Basic Guide To Proper Work Ethic And Productivity For Making Money Online

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    I know there are many people out there who work hard to make money online. Many of them struggle a lot and choose the wrong approach simply because they lack experience in getting things done the right way.

    I'm one of them, I'd love to say "I used to be" but it would be far from the truth. I still learn and look for improvements as I'm conscious of my inadequacy (actually the tendency for me is - the more I spend time learning the more conscious of my inadequacy I become).

    Since I joined the online world to make some stable income, I made huge progress in terms of achieving my financial goals and gettings things done. But it wasn't always that way and I'm sure it's right to assume many of you face the same problem.

    You spend hours everyday in front of computer, but somehow you can't get the results you expected. You get too excited and act under emotions spending money on projects that you haven't really thought through. You waste your time on reading about too many different topics which leads you to confusion and constant distractions. As a result you are unable to actually focus on the right thing that has a potential to drive results that matter.

    It all happened to me, and it probably happened to you as well.

    Your biggest enemies that will keep you from achieving your financial goals are: (can be applied to other areas of your life - I focused on financial side to keep it relevant to the forum)

    • Procrastination
    • Lack of Discipline
    • Distractions

    Don't worry, it's in human nature to put things off, be trapped in the comfort zone and pay attention to stuff that doesn't matter.

    The key to winning the battle with this trio is developing proper strategy. While eating my cottage cheese I felt confident enough to give you some tips and show how to develop one that works (maybe I just should have keep eating though).

    Facing your problems

    First, let me introduce procrastination. No lofty words for this wrinkle. Simply put, it's one of the main reasons for not achieving your goals.

    If you keep saying yourself one day you will be the person you always wanted to be, all your dreams will come true, you will make impressing income online and have freedom to live your life the way you want to live it (instead of being 9-5 slave), and then you keep scrolling your facebook feed this is procrastination. If it happens daily, this is procrastination at it's finest.

    When I have a phase of being highly motivated - this tends to come after phase of heavily procrastinating - I feel overwhelmed by the fact that I wasted so much time. I made big commitments to myself and I knew how important it was for me to achieve the goals I set, still, for some reason I struggled with realizing my plan. Procrastination scored once again, and I had to leave the field with my head in shame.

    As I was losing that battle over and over again, I was becoming more and more conscious that one day, my regrets will be so big, they will kill me mentally.

    To express what I mean even more, I'd like to quote Oliver's Emberton words: "But one day, there will be tragedy you can't dodge. The gap between what you could have been, and what you have become".

    These words had such a huge impact on my way of thinking I even made a hippsta wallpaper with this quote in the middle - life-changing event, isn't it?

    No seriously, if you deeply think about it, it's so true and so moving.

    OK, let's get back to actually beating this issue.

    To-do list - most powerful list for your own grown

    To-do list are being discussed all over the internet, there are tons of examples how to create one, how to manage it and how successful people use it to keep going.

    My message to you - you have to start working with a to-do list. And you have to develop it the right way.

    Just having a to-do list, doesn't guarantee you getting things done. What's more it may lead you to even more procrastination. The key to taking the full advantage of this powerful method is to keep your list doable, simple and only filled with tasks that matter.

    If you will be addinng way more tasks than you are able to keep up with, you will end up completing none of them.

    Time blocking for focused working

    Sometimes, when I was excited about some project I could work 4 hours straight in front of PC, then I'd grant my bladder's request to go for a pee, took something to eat and get back to staring at the screen for hours.

    I know, if you are really excited you feel great just because of working on some project, completely ignoring the fact that your body wasn't meant to be treated that way.

    You have to accept the fact that there is limited amount of focused working you have each day. The rest is simply pretending to work that keeps you in the loop of spending your time on work that doesn't drive any significant results.

    What I recommend you is setting a few blocks of focused working. Between them you do breaks, have a walk, stretch, move around your room - simply do something not project-related and enjoy that break. Try out what works best for you - 30 min. / 5 min. or maybe 45 min. / 15 min. etc. There are many good variations, you just have to test it out for yourself.

