1. Billy Batts

    ✔️✔️Motivational Thread✔️✔️ Demotivated, Depressed, Procrastinating? Believe me, if I can turn it around you most definitely can!!

    warning: long read! Yes it's ze me, the Billy B! Damn! been 3 years since I written a descent thread and the why I will elaborate shortly. Anyway, let me... right away! Why this thread? To inspire as most of my threads, to let the few know that were wondering where I was what is up and...
  2. lilkrito

    Making Money Journey Lead To Sadness --> Sad Story (IRL)

    Hi BHW Community, First: My Sad Story In Making Money Online It all started when I was a kid in his 14 age in the hope of beginning to have some money from the internet box on 17 July 2016 (6 Years Ago), I made my first channel and it was about Minecraft tutorials, from that time the making...
  3. PHPInjected

    A motivational story ☑️❤️

    So, I'm sure some of you have seen/heard this story before. It may even be already posted here but I came across it today & it's motivational to say the least. Moral of the story: Focus on what you have and not on what you don't have.
  4. RatSeaExclusive

    Do you sometimes feel like you would give up?

    Even when you are mentally tough, I think everyone has that time when you fall down. That moment when everything is collapsing and there is no way you can repair it. How could you deal with this situation?
  5. gcmart

    [Journey] Survive or Go Bust within 60 days

    Dear Journeymen, I am GC and have been here as a member for more than 10 years now. You guys have been a source of inspiration to me since day 1 I came here. Warrior Forum times used to be decent way back but BHW is more honest, more brutal and more direct. I am an entrepreneur and have...
  6. RatSeaExclusive

    There is no better training than fighting to survive

    Taking action is 10x better than thinking and analyzing. Take action :)
  7. Bloodseeker

    ✅ It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something...

  8. Huncho

    How many times you need to fail until you success?

    Fails? Fails are healthy! I have friends who are trying to do make an business or success, and they surrender after first fail. My answer for them is that they will never success. Not becuase of fail, because they don't try again. Even it's bad for your mental health, motivation or someting...
  9. 333brando

    Always all alone nothings okay I’m not okay

    fr feel like i have no control of myself rn im rlly stuck in my head rn lol I came here for mostly Facebook likes because I feel like loser Mostly everyday I feel like I want nobody to remember or know me expect a few people That’s why I want to get likes on my fb post but fuck what people...
  10. Apounéré

    On my way to $100 a day!!!

    The road was long but a the end, all the struggles are finally paying off... I started this website almost 2 years ago, from day one to 1 year and 7 months later, I earned only $60 from it but... in late september i decided to get back working on it. I deleted everything i started again from...
  11. Osemvzegta

    Life-changing quote

    I'm kinda addicted to BHW these days :) This is what I was thinking about!
  12. A

    Stream of consciousness

    Random post. I'm new to the forum so I'm just making post and engaging to build some rank. Anyway I just want to leave a quick stream of consciousness and this will be my contribution to me getting my 50 post to finally be a real member on the site. In short, I began my digital marketing...
  13. S

    Just Wanted To Say Thank You and Hopefully Motivate Someone

    I joined Blackhatworld in 2013 because I wanted to learn how to make money online. I was trying to before that but just wasn't sure about the direction. I just got what was the best job I ever had as a Boss where I worked at and I thought I arrived but then I realized that my job was threatened...
  14. mrsmilyy

    How can I use motivational speeches in my videos legally, like many motivational channels use in their videos on YouTube?

    Hello everyone, knowing that I am in France How can I use motivational speeches in my videos legally, like motivational channels use in their videos on YouTube? speeches of Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Bob Proctor, david goggins, Elon Musk for exemple regards
  15. davids355

    [Journey] my journey to 6 pack abs in 2021 [and general fitness]

    OK guys, I said that I would start this journey so here it is. I have posted in the lounge rather than My Journeys sub-forum seeing as thats specifically for IM journeys, which this is not. Although I do feel like there are a lot of similarities to getting fit and succeeding in IM and I...
  16. A

    I am (been) looking to start a number of business/projects but don't know where to start and can't get myself to it, any tips and hints.

    I have been meaning to start my own ventures for quite sometime, I started a drop shipping and a POD but wasn't able to move it forward and slowly died down. I am looking to start a blog, a POD site and a investment portfolio for the time being, not necessarily at once but definitely in 2021...
  17. SeedPhrase

    You got me Boy [Monday Motivation]

    have a good day guys.. :) peace
  18. Negi Ji

    I am stuck both mentally and physically

    I don’t know but I am not able to do the work, it feels like I am stuck both mentally physically, and mentally at this level where all I do is just play pubg and watch youtube videos. From the last 2-3 months, I have just started things and left them in between, I have good knowledge of Digital...
  19. CyberCommander

    If you have no motivation, watch this video(s)!!!

    Guys...never ever give up!!! Work hard and success will come!!! do you know of any other motivational videos? post it!
  20. SeedPhrase

    "The Spirit Of Seeing" - A Short Story About The Internet [Must Read]

    Maybe most of you have read this story, those who are not they should take 5min to read this story... “He’ll do great things that boy..” That’s what the village people said about him. Strong, co-ordinated, talented, smart, and charming. The young man felt as though he could become anything he...
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