1. tattooedbuddha

    [GUIDE] How to 10X Your Productivity - Get Less DISTRACTED and Become HYPERFOCUSED

    (all images in the thread are made by me, feel free to download and use them.) This guide will tell you how to focus your attention and increase your productivity Basically, a guide on getting shit done. Does any of this apply to you? You get distracted easily You endlessly refresh pages in a...
  2. E pluribus unum

    Scroll and focus to field

    Hi, could you help me? From this page I'm trying to scroll and focus to "N. inventario". I have this script to focus the field, but I would like it to autoscroll about 2 cm above the position to which it leads: focusme = document.querySelector('#DetailsOpen_Array04 > div > label:nth-child(2)...
  3. bitrexF

    What you watch/listen when you work IM or when you go to sleep?

    Usually I play some loved songs on youtube when work, but lately I started to listen some nature sounds. This intrigue me and as test I done something my own and publish it on youtube. Just for fun. Guys tell me do you like it and share your work.
  4. Hunter Carlisle

    How do you stay focused?

    Recently I’ve been not working on much on projects, I find myself just laying around or watching Netflix. I find every 6-8 months I’ll do this for a couple weeks and it really hurts my productivity. It’s like I am hunting for my next dopamine hit, I still get somethings done but I can’t sit down...
  5. M

    How to stay focused?

    I really try to stay focus but I lose track all the time with so many distraction's, I was wondering what helped you guys with learning whether its SEO or YouTube. Do you have a certain pattern so you dont over work yourself, I often find myself getting lost in all the information.
  6. Amoled

    Anyone had experience with Nootropics?

    I hope this isn't against the rules, but probably shouldn't.... Anyone ever took Nootropics, and has experience, positive or negative? Thinking about getting some N-Acetylcysteine or Huperzine A for more Focus and Memory function.
  7. MatyasKorcak

    Million dollars question - where I should put my focus for next 10-20 years in making "easy" money

    What business would you focus on, taking into account the expected development and direction of investment in a particular area? What business do you think is the most promising? Which Are You Going to Make The Most Money For Adequate Work? There is a lot of work where you can get up to death...
  8. MehdiBmm

    Buyer intent keywords

    Hey pals, I've got a multi-lingual website that has three languages, Arabic, French and Spanish and wanted to know what are the buyer keywords for each specific language. I know, it's going to be long so let me be precise, when people search for a coupon and a discount on a product, how they...
  9. tompots

    Millionaire Productivity Habits

  10. ShiningWarrior

    What makes you stay FOCUSED and ENERGETIC?

    Hi, kinda wanted to discuss with my fellow mates here about how do you stay focused and energetic throughout the day? Nowadays, I get tired and lazy for nothing. I always feel tired throughout the day after waking up in the morning and NOT energetic. This happens because I'm behind some bills...
  11. Crusage

    How to stay in focus?

    Any of you got tips on how i can stay in focus on what im doing? Cause sometimes i want to make games , sometimes i just want to play games with friends, sometimes i want to animate, sometimes i want to make special video effects, sometimes i wanna make youtube videos (Real content and not to...
  12. gman777

    It feels like a switcher

    So I really don't know to explain this well in words, but I feel like I have at least 2 modes, that give me a different perception of reality. I haven't felt like this since in April I believe, when I started my retarded rampage. From there, I took a different path, at least on BHW. So...
  13. Bishal Karki

    I want to build a business online

    Ya, i am eager to learn and understand how online money making system works so that i can practice it in reality. I was introduced to online money making ideas or system 3 years but still I'm in confusion or incomplete. But one thing, i have learnt over this perod of time is that to ear money...
  14. Noah Hawryshko

    12 Tricks I Use to Do Efficient Internet Marketing Work with ADHD

    Hey BlackHatWorld, Just realized I hadn't shared these, so here you go! Feel free to add in any tips and tricks that have worked for you: 1. Log out of, silence, and block the notifications of everything related in any way to your personal life. Log out of Facebook, uninstall messenger, turn...
  15. moosicles

    What do you do to stay focused?

    What tools/tips/tricks do you use to stay focused and in the zone during the grind? Anything from listening to music to Pomodoro techniques ect. I want to know what works for you.
  16. Blueprint

    Procrastination Help & Pioritisation

    Hi guys, i've checked out tons of threads and have had 1,000's of ideas, my main issue is procrastination! I love to browse the web and indeed this forum and have come up with many other solutions to make serious money, but the issue is actually doing it! I spend too much time downloading the...
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