1. RatSeaExclusive

    What is your best business model?

    I feel like shiny object syndrome is taking my life away. I have a constant feeling of thinking about something much better than what I do right now. There is a struggle for me to take action for a long term because I believe I won't find: - A relatively effortless business - In which I got...
  2. nouveauriche

    Productivity tips to kill procrastination and some random wisdom

    1) Never say "i should", always say "i must". 2) Deadlines, you need deadlines for everything so that you see that you have less and less time available. 3) Visualize deadlines with countdown timers, buy a huge countdown timer (i have a 100 day countdown timer, you need to see that go from 99...
  3. Djigit

    How do you stay motivated and focused?

    Hey guys! I'm new to BHW but have heard of this site before. My friend always used to talk about it before. So let me get straight to the point. I'm a 20-year-old University Student. I first heard of IM when I was 16 years old. I tried out everything I came across. Everything failed. 3 months...
  4. H

    How do you guys deal with procrastination?

    Hi guys, I been trying to start my projects, however, always end up procrastinating. My longest stint of procrastination has been just over a year, and it sucks because I feel like I've achieved nothing. My issue is I am always distracted, youtube, games, sleep, gym and everything but working on...
  5. RooT-00

    Distraction, Procrastination = broke

    Hi guys, I just need some suggestions to help me with procrastination I have a low level of stamina and this caused me a lot of failures. I never started a project and ended it. I'm failing at the college because of this too. I'm really distracted, have ZERO motivation, And I'm totally...
  6. Jay Simpson

    Let's see your pets : )

    Please note, I'm in my housecoat to keep cat hair off me before I go back to fiance's place & that cardboard was shipping package cushion I'm too lazy to recycle even though the recycling is 40ft outside my appt door & don't even have to take to road & not filled with powder cereal in the bottom...
  7. MehdiBmm

    What Of A Procrastinator I Am..

    I am crazy and dumb, maybe both. I have two websites which are doing great when it comes to traffic, they still don't generate a stable income but I just need to work and produce content and I am just not doing it. I study the French language in university actually and I'll have exams in May...
  8. hasan7707

    Studies - Can you help me stay on track??

    Exams in 4 months, haven't prepared well. Since I started my authority site, I've seen my focus turning drastically towards computer and procrastination. Before the exam nights, I promise myself, after giving the exams this time, I'll start studying my face off. And when I'm done giving the...
  9. JouvanJohnson

    play this 1 game and make money

    I wonder if I have stumbled on a game that can guarantee online success... We will soon find out and you will be the judge but I'm not sure if anyone can 100% guarantee anything in life... well other than that you're going to die at some point but that's not what this thread is going to be...
  10. grax1

    Basic Guide To Proper Work Ethic And Productivity For Making Money Online

    I know there are many people out there who work hard to make money online. Many of them struggle a lot and choose the wrong approach simply because they lack experience in getting things done the right way. I'm one of them, I'd love to say "I used to be" but it would be far from the truth. I...
  11. R

    newly diagnosed adhd and IM- any tips? successful adhders? (I have a business plan)

    Hi All, So I know there will be quite a few posts saying how adhd doesn't exist, it was created to sell pills, etc, etc. Go ahead and post! I'm just letting you know you will be wasting your time. To anyone with adhd--- try not to let posts like that get you down. :) I've been a lurker on...
  12. oni3350

    4 Cures for Chronic Procrastination

    I am a chronic procrastinator! Was reading Young Entrepreneur and came across this article, its actually helped me and I thought id share it here. 1. Narrow your focus. Procrastinators often spend too much time looking at the big picture, so a project can seem overwhelming. ?They see the...
  13. Blueprint

    Procrastination Help & Pioritisation

    Hi guys, i've checked out tons of threads and have had 1,000's of ideas, my main issue is procrastination! I love to browse the web and indeed this forum and have come up with many other solutions to make serious money, but the issue is actually doing it! I spend too much time downloading the...
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