags for better reach on Instagram

    Hi all, I've seen a lot of posts here mentioning hashtag's reach is very low/suddenly dropped and apparently there are no standard reasons as to why that might be happening. I was exactly in the same boat few days back. We are into social media and AI niche and post mostly tips/ tricks, niche...
  13. speedie

    [Giveaway] 5000 free Instagram email list scraped from a hashtag

    Hey guys, Just thought I would contribute positively to the BlackHatWorld community. I scraped this 5000 Instagram users by the hashtag #fitnesscoaching This is useful for the fitness niche. All users have an email address guaranteed. See: Emails (guaranteed) Full name (guaranteed) Phone...
  14. R

    Hashtags doesn't appear in recent. Did I get restriction from another deleted already account? I don't have any notification.

    Hello, I have three account loggined in. One of my loggined account was deleted by Instagram because of problem with community guidelines. After this my hashtags in other accounts stopped works. I can use hashtags but my post doesn't appears in 'recent' tab. It's not banned hashtag. I don't...
  15. Nicknames

    ➡️ TINY HASHTAGS STRATEGY ⬅️ How to choose the best hashtags for your Instagram account (2020) ⚪⚪⚪

    Hi everyone! I'm Nicknames. You may remember me for my 2019 thread about How to create infinite Instagram accounts, as it's the second most replied topic (836 replies) and the sixth most viewed (126k views) of all time in this Instagram section. After many months of studying, testing...
  16. akki1212

    irrelevant posts in top posts section of IG explore hashtags page

    Hi community, The top posts section of many hashtags seems to be irrelevant to the actual hashtags both in the case of images and captions. In this case, does it make sense to expect really relevant content to rank in such hashtags? Thanks.
  17. Linkbutler

    Posts not showing on any hashtags

    Hi friends, So my posts used to get 70-100 likes. One day to another they get 1-3 likes, only from followers. I can see that my posts or not showing up on any hashtags, it started in May 2019. So at first, I thought I'd just wait and see if it would fix itself, but apparently, it hasn't. I...
  18. Muhammath

    Instagram Hashtag tool but Not Flick

    I have been bombarded by big IG accounts to use Flick for the hashtag research, a paid tool. Lately, I have seen a lot of big accounts saying hashtags are not working like before, neither my account and also checking the Flick's own IG page, I noticed they are not significant in IG for the tool...
  19. TonyToan

    NEED HELP with creating hashtag set

    Which are the key factors that you guys use to categorize your hashtags into groups? based on the number of posts or based on the type of content in the Top Post?
  20. Nicknames

    ⚪⚪⚪ [FREE] ➡️ GO VIRAL ON INSTAGRAM USING SECRET HASHTAGS ⬅️ New Hashtag Research Tool Software ⚪⚪⚪

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