1. F

    Title and description of the product page in question

    When you have a lot of products in your mall website, how do you write descriptions and titles for them? I currently think of them one by one myself + ChatGPT rewrites them, but this is too slow and I have many of the same products. Also the content generated by ChatGPT feels exactly the same...
  2. M

    Title tag too long with site name at the end?

    Hi all, I use Yoast to append my site name after my post titles. As a result, my title tags look like this: Come And Read My Beautiful New Post - My Site Name I just noticed that my site name at the end makes the title tag too long on many of my posts. So, should I just remove the "- My...
  3. A

    Clickbait title generator ?

    Hi folks, I have a particular request. I have no problem writing content, except for making titles. Do you know of any tools that would allow you to generate titles that are a bit racy, based on text or keywords?
  4. L

    How to fix these issues

    Remove duplicate or additional meta description tags Try to reduce the number of used JavaScript files. website url : shorturl.at/fhwxP
  5. L


    Hello i have more then 800 products images i want to fill all images title alt captions descriptions please need some suggestions what should i write in all these Thank You
  6. tarjo suparjo

    help me to fix this

    can you help me solve this? my website have title <title>Toko Batik Online 2020 - Batik Solo Modern</title> in SERP that reads only my brand i want on SERP like this
  7. Shropdog

    Ecom store lost all titles and meta descriptions and has been for 2 weeks

    As the title suggests, I have a shopify ecommerce store that somehow has lost all its titles and descriptions from every page. It looks like it's been like this for about 2 weeks. What's the best course of action here, how do I add these all back quickly whilst maintaining the original title...
  8. DARKO666

    google title shows different titles on each keyword

    Example when I search site:domain.com it shows the correct title When I search site name it shows domain.com as title when I search domain + keyword it shows correct title domain.com is a example I am giving since I don't wish to disclose my url Thanks in advance
  9. Cinyko

    How does this video have the views in the title?

    Does anyone have an idea how this guy is showing the exact views that the video has in the title of this one? It must be some kind of YouTube API that shows the number in real time, but how?
  10. D

    How to locate images without "ALT" and without "title"

    first of all, sorry for my english Well, I m working on a website wich has more than 1200 pages, and some of them have images without those atributes that I ve mentioned... so here is the question, there are any way to locate them? I mean without doing it manually, because its to much time...
  11. ContentWriter

    How to Write Intriguing Content Titles That Rank

    Your content's title is the first thing that your potential customers would read. It would make them decide whether they'd visit your website or just browse for other articles. The ranking part is quite easy. The most important rule is to include your main keyword to it (like, hello, this is...
  12. C

    [Question]Youtube keywords and title

    Hey guys, I recently got into the game hacks niche, made a landing page, made a video about a certain game, and my question is: Does youtube block or ghost the video if it has the words "hack" or "cheat" as keywords or in the title? Because I see some videos on youtube that contain those words...
  13. SERPsim

    A new title and meta optimizer that actually works!

    Hey guys! Thought I should let you know about a tool I recently put together that I think you might like. It's called SERPsim and is the most accurate title and meta optimizer in existence updated with the latest pixel based limits. It also has some pretty cool features: Download title and...
  14. gagarin12

    How better make meta-tag titles in a site catalog?

    My website is catalog houseplants. Every houseplant is a separate page. I made a pattern for meta-tag titles: !Name of houseplant - Plant Care Instructions Example: Dracaena - Plant Care Instructions (whatflower.net/houseplant/dracaena/) Where first part "Name of houseplant" change, but...
  15. ContentWriter

    How Helpful is a Click Bait Title?

    Hi, everyone! I have been using "click-baity" titles and they have somehow helped me create traffic for my website. I would like to know if there was ever an instance when your post was rejected by Facebook because of being to "click-baity." Your thoughts are highly appreciated. Phoebe
  16. Lion_Heart

    Plan to have SERP title and description changed in the future

    We use Wordpress for our websites and we also use Yoast SEO plugin. In some cases, for some of our pages, we know in advance that we will change the SERP title/description into something else in the future. For example: It is now monday. On saturday, a new update will be posted on our page...
  17. G

    Youtube title

    Hi amigos! Need your advise. About 4 weeks ago, I've changed the title for 1 of my youtube video - but I still can't see it changed on google serps... I've clean history/cookies & checked on few devices - some aren't mine at all Anyone familiar with such issue? what can I do?
  18. G

    Youtube title

    Hi amigos! Need your advise. About 4 weeks ago, I've changed the title for 1 of my youtube video - but I still can't see it changed on google serps... Anyone familiar with such issue? what can I do? Tnx!
  19. KraftyKyle

    [SUGGESTION] Require Sales Thread Titles to Be Relevant!

    One of the recurring things I've been seeing is click bait BST threads... I think it would be a great idea to require sales threads to have relevant titles instead of titles that sound like method names... When I post, I almost always have something prepended to the title [SUGGESTION]...
  20. gman777

    Ranking change with theme

    With a free theme, I managed to get in the 3rd to 5th place. However, after I changed my theme, the ranking dropped to 9th place, and it's staying there. Keyword density seems to be same for both themes, but there is a difference in keywords number. Anybody has a clue? Also, my theme places...
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