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    Hi guys, i've checked out tons of threads and have had 1,000's of ideas, my main issue is procrastination! I love to browse the web and indeed this forum and have come up with many other solutions to make serious money, but the issue is actually doing it! I spend too much time downloading the downloads and never using them, also reading loads of success but not doing it myself.

    I have about 10 unfinished projects, but need to prioritise. I downloaded "the action machine" from here, which is a GREAT program to help force you to get things done, however, it'd be nice to get some tips and stories of some of the more successful black hatters and how they go about

    1: prioritising projects - there is SOOO much you can do here, and so little time.

    2: Organising time - I work 9-5 and have a 2nd weekend job I go to the gym a hell of a lot and also do out of work activities so I have very little "free" time to do my IM so need to focus on my main goals.

    3: Focus - How do you collect focus? I tend to drift at work, although I am good at what I do, I find it hard to focus on stuff at work I dream of what I could be doing for myself and end up reading stuff about others successes where as I am the one that wants to leave the day job and do this full time!

    I am a very driven person and have what it takes to succeed. I used to compete at an international level in sports. But now i am a bit "scatter brain" with 100's of ideas and projects in my head, but weeks and months tick by and it's perpetual work and live. All recommendations and help would be great.

    Thanks guys
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    1 prioritisation isn't a science, you do it how you see fit. If you do it wrong you learn and re-adjust. Pick one thing, try it, if it doesn't work out, move on. One thing at a time!

    2. make time or drop im, they are the only 2 choices. if you feel im is worth it.. drop other activities. I would love to spend all day in the gym then fuck my girlfriend, then go for a drink with friends but life doesn't work like that. If i have to spend 20 hours on my pc to make my wages and people hate me for it, fuck them. I dont bitch at them for spending 10 hours in an office.

    3. Focus comes with practice, im 30 and i still have probs with focus. its like a muscle, the more you use your focus the more powerful and constructive it becomes.

    I am like you, a scatter brain, i want to try a bit of everything and i get pissed when it all doesnt work out. I still aint learned my lesson but i am forcing myself to focus on 1 area of interest. I have set a limited time to achieve some success, if i fail i move on.

    PROCRASTINATION is my master tho, i hate it and i fight it but i cant escape it. But im self employed so if i want to look at boobs on the internet when i should be working the i will, as long as i bust my nut quickly my productivity wont suffer too much.

    Organisation, motivation, determination, dedication.. force yourself to adhere to these principles and you can achieve pretty much anything.
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    Procrastination: A realistic look.

    There are too types:

    "Fear of Failure" procrastination - when you put it off to be safe from failure.
    CAUSE: Don't need to be more unhappy than already are
    CURE: Remembering that "Not trying" = 100% certainty of no success.

    "YouTube is more fun that work" procrastination - when you tube instead.
    CAUSE: The project is too big to finish in one sitting.
    CURE: Break it down into smaller tasks. Micro, even. Do each at behest.
    Check them off as you go. Work in SMALL amounts of time - 10 to 20 minutes.

    CAUSE: Don't feel like working - No boss to drive you forward
    CURE: The LIST (see above) will need to be your new boss.

    Starting, Not Finshing projects: A realistic look.

    FUX You get stuck and can't move forward on one.
    FIX You outsource that part on BHW

    FUX You abandon one for another new one ...then another replaces it.
    Get a business card holder binder insert ( or a few! ) that holds 10 cards per page.
    List all your projects on biz card size papers, one each.
    Arrange them in PROFIT/ LONG SHOT and NOW/LATER or EASY/HARD
    ...whatever ...
    and pick 2 or three (Mr. A.D.D.) to work on for that week.
    By the end of the week, you'll be able to toss a piece of paper out
    that you didn't work on ...because you'll embrace that it is a waste of

    This file system also works well when doing many similar projects.
    You can list the steps/actions each takes to do ( 10 of them - due 10 slots per page )
    and work off that list you don't forget stuff ...
    ...and , for example, if you have several similar projects,
    you do all your photoshop or video stuff all at once ( = 1 setup/teardown)
    and all your blogging or article writing all at once
    and all your posting all at once

    ... that way you progress on 3 projects, Mr. A.D.D., like me.

    I CANNOT focus on one topic for long. Call it ADD or 169 IQ Curse.
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    Prioritization, procastination.. well, you have to look at reality my friend. Look at all the issues in your life that you have to fix. You can even exaggerate them just so you can scare yourself to working your ass off. my 2 cents
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    This is a great idea, thanks for this! + thanks given!

    I like the idea of the physical and breaking down the projects into small "doable" bite size chunks. The problem with entrepreneurial people (like most people on here) is that we all want to do everything, it's nice to see that the same people have the same personality traits on here.

    The problem with the internet is that it gives you the idea you can do everything - which indeed you can - but not all at once like SpaceInvader said "One thing at a time" thanks guys, I REALLY appreciate the input and time you spent to help!

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    Any further help on this a few months on?