1. juha7p9

    YouTube and video's text plagiarism

    Is there a problem if I copy a text from a website and make a video on YouTube using this text? I use script (text) to video app like Pictory. I mean, should the text first be rewritten using some article rewriter? Will YouTube / Google notice the plagiarism?
  2. Jefftronco

    Plagiarism + Editing technique

    Hi guys I know there are a lot of experts here and I'm sure I'll find answers to my questions (I've already used the search bar so as not to waste your time) 1) Video Editing: First of all, I would like to know how to do this kind of video editing...
  3. A

    Can Google detect plagiarized content that is translated from english to another language

    Question is simple: can Google detect if I copy content from a site, translate it from english to another language, and make very few adjustments just to remove bad traduction from google translate and make it easily readable for people?
  4. R

    Site theme and plagiarism

    1. I'm using Kadence but seems it dont have AMP feature. Kadence sells AMP plugin separately. Can anyone confirm if Generate press has inbuilt AMP feature? I'm looking for a free lightweight theme with AMP feature. Also I used Google's AMP test ( to check...
  5. shawn_007

    Copying H1, H2 and H3 - Are they not plagiarized?

    Hello All, I have been seeing a lot of AI tools suggesting you better blog titles (H1) and blog outlines which includes H2, H3 and so forth. These AI tools pulls up the data from Google SERP and their relevant content. This surely helps you create a blog outline in minutes. Pressing the '+'...
  6. A

    Plagiarism check other language than English

    Hi folks, everything is in title : I have some free tools that check plagiarism, but I'm not sure if they are efficient in other languages than English. I will be pleased if you have some recommendations. Thanks.
  7. James4568

    Does Google Know if We Post Spun or Generated Content

    If we post generated content on our PBN blogs, but with no plagiarism, will it still be the problem? Can google detect whether it's a generated article or a written one. What I previously did is writing using speech to text.
  8. Josh Saga

    Plagiarism/Duplicate Content from my Own Content?

    Hello All, I have a staple short paragraph at the end of my articles: Along the lines of " We always want you to make the right decision for your purchase, you don't need the best one - you need the right one. So please don't hesitate to reach out to us via comment or email us here etc etc."...
  9. Josh Saga

    Plagiarism vs Unique Content?

    Hello All, I want to ask, what's the difference between plagiarism detectors like Quetext, Grammarly, Copyscape etc compared to how Google sees unique content? I've rewritten some articles to have my own content, and sometimes detectors like Quetext and Copyscape flagged some portions as...
  10. djd33p

    Curious Questions About A Dead (Not Expired) Competitor Site

    One of my competitor sites which was ranking for a lot of good low competition keywords in my niche has been dead (hosting expired) for atleast the last 3 months but the domain is still valid and not expiring till October 2021. I have managed to copy most of their posts using Wayback Archives...
  11. thesilverhawk619

    Can anyone explain this regarding plagiarism

    Hello, I am still fairly new to writing/blogging. Recently got ahrefs membership and learning keyword research and stuff. The situation I ran into is like this... I was searching for some keywords and was checking the top 1 site for that in ahref. Read the article and got an idea for an...
  12. exceed_x

    Plagiarism Checkers - Are they all rubbish?

    I am pretty new to this but I have tested many of the tools mentioned on bhw, None of the ones I have tested seems to be reliable so far. When I add the same text to all of them, i get completely different results. And results could vary from 100% unique to 0% unique for the very same text...
  13. kurosaki4d

    How to know if Article is Spinned?

    Hello, I have a writer that delivered some materiel, and i found some duplicate content in the article, he delivered under one day which is very unusual, so i'm suspecting maybe he's using a spinning tool. Is there a way to know if someone has spun an article? Any tool or site for that...
  14. kurosaki4d

    Can i use old deleted posts in guest posting?

    Hello, I have a couple of articles that i deleted for over a month now, they are no longer indexed and when i check the content on "Copyscape" i don't get any results. My question is, can i use these same articles in my guest posting? Will that trigger some duplicate content or harm my website...
  15. liam11paul

    The day Grammarly lost my faith

    I found one of my very old blog posts I created last year. I was gaining some traffic but it was just a post. So I decided to do a plagiarism check with Grammarly because I didn't do a plagiarism checks back in the days. I got a score of 95 with 3% of plagiarism. I was totally aware that this...
  16. USA282

    SEO question - Will this be considered Plagiarism?

    Hey guys, I'm working on a Q/A platform which is scheduled to launch by the end of this April. I'm kinda stuck at something and I need some advice. The image above shows what the typical category page on my platform looks like. For example, each question has a minimum of 3 tags and once the...
  17. M

    Please help me which free plugin it can help me detect a plagiarism [help] help

    I try a lot of free plagiarism plugin but they have a limit I need someone to help me with unlimited one?
  18. kurosaki4d

    Duplicate content - Legal pages

    Hello, I just ran a test on Copyscape and got as a result about 70-80% of duplicate content for the following pages: - Privacy Policty - Cookie policy - Terms of use - Disclosure So i'm wondering should these pages be addressed or are they overlooked by google as an exception ? If someone...
  19. SEO FOX

    Secrets Revealed - Introducing (Free Plagiarism Checker) - Testing Mode

    Hey Folks Today, I'm proud to introduce our one of the best and free plagiarism checker tool - Neo Plagiarism Checker Let me Share The Live Performance of Copyscape Checker, Small Seo Tools Palagrisim checker, and Neo Checker Testing Mode: Copy any Sentence of...
  20. Robin233

    Can a plagiarism program detect a translated article?

    If I find some excellent Chinese articles, use Google Translate, translate these articles from Chinese to English, make sure to eliminate all the grammatical mistakes, then publish these English articles. Can a plagiarism program detect a translated article?