How to compile a massive list of hashtags from Instagram/Twitter with Scrapebox (or other tool)?

Jun 6, 2018
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Hello, like the title says I'm trying to create a huge list of hashtags from Instagram/Twitter to later analyze and find out which ones are the most popular.

I need a lot of volume so ideally I'd like to have tens or even hundreds of thousands if possible so I can then find out which ones return the most search results on Google.

I wonder if there is a way I could extract those hashtags using Scrapebox, and if so how? It doesn't really matter if they come from Instagram or Twitter as long as I find a way to create a massive list.

Also if there is an alternative or a better way than using Scrapebox like a hashtag scraper please let me know. All I could find were hashtag scrapers that would extract posts from hashtags, not actual hashtags from social media.

I did some research on Google and didn't find much besides lists of a few hundred hashtags or generators that only generate 50-200 hashtags at a time.