    In order to take great advantage of work in focus, you have to clear all distractions and have an adequate workplace... which leads us to:

    Right workplace is the key

    I can't stress out how important it is for your productivity to keep your workplace clean and tidy. What I also recommend is keeping it minimalistic.

    When I'm talking about workplace, I mean it both online and offline.

    Let me start with online side, here are some things that tend to give you huge productivity boost (based on my personal experience):

    Working on dual monitors
    This is really huge. It makes your work so much more efficient. It lets you work faster, manage projects better etc. Many tasks require having multiple windows opened, if you have 2 screens, it becomes much easier. If I had to choose between 28-Inch screen and two 22-inch screens, I'd definitely choose the latter.

    Keeping your desktop and browser clear

    If you have a lot of icons on your desktop, plenty of bookmarks in your browser and countless tabs opened, keep in mind they will all fight for your attention. It will be impossible to stay focused on working. Keep your desktop distractions-free. I don't recommend any browser extensions that will notify you about new email, facebook shit and so on. Generally I don't recommend any notifications - you will check your stuff anyway, but you should do it only when you decide it's the right time.

    Now a few words regarding offline part of your workplace.

    As for now I work from home, in future I will have my own office, but I assume the majority of you works from home too. So I'll share my tips to making your room a really good workplace.

    Recently I renovated my room. Previously I had plenty of useless stuff, things I kept but didn't really use, thorough mess. If it was OK for donation, I donated it, if not, I threw it away.

    Right now I have one big wardrobe where I keep all the stuff I need, pretty large desk where I can work and bed.

    No racks, hanging cupboard, cabinet etc. Maybe it is just me, but I think having a lot of stuff in the room where you work is really overwhelming. Simply put, I recommend you clarity and having order in your room.

    Staying fit & healthy

    As last important factor in getting things done I'd like to tell you about things that don't involve the actual work on your projects, but are helpful to keep you highly productive.

    Avoiding sedentary lifestyle
    Your body was created to move, to sweat and to survive in dangerous environment. If you lead sedentary lifestyle in order to spend as much time on work as possible, you won't do any good in the long-term perspective.

    Find some time for working out, do some physical activity, take a walk everyday. Being fit and healthy has a huge impact on your body and mind. If you want to achieve your goals, you should strive for being the best version of yourself.

    Eating healthy
    Most of us know how important it is, then again a lot of us don't stick to it. In my personal experience, eating healthy significantly influenced my productivity. Why? Because before I started to eat healthy, I was eating unhealthy - thanks captain obvious, without your help it would be hard to figure it out.

    Eating healthy requires dedication and willpower. It teaches you how to make right choices you are not always comfortable with. Do you know why there is so many people that struggle with obesity? Because of today's food-like product and sedentary lifestyle. What's more scary is the fact that there are more obese people than there are hungry people. It proves that controlling your plates isn't simple, but once you learn how to do it, developing other habits will be much easier.

    This is the end of my little guide to becoming more successful and productive. Tips I included are really basic and probably already known for some of you. Then again, I thought it would be nice to give something back to the wonderful community on BHW.

    Thank you for spending your time to read my article, I really appreciate that. I hope it helps you in one way or another.

    If you have any useful productivity tips that help you to meet your target, please share it with us.


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    How sad it is that post like this has got no replies. Actually, it's more valuable than lot of these "$100 a day method noobs friendly" threads. Applying these principles into everyday life is the real key to success. Thank you!
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    I'm also suprised this one went unseen. Thanks for bringing this up ddederick, I missed that thread. :)

    Thank You grax for taking Your time and writing it all down. That's exacly how it usually looks like.

    That's one of the greatests quotes I've read:
    I've just put it on my wallpaper too.
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    I must have been off during this day cause this is a real valuable article, and it's what I keep telling newbies everyday.
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    really interesting advice.. about to read through it again actually
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    Thanks grx1, these principles are very good to achieve success! Very helpful!
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    Good list, would suggest adding finding a way to keep a positive mindset and then finding a way to balance things out so that you have a personal life if your grinding too much.