1. Stiletto

    How sceptical people from my country are when it comes to IM

    I'm from Bosnia and I started IM about 8-9 months ago. First thing I tried was adfly and after almost two months of hard work I managed to earn almost 11.00 $ ;););) even if I had really good traffic on my blog (the sport related blog that will later become crucial for my earnings)...
  2. A

    Just a little inspiration for today....

    "Many of life's failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." - Thomas Edison I also like this one from Ray Lewis...."Anybody who isn't afraid to work - greatness will chase them. They wont' have to chase it." I'm a sucker for a good quote. Sometimes...
  3. D

    Great Documentary for those that work from home

    Just watched Indie Game: The Movie Had me on the edge of my seat with the amount of stress these guys went through. Also, neat games. But don't play them and get back to work:ranger:
  4. J

    Motivation for the new guys..

    Even though I still consider myself a noob in this IM world. I thought I owe it to the young guys who are starting out in this field. I use to be just like you all reading these forums day in and day out. Lurking in the threads,reading,reading,reading and more reading... patiently waiting for...
  5. ghosteye

    The Golden Thread You Need Today! - Advices Straight To The Point

    I wanted to share some things with you based strictly on my experience. I really needed to see this kind of posts 4 years ago when started to spin the wheels and hopefully most of you will read this before making the same mistakes. This post will talk about the nature of things and approaches, a...
  6. Y

    IM Motivated: A motivational group for motivating :p

    IM Motivated: A motivational group for motivating :p I just started a Facebook group with the purpose of providing motivation for Internet Marketers. I find that staying motivated and inspired is extremely difficult for everyone; so why not help each other out. Group Description: I.M...
  7. T

    My Journey To $100 A Day - Updated Everyday

    Hey Guys, Just joined BHW and figured this would be the perfect way to jump start my Internet Marketing success. First off I'm from Michigan, U.S, Currently 18 years old and ready to put a new start to my IM career. Not attending school as I know my goal will be to support my self solely from my...
  8. PoeMansDreams

    [Motivation] People starting with $0 and turning it into your dreams.

    Hi, i'm Poemansdreams, i'm fairly, fairly, new to Blackhatworld. I've not yet contributed to the BHW community, and I have been wondering is there anyone out there who started with no money, and is now reaping the fruits of IM. I'm sure there is other people on IM who are trying to start with no...
  9. S

    First Sale After Half of a Year Trying SEO (Motivation Thread)

    OK, here we go. I got my first sale on 13-10-2012, and I haven't known yet until today. If you haven't known yet, I've created a thread "Failed as a Man, and I'm Trying to Get Back What I've Lost". Here is the link to the thread...
  10. The-Truth

    Anything is possible!!!!

  11. W

    How to Skyrocket Your Motivation by Discovering your Needs

    I've mentioned in most of my previous threads that motivation is the fuel you need to get you going in the right direction. Self-discipline can get you moved, but not always in the right direction. See, when you force yourself to do your work (with the help of your self-discipline), you are...
  12. mhatter

    Just Do It...

    Stop thinking about it and do it. Now.
  13. xXKpuTuKXx

    Introduction To BHW Members and My First Steps.

    Hello everybody i am new here.My name is Igor , i have been on this site for a bit more that one month and would like to thanks for all usefull information i got here. Well fist i want to share some shity news about what i found out today about my life, This news inspired me a lot to do...
  14. ilPatrino

    I Failed, But I'm gonna get back up

    Here's a bit of background on myself. I'm in a really tough moment in my life at the moment, I'm turning 23 soon, just finished my degree in IT & working as a software developer full time which unlike most of you might think is not reaping me lots of money & I have to pay my school debt. I need...
  15. W

    3 Reasons why you should NOT give up!

    Okay guys I decided to write a short post here, maybe it can inspire someone.. Here are some reasons why you should not give up: 1) You know what you want - You are reading this, so you chose the Internet industry. And even specialized in the Internet Marketing field. 2) You love what you do...
  16. W

    _______6 Tips to Boost your Motivation

    Motivation is the fuel that we need to keep going. I always say that if you want to get from point A (your current situation) to point B (your goal), you will need: 1) To head to point B - This is about setting goals, planning, and staying focused. 2) To move forward - This is about...
  17. C

    (Journey) to $10 a day; Time to take action and stop being lazy.

    Hello Blackhat World Community. My name is Chris and I've known about internet marketing for a while not and I've tried and failed in the past because I believe that I never really committed and saw it through to the very end. Today I will start a journey and I will aim for $10 a day. I thank...
  18. M

    [step-by-step] how I stay motivated and focused on my goals.

    Hi. This method works for me great. Many CPA networks provides postback URL which is required to implement my method. Okay, so first step is setup of our custom postback. (host with PHP and database required) Here is the code I used: <? //filename: postback.php...
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