1. B

    Crypto promotion

    I'm looking for someone with a good record of in telegram shilling. I need some massive TG shilling to get more active members in my TG pre launch
  2. rxnaldo

    [JV] My business idea + your traffic/skills

    ¡¡Hey BHW!! I am looking for help for a project that i would like to start, preferably i am looking for someone who knows how to code php,laravel,python... and could collaborate in making the project a reality in exchange for a percentage of the profits It is a long-term project idea, so i am...
  3. B

    If you had to start a business right now, what would it be?

    I started 1 year ago with the theme of making mini projects but none of them ever worked, and now I want to create a large project that I can dedicate a lot of time to since I am on vacation and have free time, but for the last 2 weeks I have been looking for projects/businesses to start but...
  4. FreakOut50

    Join Our Team to Launch Crypto related Projects - Marketing Experts Wanted!

    We're forming a dynamic team to launch exciting crypto projects and achieve financial success. Seeking marketing experts who are passionate about crypto. Join us in shaping the future! Interested? DM or reply to this post with your experience and why you'd be a valuable addition. Let's launch...
  5. B

    (HIRING) Python Developer With Experience In OpenAI + Langchain + Vector Databases

    This is a job for someone who is ACTUALLY capable of understanding my requirements. The project: An 'infinite memory' chatbot that uses GPT-4 API(I do have access to it). The bot should be able to: 1. Remember past conversations 2. If I feed it code, it should be able to remember it properly...
  6. D

    Need help with NFT project marketing

    My team has an amazing NFT project thanks to our amazing artists, although we are needing help with the marketing aspect of things. Looking for someone who is willing to work on our team with equally split sales and royalties amongst team members.
  7. P

    Need Full Stack C# Developer

    We need a full stack C# developer, please inbox if you can fulfill the following requirements: Github Profile Knowledge of web scraping and selenium Knowledge of C# plus any JavaScript library Microsoft Certification is a bonus I will share the document of project requirement specification...
  8. xDonDraper

    Looking for a coder - Python & Selenium

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to code me with python and selenium something to automate sign-ups on a website. I'll give you more information on PM. DM me with your telegram/discord or let's just talk here on PM.
  9. dieuetlefer

    How have users

    Hello, I've create a meeting website and I need users but ads are too expensive. How start my business, get more users ? Thanks in advance
  10. lumiux

    How do you manage multiple websites?

    Hi, The reason I'm posting this is that I am having a difficult time managing 4 websites. I would like to know how you guys manage your multiple websites, How to you guys distribute your time effectively, and become more productive. The work I do on those websites are brainstorming and creating...
  11. Nw_Work

    Need few innovative ideas for boosting current selling level of cinnamon to other countries

    Cool ideas that can make sales higher using different methods by implementing new product ideas which can result in long term benefits. This is for a project for a friend not for a business lol. Drop your ideas if you have free time Best Regards, NW
  12. KJREDDY247@

    Closing First 6 Figure Deal-Experience?

    Well, that's Kind of Clickbait. I just want to hear from some of those big guys experiences What age you guys closed your first 6 figure deal? What is the biggest pressure went through to close the first 6 figure deal How long did you spend in the same field to close the first deal How did...
  13. Heiko

    [DISCUSSION] When do you decide to stop/end a project you are working on?

    Hi! I've had this in my mind for quite a while now. We, as entrepreneurs/IM'ers always have to deal with failure, for the most part, our inventions/projects don't work out because of: "lack of time", "not passionate enough" etc. - But i was always wondering if there is a perfect time to say to...
  14. C

    Reverse Engineers wanted! Long-term possibility

    Greetings, My team and I are looking for experienced Reverse Engineers looking for extra work. The task is to convert a singleplayer simulator to multiplayer. The problem is that we are creating a multiplayer modification as a team of fans, not the actual game creators. That being said, we do...
  15. peter_griffin

    Project Idea: I need your opinion.

    Hi guys, I have a project and would like to know your opinions. It's about a plugin for online shops. The behavior of users is tracked. The system works like that, say, the user has been on the site for 7 minutes and is looking at the products. For that he gets% 10 coupon. Of course, the longer...
  16. Martin Hagen

    Internal linking advice

    Hi everyone! Currently setting up a new website for our already existing business. I have it set up with a blog to rank for keywords, and I also have a section on our page for our previous projects. I was planning on linking all the project categories to its related blog article. Since there...
  17. Heiko

    When your starting a new project.... Do you outsource everything or do the work yourself?

    Hello everyone... Sometimes i've been kinda struggling to keep up with my projects and i was wondering... for those that already have some startup capital, and some sucessful projects. How do you go about new projects? Do you set up the plan, and outsource everything or do you do the dirty work...
  18. TigerShadow

    Looking for an App builder(s)

    My company resells dietary supplements directly from manufacturer and we would like to have an app for our customers to use, I was looking at either getting multiple freelancers/VA's to work on different aspects of the app so that no one person would bottle neck the process or get a single...
  19. J

    My ICO journey

    Hi, guys! I am creating my own platform and crypto currency. Here is my documentation of journey I will go through next few months. I will try to update daily, however if not, then don't be mean to me. :) About project: Time Money will create an integrated platform where people can provide...
  20. Md Siddik

    need someone to scrape email

    I need someone who can scrape [ad] emails example : example[ad] I need as much can you can daily but they must be real and not randomly created accounts. what is your price for 500 email scrape? Only ask for payment first if you are JR VIP or higher ranked. my skype ...
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