1. homchange

    I'd do whatever it takes

    Hi all, I'm a newbie. But I don't put some posts like "How can I make x amount of money?". I wanted to share some thoughts recently. You can imagine it's like we're chatting and drinking tea. I've spent many years getting my education done. Aka, I didn't have any experience in this real world...
  2. B

    Billionaire Motivation

    Don't just watch the video, TAKE ACTION. Hope you guys get some value from this shit.
  3. B

    [Motivation] Billionaires Give Advices

  4. B

    Thread about content creation

    Hey guys, there was a thread or a post, when someone wrote down an easy way to create content (motivational quotes) within 5 minutes. He discussed some website where they have a background Images available for using and they you can just type a quote over it. Does anyone know something like...
  5. Nekronomikon

    What are your Methods for Self Discipline and Motivation?

    Hello BHW, I'm at a very low point for several months now and I have a complete lack of self discipline. I only work 3 hours max before I get tired or distracted and it begins to really get on my nerves. What are your methods to wake up early every day and work with discipline and with your...
  6. socialmediamarketing0

    Where do you get your Motivation?

    Hi BHW, In lieu of waking up tired and relatively unmotivated today, I am curious what drives you all in working hard. I fear today I will end up doing the bare minimum but even that isn't too bad. At least I am doing something and everyone has these days. So....Where do you get your motivation?
  7. beastkay

    Learn and Earn - Don't walk like sheeps

    Hey BHWers, As the saying says it's never too late for learning. As everyone knows only learning will give you the earning, it is the only way you can generate income, most of the people nowadays are just looking for a way to execute it and make cash out of it, if that would be the case...
  8. tomrk

    Improve yourself with this one simple tip...

    "Learn how to learn" Unfortunately, our education system teaches us to simply memorize and regurgitate information. It can be compared to the eating disorder 'bulimia', school essentially force-feeds you information and you simply vomit it all out onto your exam. From a young age all you do is...
  9. Luca Jones

    Just Hit $3,000+ Sales On Fiverr in 1 Month [My Own Journey & Motivation]

    Hey guys! I just want to share some success and my own private journey that I was doing for myself. I basically started Fiverr as a side project and for only some extra income to the side. I started mostly this year, I created the account back in October 2019 but only started in January 2020...
  10. Danki

    Do you focus on one thing or many things at a time ?

    my friend told me that I should focus on one thing instead of many things at a time... I don't know why I can't do it, I feel like I'm going to waste my time if I don't focus on other things at a time, and also it's like a risky strategy if you focus on just one thing and at the end you fail on...
  11. prey24

    Calling out all the big boys!!

    Hey, I want to ask a simple question from people who are making enough money from IM that they are living a good life. What is that one thing that stops noobs/beginners to make big money? OR What is that one thing that we can eliminate from our behavior to get success in IM?
  12. Heiko

    People of BHW that got out of the Hood/Ghetto - Share your story!

    Hi, So i am not living in the ghetto nor' do i live a bad life or have any bad circumstances around me anymore. However, i know there are some really though people around here that have lived in the slums, ghetto, hood whatever you wanna call it, and got out of it. Meaning they worked hard...
  13. T

    9-Year-Old Gets A Job Filling Restaurant’s Walls With His Drawings

    As parents, you can never expect your children to fully pay attention to their teachers in school. Sometimes, it’s just inevitable for them to chat with their seatmates, play, eat, sleep, or even doodle in class. They’re just kids after all. But oftentimes, they get in trouble by doing so. And...
  14. Aztec Silver

    *Believe me, You will fail!*

    Now, the most fruitful way for me to sharpen my blog writing skills is to write about something I’m interested in and believe you will find useful. Let’s take this win-win opportunity for me to tell you that you, yes you, will fail miserably on your IM journey. Quite frankly, you’ll fail on all...
  15. T

    You gotta believe

    As a man was passing by a cafe he noticed a dog tied up outside the patio. He suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that the dog was being being held by only a small rope tied to a cheap water bottle. It was obvious that the dog could, at anytime, break away from its bonds but for some reason...
  16. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Have you ever been made fun of for your choices in life?

    Have you ever been made fun of for your choices in life? Maybe making videos online, maybe dropshipping, or posting about your life or that you work from your pajamas or sweatpants in your house. Or your career choice others just don't get- because all of them have jobs and they looked down...
  17. SEO Champ

    Monday Morning Motivation

    Mondays are the start of the work week which offers new beginnings 52 times a year!
  18. Quality Traffic

    Blog Journey to 3K/month by the end of 2020

    Hi everyone, I decided to finally hold myself accountable for this project hoping that the pressure from the community will keep me focus and respect my deadlines; thus, keep me working on this affiliate blog I've started in the summer of 2019. A bit of background about me: - I'm in my last...
  19. T

    Motivational Pictures of your IM Journey

    So for the this thread I would like it to be motivational pictures of your home office, of your vacations that you have taken, and what kind of routine you went through to get to the point you're at today. The only reason I want motivation is because i'm having a difficult time finding it.
  20. SeoProMatt

    THE COMEBACK: From $3k/month to $0/Month In one Year

    Hello BHW Community. In the past 16 months, my income from my affiliate site has dropped from $3,500/month on average to $0/month. A couple of bad things hit me at once and my motivation dropped to 0 and coincidentally, so did my income. 1. There was a big SEO updated in 2019 that sank most...
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