What reason you got to keep pushing forward?

well the ambition of having a better life ,i dont want to spend all my life on a salary that i can barely survive ,plus to wake up every morning ,wasting a lot of time by working per others
And i dont only want to be free only in weekend ,i dont want that
just want a shack with birds and a view of some water

could be magpies and a puddle in sight for all i care
Fulfill my goals so that I can help others to fulfill them as well
I can be, for lack of better phrasing, competitive with myself.

I challenge myself to reach new goals, learn new things - whether that be in programming, SEO, or even life skills.

So, I push myself to achieve such things and when you accomplish the exact ranking or skill you worked hard towards - it feels amazing.
The belief of your inner-spirit. If found the sutra, we can go places.
for live all my remaining time healthy, happy and high quality with my loved ones. It's better if I hang out alone most of the time.

The key is, of course, money. Unfortunately, most things do not happen without money.
Yeah, money is the inspiration. We work for money.
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