1. Seo Seigneur


  2. boltoslav

    Looking for SEO Backlinks for POLISH websites

    Hello, I have three websites for which I need high-quality backlinks specifically from Poland on a monthly basis. If you happen to be fluent in Polish, that would be an added advantage as you would actually understand the language. Please post your offer below. Thank you!
  3. br1go

    [HIRING] We need to build a strong backlinks profile for a CBD store

    I need to build a strong backlinks profile for our CBD store. I've been buying strong and powerful backlinks from highly reputable resources for a while. But I feel that we are slower than our competitors. Looking for your offers. No skype please, only DM here.
  4. kurosaki4d

    Can I use the same backlinks for my other site?

    Hello everybody, I currently run an affiliate website, and it currently has over +100 backlinks. So, working on a new site right now (older than 1 year), I'm wondering if I can start the link building campaign using 50% of the backlinks used in the previous site? Can I do that? Is it safe to...
  5. kurosaki4d

    Question about my Backlinks

    Hello all, I'm in the IT niche, and I'm currently acquiring a lot of "Haro" links from sites in "Marketing/Business" niches pointing to my homepage. Having said that, will that hurt my SEO if 95% of my site's links are Haro links closely related like the above? Thanks
  6. kurosaki4d

    Question about Backlink Acquisition

    Hi Everyone, I'm running a second site, but without any backlinks, I'm ranking for some money pages. However, it's going really slowly. So, I'm thinking of starting doing Haro, so if I start doing it and I increase my DA site, can I stop afterwards the Haro link building without any risk? I'm...
  7. kurosaki4d

    Question about "Backlink Exchange"

    I've been doing backlinking for a while now, and so far so good. However, one authority site asked for a "direct backlink exchange", can I go for it? I know that this direct link exchange is against google terms, however, is it safe to do this just once?
  8. kurosaki4d

    Question about HARO

    Hello there, I'm using Haro to acquire some backlinks for my site. In order for me to choose the ideal sites that will lift up my site authority and not the opposet. I'm wondering, do you look for any specific metrics before pitching to sites? Like Checking DR, etc... What kind of metrics do...
  9. kurosaki4d

    Is it Safe to do Link-exchange ?

    Hello there, I've been carefully doing Link building "white-hat" from some good sites for over a year now, and so far it's been successful. Along the way, I've had a few opportunities for acquiring links from some pretty big good sites. However, they were asking for "direct link exchange". (no...
  10. kurosaki4d

    Question about Sponsored post (backlinking)

    Hello everyone, I recently wrote a guest post for a big site in order to get a backlink from them. However, they're saying that they must mention the article as "sponsored". If it's mentioned as sponsored, will that be seen against the terms of Google as being a paid link? Is it safe to go...
  11. kurosaki4d

    Question about backlinking

    Hello everyone, I've been using "HARO" for my backlinking campaign, and so far it's been going well. I've acquired multiple backlinks to my homepage with "the same anchor text", which is my website's name. So my question is: if I keep using the same anchor text for all those acquired...
  12. kurosaki4d

    Multiple backlinks from same site

    Hello BHW members :) In the process of a backlinking campaign, one of the sites that I outreached to is a big one. Basically, they offer around 3 do-follow backlinks for the guest-post. I thought 3 backlinks to my site coming from the same article might seem suspicious to Google, so I figured...
  13. kurosaki4d

    Question about Backlinking

    Hello, I have a "2nd site" that I started Last July, currently, it has 50+ articles, some of them are ranking on Page 1. (no backlinks yet) So I'm wondering, is it too early to start a "Haro" backlinking campaign? If I can start Haro, can I interrupt whenever I want? Or do I have to keep up...
  14. 4ry4n

    [Question] What to select in ScrapeBox Harvester menu in order to find open comment sections?

    Hello, I have been teaching myself to use ScrapeBox but I can't figure out what I should select in these two menus under harvester in order to find open comment section on pages: Regards,
  15. 4ry4n

    [Question] What makes for a good 1st tier backlink webpage?

    Hello! I was thinking if I could use my editorial backlinks and guest posts as good first tiers for a backlink pyramid. My guest post and editorial backlink pages which point to my domain have 100s of internal links as well as many external links other than which point to my site (to their...
  16. kurosaki4d

    Question about backlinks

    Hello there, I have Site N#1 that's doing good, it has multiple backlinks. On the other hand, I have another Site N#2, for which I would like to add new backlinks. My question is it ok to use the same backlinks that I used on my Site-1 and acquire them again for my Site-2 ??? Knowing that...
  17. kurosaki4d

    Question about big DA sites

    Hello BHW members :) In the process of going through a backlinking campaign, I have a question about a couple of big DA sites. I would like to know if the following sites offer "do-follow" backlinks or not? Because, lately I was under the impression that...
  18. 4ry4n

    [Question] Would buying a dozen of EDU backlinks help with my E-commerce website DA?

    Hello everyone, I had a quick question, if I have an e-commerce website that sells tech, would buying lets say 10 to 20 backlinks from EDU domains help my authority in any significant form? If so, is it dangerous if these backlink all appear at once over a period of couple of days? should I...
  19. 4ry4n

    [Question] Can I use tools like GSA directly pointing to my main Domain?

    Hello, To clarify, I saw somewhere people saying that using GSA directly to rank my main business site is dangerous and that it is a must to use secondary domains that point to the main domains. Is that true? If so, what should I fill these secondary domains with and can someone send me an...
  20. kurosaki4d

    Do Misspelled domains carry any link juice?

    Hi BH members :) Recently, I started buying multiple domains that each one have a backlink from a big site. Each of these domains are "misspelled" aka "typosquatting", and I redirect those domains to a some of my articles that I like to push in ranking. So, my question is do these links have...
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