Million dollars question - where I should put my focus for next 10-20 years in making "easy" money


Mar 24, 2018
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What business would you focus on, taking into account the expected development and direction of investment in a particular area? What business do you think is the most promising? Which Are You Going to Make The Most Money For Adequate Work? There is a lot of work where you can get up to death, but you do not even pay for the rent.

On the other hand, there are plenty of ways to make easy money and invest it.

What do you think is the most promising field where exponential growth and pareto principle can be used in the next 10-20 years? Fun? Education? Finance? Real estate ? Technology? Specific niche?

I would like to raise an interesting discussion on this topic. I will be very happy for every link to an article or literature that you think is of any interest to this topic.

Thank you and I wish all the many successes!
Solar panel installation!

It's a skill set that anybody can learn and can be focused. For instance, one guy in my local area started a solar panel installation company that focuses on installing panels to power pool pumps.

Start small and scale up like always, and figure out unique ways to upsell to your customer. Installing solar panels is a one time thing, but there are potentially products that you can provide in the future to them :)
Blockchain technology, not in the sense of gambling with cryptocurrency but the development of the infrastructure will be huge.
IA, DNA editing and nanotech

There is no "easy" way to make real money but you can always found the "easiest" way
There are things like real estate which will always be huge earners if you put in the amount of effort and you're good at them.

But for the future - I'd say cryptocurrency or quantum computers.
I'd say something related to AI.
I'm not talking about talking robots and stuff.
That'll take over the world pretty soon.
sales sales sales. whatever you do this industry is money making program and always will be a lucrative business. you can sell online or offline in multiple ways but it's never going to stop.
First I have to say this is one of the best threads I have seen. I bet for Blockchain as a tech not for crypto, but also crypto as a side invest would make a good profit.

Tesla Hyperloop doesn't even exist but try to make a domain with taht SEO characteristics... Imposible, all bought. It may be a good bet. :cool:

The last one I believe cybersecurity will be a great assets for those who manage it well and know how to make money from it
No such thing "easy" money.
I believe that you should focus on 2 Projects. not more than that
You can try internet marketing. There are many ways to make money, like affiliate marketing and cpa
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