1. B

    Bored myself

    Hello everyone! I think I'm feeling pretty down lately. Just found this forum and have been lurking for a few weeks. Thought I'd start a thread. I haven't done any work for about 6 months. For some reason, I just can't find the motivation to work. I'm burning through my savings. If I keep this...
  2. MrZeem

    This Is My Best Quote, Drop Yours

    Sometimes remembering a QUOTE can motivate you and make you grind harder. I’ve seen so many people QUOTES but these ones hits me HARD whenever they comes to my mind "I want to tell you that the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror for a reason because what's in front of you is so...
  3. uhq

    How have you made your first $100 ONLINE? :D

    Hello, I'm here to open a discussion and hear your oppinions, and methods you used to make your first $100 ONLINE. You're open to talk about the businesses ventures you experienced, the businesses you did, how you accomplished to earn $100 online or just type what you did. I'm open to hear...
  4. S

    How do you deal with burn out?

    Curious about this because I've been reluctant to believe burn out is a real thing. But having come off the back of failing with 3 businesses in 2023. It seems my drive is at an all time low. I have more than enough reason to try make money online, to help my family etc but for some reason I...
  5. DozeX

    Motivation for SEO Warriors: Bounce Back Stronger After Google's November Update with Quality Content!

    Hi there fellow SEO warriors, I know that the recent Google November update has left many of us scratching our heads and feeling a bit disheartened about the state of our website rankings. It's frustrating to see our hard work seemingly unravel overnight. But before we dive into the depths of...
  6. uhq

    What are the biggest digital flips (personal) you have ever made? $$$$$$$

    Looking to sprout a conversation, would love to hear your stories. What is the biggest personal digital flip you’ve made in terms of an ROI? This is directed towards people who resell for a living. There are a lot of people who earn big money daily, and this would be a good inspiration for the...
  7. CallmeL

    Do You have a friend that PUSHES you for Success?

    Hey everyone! I've been looking for an SEO ( Study group) TO MOTIVATE each other into making SEO websites in a chatroom or voicechat. Is Anyone Starting or Doing this Journey and want to TEAM UP? We would be accountability partners so we can PUSH Each other EVERY DAY. Currently I am studying...
  8. MR.Spuf

    What good for personal development / financial / productive work podcasts you listen on Spotify

    I'll start first: 1. Relaxing White Noise for deep work and concentration 2. free audiobooks to kill some time when driving 3. Persistence - Life, Gym, Sport daily for motivational dose for success - for gym motivation or jog 4. Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu 5. The Tim Ferris Show 6. Huberman...
  9. Bozuyuk

    a little motivation

    i'm leaving a motivational word, if everyone left one, it might be useful for someone A year from now you may wish you had started today. -Karen Lamb.
  10. noellarkin


    It finally happened. Burnout. I've had my foot on the gas pedal with marketing since 2020 pretty much constantly, don't think I've taken a single day off other than when my dad was hospitalized last year. Taught myself marketing, SEO, browser automation, HTTP requests, social signal botting...
  11. Z


    "Every great achievement begins with a dream, but it takes unwavering dedication and relentless effort to turn that dream into reality. Remember, the road to success is often filled with obstacles, but it is in overcoming them that we truly discover our strength and resilience. Stay focused...
  12. Z

    Stay Motivated

    "Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. You have the power to achieve your dreams and overcome any challenges that come your way. Embrace the journey, stay determined, and let your passion ignite your path to success."
  13. Z


    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."
  14. ZarofimX

    Some motivation

    (not my video) just wanted to share some motivation guys...some of you might need it.
  15. K

    My Thoughts On How To Develop Self-Discipline

    Practice Self-discipline "All excellence involves discipline and tenacity of purpose". John W. Gardner. Okay, some people think self-discipline is extremely difficult and meant for the super-rich. But honestly, everyone has self-discipline at a point in time. Like when you decided to go to...
  16. K

    2 Under-estimated Qualities You'll Need To Create Your Own Opportunity

    Not to start the oblivious but; "Fortune favours the man who takes Bold and Optimistic steps." Our world is full of opportunities, and your ability to see and use them determines how you profit from life. Sometimes, opportunities come our way but we don’t see them because of our worries...
  17. georgetoons

    Thursday Motivational Post (My Story)

    Hi bhw fam! I wanted to make this post to hopefully spread some positivity and keep you all going! I started my online journey about 3 years ago now (i am currently 22 years old), 5 years ago I moved to Greece from Australia. The move was a big change in my life and it felt like I was starting...
  18. speedie

    Money doesn't buy happiness?

    How sweet to be this unhappy :D
  19. K

    One Thing I Do To Stay Happy And Positive

    One Thing I Do To Stay Happy And Positive This is one of my inventions(for myself of course) to stay happy. Though it is something most people already do. I called it my invention to stay happy because I usually got depressed, and had a mood swing problem. In my journey I discovered that...
  20. Whtbirch

    My first journey to $1,000 a month. What will come out of it?

    Hi everyone, Before I start my first journey, I'm going to share with you a little story of how I started making money online thanks to IM without having a penny in my pocket, as well as tell you about my minor successes that I managed to achieve by promoting affiliate offers. So, I started...
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