website security

  1. dennischen

    Dicussing About Clickjacking Vulnerability

    Recently, I received a report that my website is infected by malicious. After doing research. Here is information about it. What is Click Jacking Vulnerability? 1.Click Jacking (User Interface redress attack, UI redress attack, UI redressing) is a malicious technique of tricking a Web user...
  2. Digital Pro

    Interesting Read For Anyone Using

    I ran across this article this morning. It's being shared as an intent as a note of caution, however, it could provide ideas at the same time. It shows how lax some of these websites are with peoples information...
  3. HenryObi

    How Can I Block Bot Traffic Coming To My Site?

    for a couple of days I've been noticing bot traffic from coming to my site How do you think I can effectively block it on my site? Thanks
  4. Purush

    [TOOL] - Check your website security

    come across the below website for checking security aspects of the website. Looks like great tool and pretty famous too.
  5. Ben Thomas

    My Website got Suspended due to Malicious software

    Hi there, I m right now in trouble. My website is got suspended 2nd time right now. The website is for UAE based business and since yesterday it got suspended. It's is suspended by UAE top domain name and hosting provider Etisalat. Look what I got a message for Etisalat Hello, At this time...
  6. R1ckS4nch3z

    How to provide customers website protection?

    I have never experienced a malware until now, my hosting provider noticed me an issue and ToS violation, so they were about to suspend my account, it wasn't though one to clear by simply deleting the whole website :anyway: anyway, it wasn't an important website anyway so... but then I have...
  7. Asif A Khan LONDON

    Is WordPress Secure?

    WordPress is one of the most high-profile open source CMS's in use today. Being that 60% of all CMS websites use Wordpress, and 31% of all websites on the Internet use it, it's safe to say that it's a frequent target of security exploits. The subject of whether WordPress is secure or not has...
  8. RandomX

    Is Your Website Theme Safe????

    Dear Friends, I Found this website to check whether your theme file is safe or not. You May or may not Know this website. So you can check the file before upload or install it. website - Thank you
  9. F

    Infected hosting account

    Hi All, My hosting company has just been made me aware that my hosting account has been infected and i need it sorted out straight away. i dont have a clue exactly what to do and looking for someone who can resolve the issue. message hosting company sent is below, i tried asking for help but...
  10. 530inc

    What's best for SEO? or simply

    So, I wanted to build a blog on a site to get some more "notoriety" and do all the good stuff that big G wants us to do. However, the web guy told me that for security reasons it's better to make a subdoomain or buy a new domain (and I tend to agree since the main site is pretty well reputed and...
  11. healzer

    Secure your Business || Website Security || Analysis || Threat Management || W3Shield

  12. ramtripper

    Maximizing Website Security Against Attacks and Hackers??!!

    Guys, one of my main sites was recently hacked into by a competitor and all the files in the root were edited to redirect my site a malicious offshore site. This was done to make the search engines drop my site's rankings to fuck knows where from page 1, page 2. I dont want this ever...