1. K

    My Thoughts On How To Develop Self-Discipline

    Practice Self-discipline "All excellence involves discipline and tenacity of purpose". John W. Gardner. Okay, some people think self-discipline is extremely difficult and meant for the super-rich. But honestly, everyone has self-discipline at a point in time. Like when you decided to go to...
  2. RatSeaExclusive

    Get in love with the process, not final result

    This is easy. "I flip those burgers because I need a paycheck" "I want to flip those burgers because I'm passionate about flipping burgers" Both sentences might work, but the second one will keep you more happy. More happiness less fatigue. Now go flip some burgers :)
  3. RatSeaExclusive

    What reason you got to keep pushing forward?

    That trigger which makes you work hard, tell us :)
  4. RatSeaExclusive

    There is no better training than fighting to survive

    Taking action is 10x better than thinking and analyzing. Take action :)
  5. reaaski

    The only equation you need to follow

    Discipline = cash + freedom Freedom = discipline + cash Cash = discipline + freedom
  6. ShiningWarrior

    Do you have discipline or you are the party type person?

    Hey, just wanted to discuss with you all. I'm new to IM and learning so that I can make myself a proper and secured life without having to worry about money and having the fear of limited money. Now, all of my friends, they do go regularly go to parties, discos, clubs etc and they have all sort...
  7. armur

    Journey to Discipline and Dollars through my favorite #GreenStreak Technique

    Hello there dear BHWers! Last July, in a desperate bid to get rid of my laziness and improve my fitness, I started something of a personal journey. I promised on my Facebook wall that I'd go out cycling every day, track it on my phone and update the same on my wall for the entire world to see...
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