1. C

    How do I know if a hashtag is banned?

    Does anyone know???
  2. C

    How do I find the best hashtags for my page?

    My hashtags are not doing so well on my pages, so that's the reason for posting this thread.If anyone can share their strategy on getting the winning hashtags that get followers and get the account going on the explore page I would gladly appreciate it.
  3. A

    Experimenting with hashtags for better reach on Instagram

    Hi all, I've seen a lot of posts here mentioning hashtag's reach is very low/suddenly dropped and apparently there are no standard reasons as to why that might be happening. I was exactly in the same boat few days back. We are into social media and AI niche and post mostly tips/ tricks, niche...
  4. simplify

    [Giveaway] 5000 free Instagram email list scraped from a hashtag

    Hey guys, Just thought I would contribute positively to the BlackHatWorld community. I scraped this 5000 Instagram users by the hashtag #fitnesscoaching This is useful for the fitness niche. All users have an email address guaranteed. See: Emails (guaranteed) Full name (guaranteed) Phone...
  5. R

    Hashtags doesn't appear in recent. Did I get restriction from another deleted already account? I don't have any notification.

    Hello, I have three account loggined in. One of my loggined account was deleted by Instagram because of problem with community guidelines. After this my hashtags in other accounts stopped works. I can use hashtags but my post doesn't appears in 'recent' tab. It's not banned hashtag. I don't...
  6. Nicknames

    ➡️ TINY HASHTAGS STRATEGY ⬅️ How to choose the best hashtags for your Instagram account (2020) ⚪⚪⚪

    Hi everyone! I'm Nicknames. You may remember me for my 2019 thread about How to create infinite Instagram accounts, as it's the second most replied topic (836 replies) and the sixth most viewed (126k views) of all time in this Instagram section. After many months of studying, testing...
  7. A

    irrelevant posts in top posts section of IG explore hashtags page

    Hi community, The top posts section of many hashtags seems to be irrelevant to the actual hashtags both in the case of images and captions. In this case, does it make sense to expect really relevant content to rank in such hashtags? Thanks.
  8. Linkbutler

    Posts not showing on any hashtags

    Hi friends, So my posts used to get 70-100 likes. One day to another they get 1-3 likes, only from followers. I can see that my posts or not showing up on any hashtags, it started in May 2019. So at first, I thought I'd just wait and see if it would fix itself, but apparently, it hasn't. I...
  9. Muhammath

    Instagram Hashtag tool but Not Flick

    I have been bombarded by big IG accounts to use Flick for the hashtag research, a paid tool. Lately, I have seen a lot of big accounts saying hashtags are not working like before, neither my account and also checking the Flick's own IG page, I noticed they are not significant in IG for the tool...
  10. TonyToan

    NEED HELP with creating hashtag set

    Which are the key factors that you guys use to categorize your hashtags into groups? based on the number of posts or based on the type of content in the Top Post?
  11. A

    Hashtags problem with different account

    Hello, why can I reach only 7 people with the same photo and hashtags on an account with 1070 followers and with an account with 35 followers can I reach more from the hashtags?
  12. X

    Why do some hashtags have top posts from months, even years ago

    Why does that happen when there are many new posts with these hashtags? for example: #memeposts (5 top posts are from 2019, and others are a couple months old)
  13. JackTheBlack

    Babes Account Hashtags

    I just started a babes account. However my posts get very little likes and I get no follows. I think it may be due to inefficient hashtags. So 2 questions. How many hashtags should I use. (currently 20+) What hashtags are good for babes account. Examples please.
  14. H

    What's happening to my TikTok account?

    Hi everyone! I own some travel repost accounts on IG and I've tried moving to TikTok. Firstly everything went well, some videos get more than 50k views but suddenly my videos started getting nothing. Barely 5 likes and views 0-10 (the most viewed one 80 views). I don't really know what can be...
  15. Lycrid

    Hashtag reach sometimes goes 0 and I want to understand why

    Hello everyone! I am glad I found this community and will do my best to become a part of it. I am an artist with 12k followers, I post twice a day (and around 7 storys) and got 20-30 daily organic growth. I use Hashtastic and a 28 ladder system for my hashtags. I change 2-4 hashtags per post...
  16. sadbruhmoments

    What's the fastest way to find content for Instagram?

    I found a niche where I want to post often, but making every post by myself is a time waster. Is there any way I can download the most liked posts in a specific hashtag? Or some kind of mass downloader from Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram? I mean, I want to have a lot of things to post, but I don't...
  17. OcrAft

    Hashtags On TikTok / Limits + Viral Diminishing

    Hey Fam, what's good? So, as we all gettin deeper n deeper into tiktok, i started asking myself some questions about Hashtags and limits, like: Whats the hashtag limit per post? Whats the ideal number of hashtags per post? The more the better? Trending hashtags + highest volume hashtags...
  18. Floccer

    Wordpress to twitter

    Hi there I got my site running and doing posts. It has featured image and link. I use wp automatic to fetch those. I post to twitter using ifttt and its working but i would like to add hashtags and this is buggin me. If i change ifttt app where i add hashtags i haven't been able to add...
  19. R

    Should you always switch up hashtags?

    Hey guys. So I have a set of 30 hashtags that I use everytime on my posts because these hashtags give me good engagement and I get ranked on the top posts of most of these hashtags. Now I have been reading about the hashtag shadowban thing and it’s said that Instagram could shadow ban you if you...
  20. pandorumx


    you guys like if i developed a instagram hashtag details find sites ?